The Rise of the Digital Ambassador


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  • Kim to discuss how she came up with her ambassadors 156,000 Twitter fans28,000 Facebook followers8,000 LinkedIn connections.
  • The Rise of the Digital Ambassador

    1. 1. Six Tips to Launch Your Econ Dev Campaign @aboutdci #dcidigital September 17, 2013
    2. 2. The Voices Heard Round the Room Janet Fritz Metro Denver EDC @MetroDenverEDC Kim Baker Greater Houston Partnership @GHPartnership Susan Brake DCI @susanbrake
    3. 3. Have You Ever Heard the Term Digital Ambassador?
    4. 4. am*bas*sa*dor (Noun) A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity
    5. 5. A Visual Representation of Ambassadors
    6. 6. Why it Matters… • The marketing tactic that C-Level executives consider to be the most effective, is word-of- mouth marketing/peer recommendations • Harvard Business Report that 57 percent of businesses surveyed mention that they plan to increase social media spending and 38 percent of CEO's label social as a high priority
    7. 7. Why it Matters…
    8. 8. Two Pioneering Campaigns
    9. 9. 1. Greater Houston Partnership • Mission: Build economic prosperity in the Houston area. • Opportunity Houston 1.0 is an aggressive marketing and lead generation program. • Promote message: Houston is “the best place for business” and a “gateway to global markets” • Houston received more than $144 million earned media in 2012 and more than 139.4 million media impressions featuring Houston • Began a robust social media program in 2009 and launched the Greater Houston Partnership Digital Ambassadors Program the following year.
    10. 10. Houston: Digital Ambassadors • 24 Houston-area professionals • Post on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin • GHP sends content that promotes business and quality of life once or twice a week • D.A.s share news automatically or copy/paste • GHP also posts items to social mediums as well
    11. 11. 2. Metro Denver EDC • Mission: Promote the 9-county region around Metro Denver for business development. • Have promoted Energetic Bodies, Energetic Minds in traditional marketing, but made a deep dive into social • Wanted to find a way to way to leverage business news and messages including job and population growth.
    12. 12. • Mission: Harness the social media influence of Metro Denver’s influential business leaders and passionate public.
    13. 13. DIGITAL AGENTS by the NUMBERS 135 active agents Their reach: almost 120,000 connections Most active Networks: Twitter (60%), LinkedIn (36%) and Facebook (5%) Average age: 38.8 Have shared 3,375 links, resulting in 19,204 visits to our website
    14. 14. Six Tips to Launching Your Digital Ambassadors Campaign
    15. 15. 1. Seek Out “The Passionistas”
    16. 16. Metro Denver’s Passionistas
    17. 17. Houston’s Passionistas
    18. 18. 2. Inspire Participation
    19. 19. 2. Inspire Participation What information/E-Force posts do you most enjoy sharing with your network? Check all that apply.
    20. 20. 2. Inspire Participation Week of… Topic TBD Company Spotlight: August 19/Aug. 26 Top Colorado Books September 2 Rankings Recap September 9 Ambassador Survey Results September 23 Site Selector Visit and Economic Development 101 September 30 What We Mean by Energetic Bodies. Energetic Minds. Launch of the Monthly Profile October 7 Rankings Recap October 14 Midyear Analysis Oct. 21 How Colorado’s Business Climate is Like Its Door Climate
    21. 21. 3. Keep it Simple Houston a top five "Best Big City for Jobs 2013", and Texas overall rules the list: #HoustonBiz #WeAreHouston Houston is a "magnet of opportunity", according to demographers Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox. The Daily Beast reported on the nation's Top Aspirational Cities, and it’s no surprise that Houston made the list-- in the Top 3! Forbes: The Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, Texas region is the metropolitan area with the most optimistic forecast in the nation for hiring this fall, according to a new survey by ManpowerGroup.
    22. 22. 3. Keep it Simple
    23. 23. 4. Measure What Matters
    24. 24. 4. Measure What Matters
    25. 25. 5. Engage “IRL”
    26. 26. 5. Engage “IRL”
    27. 27. 6. Don’t Be Afraid to Change
    28. 28. 6. Don’t Be Afraid to Change
    29. 29. Six Tips to Launching a Digital Ambassadors Campaign 1. Seek out Passionistas 2. Inspire Participation 3. Keep it (participation) Simple 4. Measure What Matters 5. Engage #IRL (in Real Life) 6. Don’t Be Afraid to Change
    30. 30. Thank You!