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SEO Service: This company also specializes in offering best quality SEO services. Being an SEO company, Abols is committed to offer the clients cutting edge SEO solutions that suits with the business requirements of individuals at the competitive rates. To start with, our company offers a free analysis of each website and therefore suggest the business owners the package that suits their business the best.

SMO Service: At Abols we own a team of experts who specialize in the techniques of SMO in order to bring genuine traffic to the websites of our clients. At this IT solution provider company, we only implement the white hat techniques to bring the organic traffic to the website. It is because we know that it only takes innovation, creative thinking and expertise in the area of Internet marketing to create individual brand awareness through the well thought out techniques of SMO.

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  • Track visits, pageviews, bounce rate and timeResearch visitors profilesIdentify the best keywords and optimize based on themIdentify and capitalize on the best traffic sources: -referring sites -direct traffic -organic search -PPC campaignsSet conversion goalsTrack AdWords and AdSenseCompare to other similar websitesCreate custom reports
  • Abols IT Solutions - Online Markting Company - Seo & smo activity

    1. 1. Abols IT Solutions www.abolsitsolutions.com
    2. 2. SEO: Welcome To SEO World S=search E=engine O=optimization –The process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords. – The act of modifying a web site’s build, content, and inbound linking to increase its ranking in organic/natural (vs. paid), crawler-based listings of search engines
    3. 3. SEO: Welcome To SEO World  Pros  Higher return on investment  Long-term  Pay less  Organic Results are more clickable  High rank=more trust  Cons  2-3 months before visible results  Some of the websites are not search engine friendly  Can’t guarantee exact results
    4. 4. SEO: Website Optimization Processes Step 1: Analyze your website  Step 2: Pay attention to the following factors – Find targeted keywords – Write titles for every page – Write descriptions for every page –Assure quality content
    5. 5. SEO: Website Optimization Processes –Use keywords in the URLs –Write alt texts for images –Build inbound links with keywords as anchor texts –Create a sitemap –Continuously updated integrated blog –Create a privacy policy –Include robot.txt files in the source
    6. 6. Page Title Alt-Tags Navigation Anchor Text Visit thesite Site Map SEO: Website Optimization Elements
    7. 7. Meta Descriptio n Tag Meta Title Tag Meta Keyword Tag Go to View >Page Source or (Ctrl+U), to see current Meta Robots Tag SEO: Website Optimization Elements
    8. 8. SEO: Website Optimization XML Sitemap – A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site – Makes it easier for users to navigate – Helps search engine crawlers to access all pages and links
    9. 9. SEO: Blog Integrated with Website Regular Posts on Blog - Writing relevant blog posts on regular basis has a great SEO effect.(Content provided by client) – Many targeted keywords – Inbound link building – Better communication with your customers and partners – Platform for viral campaigns – Professional copywriters ready to help
    10. 10. Social Bookmarking and Document sharing  Social Bookmarking ◦ Bookmarking Links from the site ◦ Adding keywords ◦ Using top SBM sites for quality backlinks: mixx, jumptages, Digg, Reddit, stumbleupon, delicious,  Document sharing ◦ Sharing presentation through slide share, scribd, docstoc ◦ Publishing white papers and Article in scribd and docstoc
    11. 11. Off-page Optimization Processes  Off-site optimization consists of anything that promotes your website – Submit your website to Search Engines & Directories – Submit original Articles and Press Releases to special websites – Quality link building
    12. 12. Social Media Optimization Social media optimization (SMO) is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content.
    13. 13. Social Media Management  Strategic presence creation on social media  Presence promotion and response management  Analyzing opportunities for social media outreach
    14. 14. Community Engagement Referral Links Brand Recognition More visitors traffic
    15. 15. Social Media Strategy With a well-designed social media strategy, you can leverage conversation to advance your business. Without such a strategy, you run the risk of falling behind. The benefits of social media campaigns are extensive – from increasing customer satisfaction to keeping tab on the competition, to marketing your latest product. Why not take advantage?
    16. 16. Facebook  Creating profile  Creating page  Content development  Integration page with other social media channels  Post updates with links to the desired landing page  Joining groups and pages  Adding members  Starting discussions  Sharing links  Creating facebook “like” button and badge, to place it in the website and blogs  Video sharing via YouTube tabs ( for viral campaigns)  Photo sharing via page flicker apps/ similar apps  Document sharing ( pdf, ppt, whitepapers, brochures, notes..)  Promote blogs/feed  Adding custom tabs  Tagging use of various external interactive Apps
    17. 17. LinkedIn  Creating profile  Creating company page  Integrating profile with other media channels  Add connections  Join Groups  Targeting and networking with the influencers  Starting Discussions in groups  Active participations in relevant Q&A’s  Publish Press release  Submit feeds  Share presentation  Integrate blogs to the profile  Share likes
    18. 18. Twitter  Creating twitter handle  Post tweets with site link (content from the site)  Following key influencers  Use hash tags for keywords  Retweet influential tweets  Tweeting based on trends  Post natural updates frequently  Influence mentions  Create a twitter badge and place it on the site and blogs  Increase followers base constantly  Network and engage the followers
    19. 19. Google +  Create profile  Create page  Content Development  Integrating page with other social media channels  Post updates with links to the desired landing page  Joining pages  Adding influencers to our circles  Starting discussion  Sharing links  Video sharing  Photo sharing  Document sharing ( pdf, ppt, whitepaper, brochures, notes…)  Tagging
    20. 20. Pinterest  Creating Profile  Creating boards  Content Development  Integration profile with other social media channels/blogs  Add pins  Influence repines  Photo sharing with links  Sync info graphics  Follow influencers  Follow relevant boards
    21. 21. Track Your SEO Results via Google Analytics It is a free service offered by Google that is able to generate detailed statistics about your website. Tracking Results: Web Analytics •Track visits, pageviews, bounce rate and time •Research visitors profiles •Identify the best keywords and optimize •Identify the best traffic sources •Set conversion goals •Track AdWords and AdSense •Compare to other similar websites •Create custom reports
    22. 22. Abols IT Solutions Abols IT Solutions, a Gurgaon(India) based website and software development firm, is there to provide you with customized web design, online marketing and search engine optimization solutions. Email: info@abolsitsolutions.com www.abolsitsolutions.com
    23. 23. Thank You