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Binge drinking in Catalonia
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Binge drinking in Catalonia


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. INTRODUCTION:• Binge – drinking by teenagers is a common problem in most countries.• To know more about this, we conducted a survey among teenagers aged 13-19, and searched about what is being done by the government and town council.
  • 2. 1. Do you drink alcohol?1210 8 6 4 2 0 Yes, I do No, I dont Sometimes
  • 3. 2. Where do you drink?76543 2 1 0 At home In the street At parties
  • 4. 3. How much do you drink?65432 1 0 A lot A little Nothing
  • 5. 4. How often do you drink?76543 2 1 0 Every time I go out I sometimes drink when I Hardly ever Never go Out
  • 6. 5. Who buys the alcohol?76543 2 1 0 Parents do I do Friends do
  • 7. 6. Have you ever had problems with alcohol?10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Yes, I have No, I havent
  • 8. 7. Have your parents ever found you drunk? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yes, they have No, they havent
  • 9. 8. Have you ever been to the hospital, as a results of drinking9 alcohol?8765432 1 0 Yes, I have No, I havent
  • 10. 9. When was your first alcoholic drink?765432 1 0 12-14 years 15-17 years 18-19 years
  • 11. 10. Do you think drinking is a big problem in your country?5432 1 0 Yes, it is No, it isnt I dont know
  • 12. 11. Why do you drink?76543 2 1 0 Because most of my friends Because I get Because I like do bored if I dont it Because I cant imagine having time without taking alcoho
  • 13. WHAT IS BEING DONE• Preventive campaigns by the governmentand town council, on TV, at schools, throughbrochures, etc. to raise awareness.• Students attend lectures and talks on thistopic.• People get fined by binge-drinking in thestreet or by driving drunk.
  • 14. CONCLUSIONS• Children begin to drink early.• Alcohol is easy to get, although this could besolved by applying the law.• Approx. half of the teenagers we intervieweddrink when they go out with friends.• Teenagers drink because friends do, becausethey get bored or because they just like it.• Parents not always know the problem.• Legal actions should be stricter.