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How do you attract talent to your region? This presentation takes a look at six tips from two cities who have recently launched talent campaigns to help attract workers to live and work in their cities.

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  • Talent attraction work since 2006, including campaigns for Reno, Vermont, and Wyoming.
  • (May 2012, ManpowerGroup Annual Survey)(Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills)(June 2012, MAXIS Global Benefits Network Survey)
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  • 2 a. Mary, 2b. Jenn
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  • Economic Development Talent Attraction Webinar

    1. 1. A Talent Attraction Crash Course for Economic Developers 6 Tips from 2 Cities on Launching Your Campaign @aboutdci, #AttractTalent August 30, 2012
    2. 2. Presenters Moderator: Panelist: Panelist: Erin Bodine Jennifer Bosser Mary MoranTalent Attraction Assistant Executive Vice President, MarketingAccount Director Director & Communications
    3. 3. About DCI Reno WyomingVermont
    4. 4. Current Global Talent Situation• Nearly half (49%) of U.S. employers are experiencing difficulty filling mission-critical positions within their organizations.• Canada faces a dearth of professionals in the ICT sector, which had job growth of 30% in the year leading up to June 2010, the height of the recession.• The current global talent shortage worries multinationals more than revolution or recession.
    5. 5. Calgary. Be Part of the Energy Campaign• Calgary leading Canada’s economic recovery• Alberta expected to create 120,000 jobs over next decade• Launched $1.5 million campaign in 2011
    6. 6. Work in the Triangle, Smarter from Any Angle. Campaign• Triangle among top regions leading U.S. recovery• Wake County projected to grow over next 20 years by 42 percent, or 384,000 people• Launched in May 9, 2012, as part of a five-year initiative
    7. 7. 6 Tips from2 Cities
    8. 8. 1. Engage Your Business Community Early• In-person• Surveys• Industry associations• HR managers• Universities• Offer value• Be where they aren’t• Get financial support• Engage regional partners
    9. 9. …Including Working Closely with Your CVB/Tourism Board Usual Relationship Talent Attraction Relationship CVB/Tourism Board wants to attract visitorsOilWater You want to attract future residents
    10. 10. 2. Determine the Image You Need to Convey• Survey skilled workers• Focus on recent transplants• Identify strengths• Uncover weaknesses• Understand their sources of information• Build brand around findings• Reinforce positive assets
    11. 11. Change AmplifyMisperceptions Advantages
    12. 12. Tell a Different Story
    13. 13. 3. Create an Exciting Brand Aimed at ConsumersCompanies and Decision Makers Skilled Professionals Combined Brand for Two Audiences
    14. 14. Branding Challenges
    15. 15. 4. Build a Fully Integrated Marketing Campaign• Brand, logo and tagline • PR and media relations• Website • Giveaways• Events • Marketing collateral• Job fairs • Trade show booths• Ambassador campaign • Advertising• Social and digital media
    16. 16. 5. Involve Ambassadors as the Face of Your Campaign• Family and friends = top sources of information• Share positive messages across vast networks• People want to connect with similar people• Build pride and engagement in community
    17. 17. 6. Make a Splash with Your Campaign Launch• Engaging speaker• Giveaways• Ways to get involved• Local media• Social media during event
    18. 18. Joel Kotkin
    19. 19. 6 Tips from 2 Cities1. Engage Your Business Community Early2. Determine the Image You Need to Convey3. Create an Exciting Brand Aimed at Consumers4. Build a Fully Integrated Marketing Campaign5. Involve Ambassadors as the Face of Your Brand6. Make a Splash with Your Campaign Launch
    20. 20. Thank You!• Presentation will be posted on a blog tomorrow at• Email Erin on the talent attraction topic you’d like to see covered in DCI’s next “Let’s Talk Talent” Webinar• Contact information:
    21. 21. Q&A