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Sport Is Life Introduction To Students
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Sport Is Life Introduction To Students


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Published in: Education, Spiritual

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  • 1. Projectes escolars de la Unió Europea que permeten als centres (com a mínim tres centres procedents de tres països participants) treballar sobre un tema d'interès comú. Aquest tipus de projectes tenen com a objectiu estrènyer la cooperació entre classes i disciplines diferents. Una de les prioritats és fomentar la participació activa dels alumnes. Després, un nombre limitat d'aquests podrà desplaçar-se a un altre país per preparar i planificar amb el professorat el projecte europeu. ASSOCIACIONS ESCOLARS MULTILATERALS COMENIUS
  • 2. Our project: SPORT IS LIFE
  • 3. Subject:
    • The project will deal with sports and health.
    • It wants to transmit the idea that practising sport helps you to lead a healthy life.
    • It will also be about some problems connected to sport activities, such us food and diet, smoking, drinking, etc.
  • 4. Characteristics of the project:
    • Length:
    • 2 years project
    • Objective:
    • Creating a net of European schools to work on 2 main subjects: SPORT and HEALTH.
    • Products:
    • * a virtual bilingual magazine
    • * a DVD about concrete sports
  • 5. Participant schools:
    • CIFAC
    • Centre Interprofessionnel de Formation de l’Artisanat du Calvados.
    • Caen, France.
    • Second English Language School ‘Thomas Jefferson’.
    • Sofia, Bulgaria.
    • Fundació Privada Cor de Maria d’Olot.
    • Olot, Catalonia.
  • 6. Terms:
    • 2007-2008
    • Meeting the participant schools and stating the objectives and terms.
    • Preparing and passing a questionnaire about sport.
    • Choosing material for the magazine and editing the 1st issue.
    • Choosing 1 or 2 sports to present in a DVD.
    • Stablishing contact with the European students by e-mail.
    • Preparing a logo for the project.
    • Choosing a title for the magazine.
    • 2008-2009
    • Editing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th issue of the magazine.
    • Presenting a new sport for the DVD, or extending the information about the sports that have already been presented.
    • Organizing a sports festival.
    • Creating and presenting a new sports game to present to the other schools.
    • Assembling all the 2 years information from the 3 schools in a DVD.
    • Preparing an exhibition to present the project, the final DVD and stands about the different sports.
  • 7. 1st Year Meetings :
    • 1st meeting: 3-4 December 2007: Caen, France (only teachers).
    • 2nd meeting: 26-27 March 2008: Olot, Catalonia (teachers and a delegation of students).
    • 3rd meeting: 19-21 May 2008: Sofia, Bulgaria (teachers and a delegation of students).
  • 8. 2nd and 3rd Meetings:
    • 2nd meeting:
    • 26-27 Marc2008 (Olot)
    • Questionnaire results (power point)
    • Logo and title for the magazine
    • sports presentation (which one, why, planning)
    • suggestions for articles for the magazine.
    • Suggestions for the report.
    • 3rd meeting:
    • 19-21 May 2008 (Sofia)
    • Articles for the magazine finished.
    • Report finished.
    • DVD about sports
  • 9. 2nd Year Meetings
    • 1st meeting: 25-28 Nov 2008: Caen, France.
    • 2nd meeting: 3-6 March 2009: Sofia, Bulgaria.
    • 3rd meeting: May 2009: Olot, Spain.
  • 10. Meetings:
    • 1st meeting:
    • 25-28 Nov. 08 (Caen)
    • 2nd issue of the magazine:
    • - article
    • - interview
    • - news
    • - fun section
    • - (Report in charge of Bulgaria).
    • DVD with a sport presentation.
    • Opinion of the 1st issue of the magazine and suggestions.
    • 3rd meeting:
      • May 2009 (Olot)
    • Final issue of the magazine (4th issue).
    • Demonstration of the games chosen by each country.
    • Exhibition about the project:
    • - posters of each country
    • - photos of the meetings
    • - issues of the magazine
    • - DVD of sports and games
    • 2nd meeting:
    • 3-6 3rd meeting:
    • 3rd issue of the magazine
    • (report in charge of France).
    • Presentation of a sports game to
    • present on a DVD.
    • Opinion of the 2nd issue of the
    • magazine
  • 11. Products:
    • Bilingual (Catalan and English)
    • Virtual (on the school website)
    • Made by the 3 participant schools
    • Different sections:
      • Articles about sport/health (opinion and chronicle)
      • Interviews to local/national sportsmen/sportswomen
      • News (local or national)
      • Fun section (funny pictures, videoclips, games…)
      • Report (wider article)
  • 12. Products:
    • DVD
    • Presentation of 1 or 2 local sports.
    • The reasons why we chose that sport.
    • Detailed description of the characteristics of the sport:
      • History of the sport
      • Rules of the sport
      • Demo (videoclips and photographs)
  • 13. Products:
    • DVD
    • Presentation of 1 sport game.
    • The reasons why we chose that game.
    • Detailed description of the characteristics of the game.
    • Demo with photos and video.