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The content and structure of your website can have a dramatic effect on how easily potential constituents can find you via search engines. This presentation gives you five tips that will help your content get views.

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  • So, I’m going to talk about how content is king in the eyes of google and search engines and how it’s really your main ticket to getting found on the web. BUT FIRST
  • There’s sometimes a benefit to being old school -
  • But in marketing your website, being old school
  • Links matter; content marketing gets a boost b/c Google forces us to talk about content, not key words. So I’m going to talk to you about content tips and getting your rand out there……..
  • Don’t write for search engines, write for audiences
    Then add in keywords
    Avoid duplicate content
  • Getting to Know You – Start off Slow
  • Google can’t read flash, videos or images – only text. If you put in an image, you can put alternative tags on the “backend” image with key words. Ask where we can put the photo tag in the content management system.

    Once website is launched, you can put URL in to see how Google sees your site.
  • -Things we can control (hopefully)
    -Add keywords to all of these aspects
  • -Things we can control (hopefully)
    -Add keywords to all of these aspects
  • -Things we can control (hopefully)
    -Add keywords to all of these aspects
  • Internal Linking: Link to Your Own Pages From Your Other Pages
    Link Your Weak Pages to Your Strong Pages
    This Tells Google What You Think is Important
    Use Keywords as Anchor Text
  • SEO: Search engines reward businesses that publish quality, consistent content.
  • 13 marketing tactics; stayed the same as last year, only infographics grew larger. Have them talk through the process of what they do.
  • Education Marketing
    Teach someone something
    Utility Marketing
    Make someone’s life easier
    Entertainment Marketing
    Make someone laugh, cry, question, or evoke some emotion
    Tell superb stories
  • Media has fragmented, and the traditional marketing funnel is more like a bowl of spaghetti. Proactive, megaphone messages can get lost in the shuffle, or easily tuned out by customers.

    Especially in ED, where the target audience is so narrow, focusing on inbound marketing is a better way to promote.

    Create smart, HELPFUL content and put it in places and formats will it will be found.

    Google’sground-breaking Zero Moment of Truth research ( found that we are moving to the era of self-serve information. In 2010 people consumed 5.3 pieces of information before making a purchase. Just one year later, it was 10.4 pieces of information.

    A separate study found that B2B buyers want at least 60% of their questions answered before they talk to a real person.
  • Storytelling Done Right

    Number two search engine in the world
    More than 100M YouTube Subscribers
    700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.
  • Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose
  • Industry Cluster report is 150 pages long
    Need to add in the sharing numbers
  • Other examples
  • Other examples of the best e-newsletter
  • Go through the process – ask them what content they currently create and then we can talk about how to repurpose it on the white board.
  • Parameter is that whatever we uncover we can use it on our website.
  • How to Make Sure Your Content is Found

    1. 1. How to Make Sure Your Content is Found Presented by: Susan Brake, Development Counsellors International August 14, 2014
    2. 2. But, First…
    3. 3. Indiana Jones wants to talk about the difference between classic and old school
    4. 4. Classic: The Holy Grail. According to Indy, it’s best we preserve this so that all ages understand its importance…
    5. 5. Old School. Indy says this should never see the light of day again.
    6. 6. The Same Theory Applies in Marketing Your Website
    7. 7. SEO Tactics Best Left in the Past
    8. 8. Google Reacts 9
    9. 9. Major Updates Florida (2003) – Links Matter Jagger (2005) – Low Quality Links Big Daddy (2005) – Duplicate Content Universal Search (2007) – News, Video, Photos, Etc. Caffeine (2009) – Importance of Speed Social Signals (2010) – Content Sharing is Crucial Panda (2011) – Site Quality & Content Farms Penguin (2012) – Over Optimization Hummingbird (2013) – Brand New Engine 10
    10. 10. Effects of Panda Basic Optimization Still Allowed Content Farms Outlawed Human-Centric (Based on Analytics) Ad-to-Content Ratios Measured Traffic, Popularity, Links Emphasized The Golden Rule: If People Like It, Google Likes It
    11. 11. Classic Tips Google
    12. 12. Get to Know One Another
    13. 13. 2 Getting to Know the Basics of SEO
    15. 15. • Analyze Keywords
    16. 16. • Analyze Keywords • Follow Basic Optimization Steps – Title Tags – Meta Descriptions – Alt Images – Page Content
    17. 17. Title Tags Title Tags: • 64 characters or less • Include | instead of comma • Place important keywords toward front • Make each title tag unique
    18. 18. Meta Description • 160 characters or less • Write compelling copy • Include one keyword • Make each meta description unique
    19. 19. • 150 characters or less • Text should describe image and include keywords • Make each ALT Tag unique ALT Image Tag
    20. 20. Page Content • Use keyword once prominently near top (header) • Use keyword 2-4 times in body • Avoid “click here” • Include appropriate calls-to-action • Internal linking
    21. 21. • Content Marketing – Saves the Day Send Love Letters
    22. 22. Content marketing is . . . a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.
    23. 23. Content Marketing is Nothing New..
    24. 24. Challenges with Content
    25. 25. Engaging Content…. Educates: Answers common questions
    26. 26. Engaging Content… 1. Educates 2. Evokes some sort of emotion
    27. 27. A Tale of Two Videos “This is My Kentucky” “Kentucky Kicks Ass”
    28. 28. Engaging Content 1. Educates 2. Evokes some sort of emotion 3. Is Useful
    29. 29. Don’t Limit Your Communication
    30. 30. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose Broadcast your Message
    31. 31. Consider Natural Digital Planning
    32. 32. Plan for the Expected Content Format Promotion Date Annual Report Download Social Media, Video Interviews, 8 blogs, Infographics, Presentation June 20 Store Opening In-Person Event Press Release, Social Media, Blog, Video July 1 Positive Coverage in Regional Paper News Article Social Media, Blog, e-Newsletter TBD
    33. 33. Remember the Classics to Make Sure Your Content is Found Get to Know One Another Send Love Letters Don’t Limit Communication Broadcast your Message Consider Natural Digital Planning
    34. 34. If You Remember the Classics Indy (and Google) Will Love You
    35. 35. Thank You! Want to know how classic your website is? The first 5 to email me will receive a basic audit of your site:
    36. 36. A.
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