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Executive Portfolio


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Executive Portfolio

  1. 1. Executive Portfolio… ANDREW J. BONANNI, MBA CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER CERTIFIED LEAN SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT “Andrew is one of those rare business professionals that brings an incredibly well rounded suite of skills” – J.M., President & COO, Bowne Business SolutionsSenior Finance executive highly skilled at providing the strategic and tactical leadership required to turnaroundunderperforming enterprises, optimize financial operations, build sound and sustainable financial plans, secure debtand equity financing, negotiate M&A and joint venture initiatives, and stimulate corporate growth. I have masters inAccounting and I am Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.As a Lean Six Sigma practitioner, I use data to monitor, control, and improve operational performance by eliminatingand preventing waste and variability in products and associated processes. This includes management, servicedelivery, design, production, and customer satisfaction.The organizations I have helped include private, public, domestic, international, and Fortune 500 enterprises andspan the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Professional Services/Internet, Education, Publishing, and ITResearch and Consulting industries.I lead by example and strive to build corporate cultures based on integrity, accountability and performanceexcellence. I am known as a visionary strategist, a fearless tactician, a valued strategic partner, a skilled negotiator,and the “go to” person to make great companies even greater:  As CFO with Wireless Channels, transformed the organization into a more profitable and auditable operation, rebuilt the entire accounting and back-office infrastructure, reversed significant losses, and improved the overall effectiveness of the company in the marketplace  As CFO with The Princeton Review, restructured the entire Finance organization, implemented sound financial controls, restored confidence in investors, negotiated a $15M recapitalization strategy, and successfully represented company at SEC and NASDAQ hearings  As CFO with Bowne Business Solutions, positioned the $235M company for profitable divestiture – redesigned the business strategy, negotiated key M&A and JV initiatives, and significantly improved all finance, accounting, and pricing strategiesAREAS OF EXCELLENCE  Strategic Planning & Deployment  Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures  Profitably growing small to mid size businesses  Business Integration & Turnaround Management  ROIC & Cash Flow Optimization  Joint Ventures, Partnerships & Strategic Alliances  Debt & Equity Financing / Investor Relations  Treasury and Risk Management / SOX  Business & Security Valuations  Forecasting & Analysis – ERP & OLAP  Strategic Pricing & Contract Negotiations  Operations & New Business Development  Lean Six Sigma Analysis & Processing  Coaching & Mentoring 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  2. 2. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 2| PagePERFORMANCE & TESTIMONIALSDATAPORT SOLUTIONS, LLC – New York, NYPRESIDENT & PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT2010 – Present Contracted by $1B global printing, IT/ networking and marketing communications company, to re-engineer core business processes with a focus on strengthening financial tools and controls, streamlining production workflow, and reducing operational costs. Contributions to date include:  Utilized Lean Six Sigma methodologies and the development of several applications to eliminate revenue leaks, minimize duplication, standardize and integrate production systems, streamline production workflow processes, and improve overall resource allocation – projected annualized savings of approximately $500,000  Developed a more robust budgeting and capital analysis process, and created an application using a Business Value Index that better rationalized IT expenditures based on financial return, IT innovation, and overall business value indices  Designed a new business review and on-boarding process which has streamlined client negotiations, improved cross-functional participation, and increased the overall ability to secure new business – significant improvement in client ROI due to improved value based pricing, and SLA performance and tracking “Andrew and his team have done an excellent job providing valuable insight and advice around how we could improve our production workflow processes and system integration efforts. Andrew immersed himself into our production process looking for ways to eliminate waste and non-value added steps. His support led to key initiatives targeted at improving orders-to-cash processing, increased client satisfaction and improved our overall business reporting. “ “Andrew also designed a new business and capital investment tool that helped the business better align our business priorities with key investments. Andrew is a well rounded business professional. His experience in Sales, Operations and Finance leads to creative, thoughtful and highly impactful advice. I consider Dataport Solutions to be an excellent business partner.” - Joseph McSpadden, President & COO, Bowne Marketing Communications “I recently worked with Andrew Bonanni on a significant company production and billing initiative. Working with my team, Andrew showed his extensive skill set using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Andrew was able to analyze the issues we were having and provide new workflows that resulted in the elimination of many redundancies and process variability. Andrew’s work enabled our organization to standardize and automate processes as well as provide changes and improvements to our documented SOX standards and procedures.” “Based on Andrew’s proven success and professionalism, I would highly recommend him and his company, Dataport Solutions and I look forward to working with Andrew and his team on future critical initiatives.” - Scott MacRobbie, Director, Finance and Billing at RR DonnelleyWIRELESS CHANNELS – Woodbury, NYCFO / COO / PRESIDENT, BOARD DIRECTOR2007 – 2009 (sale 12/2009) Brought in to this struggling $115M wireless company as CFO/COO to revitalize its financial and operating functions, redesign and rejuvenate back-office functionality, improve distribution and pricing. Managed all investor and banking relationships, 3rd-party contract negotiations, and M&A activities. Directed CTO, FP&A Director, Controller, VP Operations, and 30 indirect reports. In 2008, selected by the Board for the concurrent role of President to coordinate the complete strategic and financial turnaround of the company and position it for future sale. Full P&L accountability directing 2 corporate officers, 5 VPs, and 80+ staff. Contributions include: 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  3. 3. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 3| PageFinance & Profitability: Redesigned the entire accounting organization – enhancements improved transparency, provided more credible analysis and strategic decision making, and earned first unqualified E&Y audit review in years Within second year, reversed previous year’s net loss, increased gross margin by 3.8%, improved working capital and cash flow, paid down debt, increased inventory turns by 35%, increased return on invested capital by 1.5% and improved credibility with lenders…earnings growth illustrated in graph below Designed and implemented a new pricing structure that increased profits by $1.2M and grew transaction margins a full 2 points Eliminated $4M in expenses through automation and process improvements, headcount reduction, renegotiation of vendor fees, and strategic reduction in costly 3rd-party outsourcing arrangementsStrategy & Operations: Realigned the entire sales organization by carrier/market and enabled 24/7 connectivity between sales and operations teams via mobile device applications – efficiencies saved an additional $750,000 Developed a new Mobile Resource Management and Solutions Team by leveraging existing and new national strategic partnerships – new strategy generated an additional $1 M in revenue within its first year with the target of reaching $4M by Q4 2009 Consolidated multiple IT platforms, improving efficiency and network security and reducing annual IT costs by $250,000 Created an empowered, high-retention work environment by clearly communicating strategic plans, establishing an enhanced performance management and accountability program, and introducing new training programs Operating Expense and Earnings 25.00 2.00 Operating Expense (millions) $19.23 $20.17 $1.36 1.50 20.00 $18.61 $0.92 1.00 Earnings (millions) 0.50 15.00 $13.28 $13.41 - $(0.35) (0.50) (1.00) 10.00 (1.50) $(1.57) (2.00) 5.00 (2.50) $(3.02) (3.00) - (3.50) 2005 Act 2006 Act 2007 Act 2008 Act 2009B Operating Expenses Earnings “Andrew and I worked together when I inherited the Wireless Channels relationship from one of my colleagues. His company was in a very difficult space, being squeezed by his customers, 700lb gorilla channel partners, economic weakness and a general industry unwinding. I found him to make tough practical decisions while attempting to get ahead of the downward spiral his company faced due to the above. I would view him as a very pragmatic, tireless operator.” - Kevin Grossman, Managing Director, Hercules Technology Growth Capital “Andrew is a hard working and devoted employee who keeps the best interest of stakeholders in mind when pursuing an objective.” - Jeff Roberts Senior,Vice President and Group Manager, Comerica Bank “Andrews leadership inspired motivation and increased productivity from all sectors. A forward thinker, Andrew is always open to new ideas and new solutions. His proven track record is evidence of his strong corporate and financial acumen.” - Patricia Nigro, Director of Sales Support, Wireless Channels 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  4. 4. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 4| PageTHE PRINCETON REVIEW – New York, NYEVP, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER & TREASURER2005 – 2007Recruited to lead and support the complete financial, accounting and operations turnaround of the company in the faceof mounting losses, and compliance issues. Within 24 months:  Restructured the entire finance organization – reduced closing process by 15 days, introduced a COSO-based control framework, improved transparency, consolidated systems, and streamlined accounting – efforts earned favorable Ernst & Young audit and secured regulatory compliance  Restored confidence in the investor base and raised $15M to meet working capital requirements and fund preferred stock redemption  Successfully represented the company and its interests in hearings before the SEC and NASDAQ panels  Collaborated with the CEO and COO to restructure the business – realigned Production, Applications Development and Technology Support for a $3M annual savings “Andrew has been an extremely valuable member of our executive team, and has helped transform the finance organization and the Company” - John Katzman, CEO The Princeton Review “As the CFO of The Princeton Review, Andrew and his organization created and implemented highly effective business controls, improved financial and accounting processes through process re-engineering and the deployment of new financial systems and provided excellent business support. He worked closely with the investor community to improve transparency and build confidence.” - Bob Evanson, Senior Advisor, Apax Partners and Chairman of Audit Committee, The Princeton Review “Andrew brought a level of financial integrity and accountability to the organization that had never been experienced before. His leadership style and cooperative manner with our offices was long overdue. The knowledge and expertise he carried into his department was the foundation for excellent business practices moving forward. He is a willing teacher and mentor and was an invaluable asset.” - Eva Prokop, Executive Director of Midwest, The Princeton Review “Andrew joined the Company in September 2005 when I had been there for three months only. As the General Auditor, I reported to Andrew (CFO) and the Audit Committee Chair. Andrew and I worked closely on compliance with the Sarbanes- Oxley requirements to build a stronger control environment. He strived to improve the transparency of financial transactions and integrity of financial reporting and disclosures. By January 2006, he had the corporate finance team restructured with increased emphasis in planning and analysis. Andrew believed in open communication and shared his vision and expectations in various meetings where he fostered team spirits. He also demonstrated his leadership in resolving issues and building sound and sustainable business practices. While he respected and supported my independent role, he also made me feel that I was part of the team. I would certainly work for him again should the opportunity arise.” - Linda Cheng, General Auditor, The Princeton ReviewBOWNE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS – New York, NYSVP, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER2002 – 2005Specifically selected by former superior at Xerox to orchestrate the complete integration of a $235M outsourcingdivision recently acquired from RR Donnelley along with the complete operational turnaround of its Financeorganization which was struggling with an inefficient back office, improper billing, inadequate controls and disparatesystems.Credited with transforming the back office into a scalable and transparent operation, eliminating costs, improvingmargins, reducing customer attrition, and enhancing the competitive position of the company with sound M&A and JVinitiatives. Positioned the company for profitable divestiture, negotiating its sale for $180M. Contributions include: 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  5. 5. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 5| Page Redesigned the business strategy for the Finance organization and streamlined administrative support functions Negotiated an international JV arrangement to provide worldwide outsourcing support and service to Tier-1 investment bank clients Negotiated leasing options contract , generating $700,000 in profit, and negotiated an additional $3M in equipment savings in new contracts with Xerox, Ricoh and Danka Managed the due diligence, planning, negotiations and financing for $35M Decision Quest acquisition Reduced monthly closing process by 7 days and improved orders-to-cash for a $500,000 cash flow improvement Focused Executive to several top ten Investment Banks (e.g. Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers) and tasked with managing senior banking relationships and growing the account. Improved overall value proposition through enhanced strategic alignment and performance – 2004 year-over-year collective growth as follows: revenue of 6.8%, gross profit of 72.2% and 6.5 % pt gross margin improvement Key contributor in driving growth in Revenue and EBITDA through contract negotiations, pricing and overall cost management – SG&A cost performance illustrated in chart below 2001 – 2005 Core SG&A Trend 35.0 SG&A ($ millions) 30.0 6.3 8.1 6 6.1 6.6 25.0 20.0 19.6 15.6 15.2 15.0 16 16.3 10.0 5.0 7.4 8.8 5.9 6.1 6.6 0.0 2001 Act 2002 Act 2003 Act 2004F 2005F Selling Admin HR/Training % of Revenue 14.2% 13.5% 13.5% 12.5% 11.9% “Andrew was an excellent senior leader within both BBS and Bowne. He is well organized, process driven, and has a strong client focus both internal and external. Andrew did an excellent job building a high performing team and is a strong outward leader.” - David Shea, CEO Bowne & Co., Inc. “Andrew is one of those rare business professionals that brings an incredibly well rounded suite of skills. He has strong financial and operational skills, coupled with an ability to make that critical sales call to secure critical new business.” - Joseph McSpadden, President & COO, Bowne Business Solutions “I worked directly with Andrew while he was CFO for Bowne Business Solutions. Together we negotiated several M&A transactions, new client service contracts and an international joint venture agreement. I found Andrew to be a very competent finance leader with an excellent ability to negotiate and develop business agreements. He has a strong pricing background and can effectively negotiate detailed and reasonable service level agreements under very difficult/ competitive circumstances. Andrew communicates very effectively and was instrumental in helping us close multiple new business deals in our print/IT outsourcing business. He has good business sense and can provide multiples capabilities for a high performing team.” - Scott Spitzer, SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Bowne & Co., Inc. 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  6. 6. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 6| PageGARTNER – Stamford, CTMANAGING VP, WORLDWIDE BUSINESS PLANNING AND CORPORATE REPORTING2000 – 2002Brought in by former President of Xerox for business support and to direct and optimize the Europe, Asia, U.K. andU.S. Finance teams and ensure improved financial support/reporting to the organization. Contributions include:  Restructured the global Finance team, reducing annual administrative costs by $300,000  Grew the $265M consulting business by 27% , increased utilization by 10%, and grew research revenue a further 5% by transforming sales compensation and introducing new research services and seat-based price plans  Developed and implemented a new, enterprise-wide financial reporting application equipping Field Managers with more timely and accurate financial and business data  Streamlined corporate reporting process and developed tools and business metrics to improve street reporting “As the worldwide head of the organizations financial planning and analysis group, Andrew and his team provided highly valued decision support to business leaders especially in the areas of revenue growth, cost management and sales performance & compensation. Andrew also adeptly utilized and leveraged new financial systems and tools in the development of key leading performance metrics and in the preparation of financial reports budgets and forecasts.” - Richard Gannon, SVP Finance, Gartner “Andrew is the smartest financial guy Ive had the opportunity to work with. Together we doubled Gartners research revenue growth from 2000 to 2001 as a result of updating value based pricing for Core Research and SAS products, realigning sales territories and designing incentive based compensation plans. We improved account transparency through new enterprise-wide reporting tools and detailed business metrics designed to eliminate revenue leaks and drive margin improvement. Andrew significantly improved worldwide financial support by developing a highly skilled and responsive organization focused on proactively supporting the business.” – Steve Wendler, Group VP and Head of Research Business Operations, GartnerXEROX CORPORATION – Rochester, NYENTITY CONTROLLER, OPERATIONS CONTROLLER, SENIOR ANALYST1991 – 2000Began Xerox career as only 1992 RIT graduate student accepted into competitive Xerox Intern program. Fast-trackedinto Operations Controller role for an $80M outsourcing region and eventually into Entity Controller for a $1.5B regionencompassing the U.S. Canada, and Puerto Rico. Contributions include:  Generated $25M in new contract revenue by negotiating new contracts and SLAs with outsourcing clients (IBM, 3M)  Triggered impressive productivity gains across XBS Technology Centers by implementing new production system  Contributed to Malcolm Baldrige Award through significant contribution to design of and implementation of new XBS enterprise-wide financial reporting tool for detailed client reporting and analysis  Led XBS financial modeling analysis for 1996 Strategy Contract – entailed both domestic and international strategy development, analysis and deployment “Andrew was a colleague at Xerox Business Services in the Controller organization in the Nineties. He was exceptional at Strategic and Financial Planning and Analysis. He had very good insights into the business and made valuable contributions to help improve the performance. He was diligent, committed and hard working individual. He also had good interpersonal skills and was a team player. He had great potential for growth which he has successfully demonstrated since then in senior leadership positions in other companies. I am sure he will continue to do well in future growth opportunities as well.” - Chaks Karuturi VP, Corporate Planning & Administration, Xerox “Andrew was a business minded Operations Controller whose support of the Sales organization provided valuable counsel around profit/loss review, deal structure, and financial terms and conditions during contract negotiations. His work ethic was stellar, matched only by his desire to help our sales teams succeed.” - Stew Brase, Major Account Sales Manager, Xerox 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  7. 7. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 7| PageEDUCATION CPA Designation (Ongoing) Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management (2010) MBA, Accounting – Rochester Institute of Technology (1992) – Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, 1992 B.S., Finance & Marketing – Le Moyne College, Syracuse (1987) – Le Moyne College, Syracuse, 1987HONORS, AWARDS & SPECIAL RECOGNITION Beta Gamma Sigma Graduate Honor Society, RIT College of Business MBA RIT Deans Scholastic Graduate Business Award, College of Business – 3.9/4.0 GPA National Jesuit Honor SocietyPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Strategic Pricing and Negotiation - Xerox Accounting Policy and Practices – E&Y LLP Statement of Financial Accounting, Standards 141(R) “Business Combinations” – JH Cohen LLP Certified Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma – Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University CPA Designation (Ongoing)COMPUTER PROFICIENCY Microsoft Suite and Outlook ERP and OLAP applications (e.g. Oracle, TM1) Visual Basic programmingACTIVITIES & SPECIAL INTERESTS Network / IT Management Mobile & Internet Technology Master Data Management Global Finance Leadership Association CFO Best Practices Council Lean Six Sigma Leadership Golf & Basketball 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  8. 8. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 8| PageMY VIEW OF THE CFO ROLE…Cash Flow and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) As CFO, I take great care to increase cash and drive ROIC. My first priority is to make sure that the organization is completely focused on the importance of safeguarding cash. I have implemented many sound accounting policies related to credit and collections which have significantly improved Days Sales Outstanding. I also work closely with company employees to ensure they understand that value is created by the cash flow our company generates from both revenue growth and ROIC.Transactions and Liabilities I believe that the balance sheet and trial balance provide great value in understanding any business. It is here that all transactions can be observed and properly researched. Needless to say, it is essential that any CFO understand the company’s transactions and the structure of its liabilities. Legal contracts, contractual contingencies, statutory & tax obligations, leases/ insurance, and loan covenants are all liabilities that require constant attention. I take the time to understand each liability so that I can properly forecast them and ensure that they are not overlooked while making business decisions.Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans I believe that a solid strategic plan begins with assessing your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and competitive threats (most commonly referred to as a SWOT analysis). Given my business knowledge and strategy background, I have often taken the lead in the detailed analysis of the company’s competitive and financial position. I have successfully led many executive discussions to identify what’s working well and where there are opportunities for improvement. Once the strategic plan is developed, it should clearly define both internal and external objectives that are linked to prioritized initiatives. I incorporate several tools and processes to assist in prioritizing key business initiatives and creating milestones to track our progress (e.g. Management by Fact). In my opinion, the CFO should be part of the executive team following up on key business initiatives and entrusted with identifying key project owners, strategic alliances and or acquisitions to enable delivery. In addition to shaping the overall strategic direction, I spend my time developing proactive business solutions designed to drive and sustain growth in today’s dynamic business environment.Accounting Policies and Financial Controls A CFO must determine the appropriate application of accounting policies in accordance with GAAP and ensure that the company is conforming to such policies. I often use the COSO framework to develop control matrices to safeguard assets and guarantee the integrity of the company’s financial reporting. I believe that controls should be automated as much as possible and the back office should be built into an efficient organization that is transparent, compliant and most of all, scalable. Critical accounting processes and controls should be communicated throughout the organization and, where appropriate, integrated into other functional workflows to enable accountability and improved accuracy.Sourcing of Financial Capital As CFO, it is my responsibility to identify the amount of external capital required or the amount of internally-generated funds that could be reinvested into the company. I am directly involved in reviewing all detailed terms and conditions related to raising external capital and it is my responsibility to provide guidance related to such terms and conditions. I have raised millions in capital and I have spent considerable time working closely with lenders in order to establish and maintain a credible partnership. 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  9. 9. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 9| PageTechnology and Reporting Having directly managed several IT organizations, I know first-hand the importance of technology. I work very closely with IT departments to centralize data storage, improve data retrieval and develop a highly integrated and scalable platform. I have implemented several ERP and OLAP tools which have significantly improved our financial reporting and transparency. I am a firm believer that technology must streamline the financial close process and enable significant insight into the business. I always remain abreast of new technology developments and I take special care when selecting new IT investments. I have developed several capital analysis and investment tools to assist in this process. This helps ensure that the appropriate investments are selected and that they are supported by key drivers such as business value, IT Innovation and financial return.Risk Management I have extensive experience in identifying the types and degrees of risk management appropriate for the company’s activities. This is an important responsibility for the CFO and I believe that risk management includes the review and purchase of all insurance coverage along with the detailed review of all options regarding self-insurance.Investor Relations An imperative part of my role is communicating historical, current and future financial projections. To be effective, I believe a CFO must have a detailed understanding of each functional area, key performance drivers and what’s going on in the market. I have always stayed abreast of developing economic and industry trends, and I have an excellent knowledge of the accounting rules and regulations governing such disclosure. It is essential that the CFO play a critical role in establishing credibility and instilling a deep sense of confidence in the company’s performance and future direction amongst its investors.Joint Ventures & Strategic Partnerships As a result of the continued globalization and increasing sophistication of client demands, the CFO should be able to lead the formation of joint ventures, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. I have significant experience leading these negotiations due to the financial nature of the agreements and information requirements typically involved. I have created multiple Joint Ventures (both domestic and international) and strategic partnerships designed to promote new market technologies. I believe that it is essential for any CFO to be highly skilled in relationship management and negotiation techniques. This is where my sales background and excellent technical skills have helped me considerably.Value Based Pricing & Sales Support A basic definition of strategic pricing is to “price more profitability by capturing more value not necessarily by making more sales”. Having spent several years in solution selling and pricing, I have learned how to build value based pricing proposals, negotiate client service level agreements and lead sales efforts. The fact that I am skilled at deal negotiation has helped me relate to sales and work closely with them to develop proposals that are flexible yet focused on driving the best value possible. The importance of generating a return in excess of your company’s cost of capital is an important concept for value creation and I make it a point to ensure all sales people understand this concept along with other value based pricing principles.Operational Excellence & Alignment I make it a practice to maintain a deep understanding of all functional work processes and interdependencies. Having worked across many functional areas (e.g. sales, operations, administration) I recognize the importance of working closely with all functional groups. I believe that the CFO is the glue that holds the corporation together. By this I mean that the CFO, by virtue of his/her role, must enable ongoing communication throughout the company and make sure that functional groups are communicating effectively with each other to make sound business decisions. 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  10. 10. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 10 | P a g eIDENTIFYING WEAKNESSES IN YOUR FINANCE ORGANIZATION…I have found that today’s business challenges reveal a number of weaknesses in many Finance organizations, asillustrated below:ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS…Having the right answers begins with asking the right questions. Here are a few key questions I ask to determine howwell a Finance Organization aligns to critical business objectives:Driving Profitable Revenue Growth:  Do your finance professionals understand the business and are they viewed as business partners?  Does your organization promote and embrace a cash flow culture?  Does your financial reporting identify business opportunities and support effective business decision-making?  Does your finance organization currently deliver benchmark support and value creation within the business?Operating Efficiently and Effectively:  Are standard finance processes, reporting systems and data models utilizing technology appropriately?  Does the finance function outsource delivery models appropriately and/ or leverage shared services?  What is your current program for building and retaining the top talent necessary for the finance function?Managing Overall Business Performance:  Does the finance function help drive strategic and operational business decisions?  Do you utilize measurement systems that assist in proactively driving business performance and value creation?  Is your finance organization actively leading business improvements?  Do you have a solid risk management and control environment in place to protect business value? 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com
  11. 11. Andrew J. Bonanni, MBA, CLSSBB 11 | P a g eTRANSITIONING TO A SUCCESSFUL FINANCE ORGANIZATION…As the finance organization continues to evolve, a greater percentage of time must be spent on business analysis. Thegoal is to have an organization that goes behind the numbers and spends more time on analytical processes whilesimultaneously reducing the effort spent on transactional processes. Accompanying this shift is normally animprovement in operating margins and a “best in class” organization with lower transactional costs.I have focused on driving this type of change throughout my career and in my experience; I have found the followinginitiatives (in the table below) to be critical in developing a highly functional and pro-active finance organization: • Create a culture that communicates effectively , embraces cross-training and continuously strives to improve • Create shared services and centers of excellence to support profitable revenue growth • Align the organization with the right strategic partners and utilize outsourcing of non-critical back office processes Organization where appropriate • Ensure that you have rationalized all legal and reporting structures to minimize negative tax implications – both domestic and international • Establish and maintain enterprise-wide governance and data management • Create an end-to-end management philosophy for core business processes • Scorecards and balanced metrics must be linked with enterprise-wide strategic goals and objectives – implement Process & Performance through “management by fact” techniques Management • Foster a deep sense of accountability throughout your performance management process • Eliminate waste, redundancy and variability in all core work processes – focus on inputs into and outputs from the finance group • Leverage technology to focus your efforts more on planning and decision making and less upon transaction processing and data manipulation • Simple and secured integration between corporate FP&A systems and subsystems – minimize the number of sub- Technology / Reporting systems and avoid “home grown” applications that can stymie scalability • Create standard and simplified platforms with centralized data collection and processing • Fully integrated ERP system that provides for “best of breed” reporting, data management and business analytics • Standardize reporting formats, definitions and causal analysis • Streamline workflow, eliminate manual controls and drive standardization throughout core work processes • Where appropriate, implement self-service tools for customers, vendors and employees utilizing a secured internet Workflow connection • Reduce overall cycle closing and financial reporting times • Proper alignment between skill set and roles and responsibilities • Clearly defined goals and responsibilities and illustrate how they impact the company (accountability) People • Implement a performance management system (with prioritized initiatives) that is directly tied to the company’s strategic objectives, is well communicated and frequently reinforced through one-on-one development, team meetings and quarterly performance reviewsSUMMARYI believe a key element of success is matching the right people to the right organizations. I trust this portfolio hasprovided adequate insight into my CFO background, my expertise, my leadership approach, and the business resultsfor which I am known. Please feel free to contact me if you believe I am the right CFO for your organization. 78 Old Trolley Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877  Ph: (203) 496-0814  abonanni@dataportsolutions.com