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WS at Local Public Design (Tourcoing France)

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P2p governance-public-services

  1. 1. Local Public Design Imaginarium, September 19 and 20, 2012Governing in peer to peer context?Co-design of public sector servicesAndrea Botero andrea.botero@aalto.fiClément Dupuis c.dupuis@kaleido-scop.eu
  2. 2. Workshop structure• Introduction• Presentation of the participants• “Where do you stand?”• Experiments• “Golden Advises”• DiscussionStructure de l atelier• Introduction• Presentation des participants• “Ou vous placez-vous?”• Experimentations•“Golden Advises”• Discussion
  3. 3. Botero, A., Paterson, A. G., & Saad-Sulonen, J. (2012). Towards Peer-production in Public Services: cases from Finland. Aalto University Publication Series Crossover 15. Helsinki, Finland: Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture.ME:Andrea Botero andrea.botero@aalto.fi
  4. 4. •Engeström, Y. (2008). From Teams to Knots: Studies of Collaboration andLearning at Work (1st ed.). Cambridge University Press.Benkler, Y. (2006). The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production TransformsMarkets and Freedom. Yale University Press.Ostrom, E. (1991). Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions forCollective Action. Cambridge University Press.Bauwens, M. (2006). The Political Economy of Peer Production. Post-autisticeconomics review,, (37), 33–44.
  5. 5. “Give us a break from yourco-something!” Grand-Lyon inhabitant“Laissez-nous tranquilleavec vos co-chepaquoi!” Habitant du Grand-Lyon
  6. 6. Its much easier to make youngpeople participate or be co….Il est plus facile de faireparticiper les jeunes ou faire ensorte qu ils soient co-…
  7. 7. Its more useful to be a good conflict manager than a great project manager (in P projects)Dans les projets participatifs, il estplus utile d etre un bon gestionnairede conflit (mediateur) qu un bongestionnaire de projet
  8. 8. “finally, its always the samepersons who attend themeetings”“Finalement, c´est toujours lesmemes personnes qui viennentaux reunions”
  9. 9. ….The penchant for neat, orderlyhierarchical systems needs to bereplaced with a recognition thatcomplex, polycentric systems areneeded to cope effectively with complexproblems of modern life and to give allcitizens a more effective role in thegovernance of democratic societies….Ostrom, E. (2000). Crowding out Citizenship. Scandinavian Political Studies, 23(1), 3–16. doi:10.1111/1467-9477.0002
  10. 10. Loppukiri (e= last spurt)Alternative arrangements for growing old incontemporary Finland
  11. 11. Active seniors association + multiplecollaborators-“Graying” Finland- Loneliness / helpless or Useless / solitary- Lack of alternative solutions- Goal: Develop one alternative model of life for elderlypeople- Housing politics = they had to build an apartment house- Seek for expert advice but keep decision power in theirhands
  12. 12. Method: Infrastructure Active and meaningful life Combining privacy at home and community life Cooperation and sense of community Working teams to take care of common tasks New projects, hobbies and interests Co-design: Infra for the community (house and intra)
  13. 13. Result(s) Pilot community consulting 7 new similar experiences + working model(s) and infras Four basic principles: neighborliness, self-help, community spirit and open decision-making process (Dalström and Minkkinen 2009)http://www.aktiivisetseniorit.fi/
  14. 14. Urban MediatorAlternative arrangements for “urban” knowledgesharing (instead of mere reporting)
  15. 15. Design research initiativeAalto ARTS + City of Helsinki (+ EUpartners)- Flurry of initiatives from engaged citizens- Mismatch between those and the ones from the city- Little understanding of what will “participation” entail dueto lack of shared spaces for experimenting
  16. 16. Method: in-betweeninfrastructuring A shared place with interfaces for data Not in control of a single actor Co-design: in-between infra for experimentation, pilots, (adaptation, tayloring, design-in-use)
  17. 17. Result(s) -Exploring some of the gaps and bridges between the official city systems and citizen initiatives to offer a space, in which experiments could be conducted, proved to be a valuable strategy - Implications for the capabilities of the actors involved to initiate innovations and understand the broader designhttp://um.uiah.fi spaces that are available to them.
  18. 18. Cleaning dayAlternative arrangements for recycling, up-cycling andconsuming
  19. 19. Citizen activist initiative(volunteers and partners for recyclingpoints + the city getting interested!)- Make recycling easy - one mans trash is another manstreasure (several recycling stations are organized aroundHelsinki)_ Create a dynamic and responsible urban culture(building on success of legendary Restaurant Day)- No official organizer, each participant herself acts as anevent organizer. Everybody is responsible for cleaning upafter themselves.
  20. 20. Method: infrastructuring Offer a platform (tools, information, resources, etc) for citizens to do it themselves & with others
  21. 21. Result(s) - Local stakeholders committed to improving recycling possibilities (companies, city, citizens) - Changes in the city policy regarding “use of space and events” policy - Ideas for new infrastructuring needs (p2p and in other combinationshttp://www.siivouspaiva.com
  22. 22. Loppukiri house:Active Seniors Association City/citizen/citizens interaction Cleaning day! Recyling points Miinna / ELMS Urban Mediator / UM Up-cycling spaces1) Alternative arrangements 2) Urban Knowledge: reporting 3) Recycling / Up-cycling / for Growing old or sharing issues? space use - Experimental attitude (e.g empowering local officers to take risk, provide recognition, etc) - Transparency (when reporting, assigning responsibility, also open access policies) - Flexible “bureaucracy” (networking, recognizing own limitations) - Design= Midwifing(?) Opening Design Space
  23. 23. Clément takes a picture of us taking a picture of the take overs and give aways from the workshop