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Performance Consulting & Training Services



We provide performance consulting services to corporations.

We provide performance consulting services to corporations.

We believe the bottom line shall be significantly better with phenomenal sales growth.



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Performance Consulting & Training Services Performance Consulting & Training Services Presentation Transcript

  • Towards peak performanceA performance measurement approach ABM ConsultArriffin Mansor Kuala Lumpur 012-2786282
  • We help clients to• Define clear goals and strategies• Identify and develop critical competencies• Design proper performance systems and processes• Develop effective team leadership• Empower employees for greater productivity Towards peak performance 2
  • Our programs / interventions• Consulting – Identifying critical competencies – Strategic business plans – Installing Peak peformance framework• Training workshops – core performance competencies – Performance improvement• Team building – A winning team with the right working plans Towards peak performance 3
  • The Key benefits of the programs• Improved bottom line performance• Improved customers satisfaction• Attaining leadership in the industry• Promote continous improvement in all areas• Promoting effective team leadership• Strategic thinking and effective problem solving through a systemetic thought process• Recognising and promoting talent Towards peak performance 4
  • Consulting Services1. Training need analysis2. Performance audit3. Strategic business plans4. Installing performance management system Towards peak performance 5
  • Team Building – through performancedynamics• Clear objectives• Identify key result areas to achieve objectives• Choose suitable key peformance indicators• Establish performance targets• Communication• Problem solving• Effective Leadership• Group dynamics Towards peak performance 6
  • Performance Framework• Smart objectives• Key result areas• Key Peformance Indicators• Performance targets A must for every job holder Towards peak performance 7
  • Critical Gap Analysis – the immediatesolutions• ROE chart• KPI calculations• Benchmarking• Industry standards• Internal standards• For both performance and competency gaps Towards peak performance 8
  • Managing people with Performance Management• Performance planning• Performance measurement• Performance appraisal and evaluation• Rewarding performance Towards peak performance 9
  • Vision and StrategyFinancial Customer Process L and G Strategy- Objectives Translation Process Measures Targets Initiatives Towards peak performance 10
  • Some Other Principles in Performance • Quantifies the Strategies in measurable terms • Strategy is summarized on a Strategy Map over four views of performance (perspectives). • Must capture a cause-effect relationship between strategic objectives over the four perspectives on the Strategy Map. • Critical Components include: -objectives - Measurements - Targets - Initiatives • Everything must be linked: Goals to Objectives, Objectives to Measurements, Measurements to Targets. • Understand the performance chain Towards peak performance 11
  • The Measurement Pyramid GoalStrategic/GPRA GoalsEnd-Outcomes Outcome Performance MeasuresLonger-Term Intermediate ProgramOutcomes Program Performance MeasuresShorter-Term Program ComponentsIntermediateOutcomes Program Component Performance Measures& OutputsOutputs Activities& Inputs Activity Performance Measures Towards peak performance 12
  • ENSURE THE RIGHT KPIS BEING USED / APPLIED• Let me suggest four possible types of KPIs: 1. Input phase • Labour Hours 2. Process phase • Material used per unit 3. Output Phase • Production cost per unit. 4. Outcome phase • Return calculation Towards peak performance 13
  • A TOTAL PERFORMANCE APPROACHReturn on Assets (ROA) Sales Identifying Critical Gross Margin $ 100.00 performance gaps $ 20.00 Net Profit Subtracted by $ 2.00 Subtracted by $ 80.00 Net Profit Margin $ 18.00 0.02 Divided by COGS Total Expenses $ 100.00Return On Assets Inventory Sales 13 0.05 Times Sales $ 100.00 Added to Current Assets 2.5 Divided by 30 $ 13.00 Asset Turnover $ 40.00 Accounts Receivable Added to Total Assets 10 Added to 4 Fixed Assets Other Current Assets 14 Towards peak performance
  • Strategy Map: Capture a Cause Effect Relationship from the Bottom Up Stakeholder More rapid and Improved Returns on accessible services Investments Internal Process Economic Model Reduce Re-Activities thru Establish Web Based Process ABC/M Self Services& GrowthLearning Expand Global Leadership Knowledge Facility Reach Development Management Investments Facilities and Fixed IT Infrastructure Assets Human Capital Towards peak performance 15
  • TNA : New Skills, knowledge and Attitudes Building competencies and retaining talent In order for our employees to perform differently, what kind of new Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes they need to have?Existing Required•Skills • Skills•Knowledge • Knowledge•Attitudes • Attitudes Towards peak performance 16
  • Mapping Purpose to the Systems Model INPUT OUTPUT ANALYSIS C. Operational Community Purpose - Challenging Outcome A. Training Community Purpose - Checking C Performance 8. Estimate Value A Input Output Process Learning Programme 7. Changes in Practice 3. Candidates 4. Changes in Knowledge and Skills 5. Changes in Behaviour 6. Changes in Support Environment Performance Problem B 1. Establish the Need 2. Set success Criteria B. Operational Community Purpose - Steering Towards peak performance 17
  • GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION OF A PERFORMANCE AREA ROA as a KPI for the CEO 105% 600 200 1010%A 500 Before 100S 400 Ă Industry StandardsS 300 ß 1020%E č 50 200 AfterT S 100 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 PROFITS 18
  • EXAMPLE OF THE SALESMANAGER PERFORMANCE INDICATOR Sale per ringgit AdvertisingAdvertising Sales/advertising KPI2 After Before Before After Sales 19 19
  • EXAMPLES OF IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS IMPROVEMENT MODELS MICRO - input outputMACRO - ROE Chart dimension• Departmental strength and • Individual Strength and weaknesses weaknesses• Benchmark against industry • Benchmark against industry standards standard• Cascading the targets • Root cause analysis• Performance improvement • Performance appraisal metrics • Performance network• Strategic mappings • Competency gaps• Team buildings Towards peak performance 20
  • 5 steps in evaluating performance impact Step 1 – determine performance objectives Step 2 – accumulate input costs Step 3 – compute realistic key performance indicators Step 4 – obtain the output benefits / income Step 5 – Calculate the ROI Towards peak performance 21
  • CORPORATE COMPETENCELearning tasks - build the following business performance models. • Corporate Plans • Marketing plans • Operation plans • Staff plans • Financial Plans A must for all companies Towards peak performance 22
  • Our services - a summary• Consulting – Training need analysis – Performance Audit – Develop effective business plans – Install the performance management system• Seminars / Workshops – Performance improvement – 2 day – Business Metrics – 2 day• Team building – A winning, efficient and effective teams Towards peak performance 23
  • EVERY ONE CAN BE BETTER The End © Arriffin 012-2786282 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia