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  • 1. Cor de Maria School Olot, Catalonia, Spain
  • 2. Catalonia is located south west of Europe, north east of Spain. The Mediterranean Sea is east of Catalonia. Catalonia’s area is 31.895 km² It has 7.570.908 inhabitants.
  • 3. The legend says that the Count of Barcelona “Guifré el Pelós” fell injured during the war. The king put his fingers in his wound and made the four strips of blood on his golden shield.
  • 4. La Generalitat is the institution of self government of Catalonia (executive council, president and Parliament). According to the Spanish constitution of 1978, Catalonia is a historic community, a nationality, with its own language, Catalan -spoken by about 7 million people.
  • 5. Barcelona is the financial capital of Catalonia. It welcomes millions of visitors every year.
  • 6. The Benedictine monastery, currently formed by 80 monks, has been for about 1000 years at the service of pilgrims who come from all over the world to venerate the image of the black Virgin.
  • 7. Mountain and ski resorts north Catalonia.
  • 8. Tourist place north east of catalonia. Mild climate, diversity of landscape, light, vegetation … and the best known Catalan beaches.
  • 9. He was a genius of modernist architecture. He got inspired from nature, which is reflected in his works. (1852-1926). “The architecture is the arrangement of light, the sculpture is the play of light” (Antoni Gaudí).
  • 10. It is Gaudi’s dream. Nowadays the only cathedral under construction. The continuation of Gaudi’s project has become an important symbol of Barcelona.
  • 11. Regarded as one of the most remarkable works of universal modernism. Built between 1900-1914, as a residential city in a paradise landscape. A fascinating scene of pines and palm trees with overdimensional architectonical shapes.
  • 12. Known as one of the greatest cellists of all time. One of his last compositions was the "Hymn of the United Nations”. In 1971 he was awarded the U.N. Peace Medal in recognition of his stance for peace, justice and freedom. Casals accepted the medal and made his famous “I am a Catalan” speech, where he stated that Catalonia had the first democratic parliament. (1876-1973)
  • 13. Dalí theatre-Museum in Figueres He was a genius of abstract painting. Most of his masterpieces are preserved in the Dali theatre-museum in Figueres. (1904-1989)
  • 14. Life is full of difficulties… …the most important is to stand up again… …and fight till the end. This is our inner feeling.