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Andrew Newton Newsletter Andrew Newton Newsletter Presentation Transcript

  • Coach Newton Unit Newsletter. Pedometer Dominators
  • Questions1.What is Exercise ?2..What things benifts to we gain from exercises and sports ?3..How does Exercise relate to eating healthy ?
  • Unit Summary Students will be working with a partner or a group of three. Students in class to learn a new exercise every other day. The student will also learning and participating in a sport during class with there partners weekly to build trust and a team feel . The students will use the pedometers by doing the exercises on there own after school. The students will use the Data collected to present a chart and slideshow of the effectiveness of the exercises. The students will also show that they are doing the exercises correctly. View slide
  • How we can make this happen.Roll of teacher - To teach and help students learn and perform skills and exercises .Roll of parents -Encourage students to do exercises when they are not at school . Also encourage students to watch different sports and games to learn more about them .Roll of Students- Work with other students to be responsible for doing the tecniques learned in class and record the Data . View slide
  • What students will learn.Students will learn how to use teamwork to play sports and develop the culminating slideshow . Students will learn rules and strategies of different sports .Also gain knowledge of what exercises are best for you.
  • Standards that will be met .Physical Education (2009) Grade(s): 8 Web Resources: 0 Lesson Plans: 0- Apply movement concepts to sport, dance, gymnastics,8.) recreational skill performances, and other physical activities.Physical Education (2009) Grade(s): 8 Web Resources: 0 Lesson Plans: 012.) Apply positive reinforcement to enhance peer physical performance during physical activity
  • ObjectivesRecord the number of steps gained each day to develop a chart.Create a Slideshow of what exercises are best for a healthy lifestyle compared to those that are not as good.Develop Teamwork in the sports that are being played in class.
  • PBLProject based learning is a type of learning that lets students get hands on experince while gaining knowledge of the unit by completing assignments .
  • Contact Information EMAIL PHONE : 334-555-5555