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Abols IT Solutions is Leading company providing Digital Marketing services for Small business across the world. We deal in SEO, Web designing, Web Development, PPC, Content Writing. Our Head office is located at Gurgaon. We also provide services for SMO and other marketing solutions.
Web designing and development: At Abols we know that the websites are not just the windows to showcase the products or the services offered by your company, but they are much more than that. If developed properly then the websites can be the first laid stone of success for your online business. So, we genuinely try to use every aspect of the online business and therefore create and design the site which is dynamic, strong and flexible.

SEO Services: This company also specializes in offering best quality SEO services. Being an SEO company, Abols is committed to offer the clients cutting edge SEO solutions that suits with the business requirements of individuals at the competitive rates. To start with, our company offers a free analysis of each website and therefore suggest the business owners the package that suits their business the best.

PPC Services: PPC is another major technique of Internet marketing apart from SEO. So, being a leading IT solution provider company, we offer state-of-art PPC services to the clients to enhance the web presence of their businesses. Here we have a team of PPC experts who are headed by the Google Qualified Professional.

SMO Service: At Abols we own a team of experts who specialize in the techniques of SMO in order to bring genuine traffic to the websites of our clients. At this IT solution provider company, we only implement the white hat techniques to bring the organic traffic to the website. It is because we know that it only takes innovation, creative thinking and expertise in the area of Internet marketing to create individual brand awareness through the well thought out techniques of SMO.

Internet Marketing Services

Improve your search engine rankings with Abols IT Solutions, We specialize in search engine optimization and internet marketing through our SEO and SEM. create new opportunities and destroy old ways and methods of doing business.

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Best SEO and Web Design Company India | Abols IT Solutions

  1. 1. Welcome to SEO Basics Listening to the audio Click here to listen by Internet or get the phone number to call. Asking Questions Click here to use the chat system. Please feel free to ask questions by typing them out here.
  2. 2. Paid Local Organi Paid c Local
  3. 3. • • • • • Keywords On-Page SEO On-Site SEO Local SEO Organic SEO
  4. 4. Keywords On-Page SEO On-Site SEO • Local SEO • Organic SEO • • •
  5. 5. Awareness Interest Learn Shop Buy
  6. 6. # Of Searches/Month Head Keywords Long-tail Keywords Keywords
  7. 7. Keywords Keywords indicate intension Longtail keywords are important!
  8. 8. ✓ Keywords • On-Page SEO • On-Site SEO • • Local SEO Organic SEO
  9. 9. On-Page ‣ If you want to rank for a particular keyword, make sure you have one page dedicated to it. ‣ Optimize that page
  10. 10. ✓ Keywords ✓ On-Page SEO • On-Site SEO • • Local SEO Organic SEO
  11. 11. • Crawl-able Nav • Site Speed • robots.txt • XML Sitemap • Webmaster Tools • Privacy Policy
  12. 12. On-Site ‣ Lots of small things to do ‣ Most of them are somewhat technical, but need to be done.
  13. 13. ✓ Keywords ✓ On-Page SEO ✓ On-Site SEO • Local SEO • Organic SEO
  14. 14. Build Citations ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Decide on your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) Who is on the map? Search for their (NAP). Note where Google has found them them around the web and get there too.
  15. 15. Build Citations ‣ Blog posts from local websites
  16. 16. ✓ Keywords ✓ On-Page SEO ✓ On-Site SEO ✓ Local SEO • Organic SEO
  17. 17. No Spammy Links Better Content
  18. 18. Organic ‣ Slow...long-term goal ‣ Content ‣ Promote content ‣ Work on getting links
  19. 19. SEO Basics
  20. 20. Abols IT Solutions • • • • Follow us