12 CIOs Who Love Social Media


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12 CIOs Who Love Social Media

  1. 1. 12 CIOs Who Love Social Media Member Benefits 6/27/09 10:37 PM Friday, 26 June 2009 Page 11 of 13 Article Index 12 CIOs Who Love Social Media Katherine Coombs Chuck Musciano Peter Birley Linda Cureton Paul Cheesbrough John Halamka Steve Francia Will Weider Bill Schrier Andy Blumenthal Andrew Hoppin Mike Schaffner FEATURED MEMBERS 12 CIOs Who Love Social Media Andy Blumenthal Top Member 428 Points Newest Member Robert Lewis william paul Title: CTO of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Industry: Government Member Network Zone Expert Blog Entries Abusing Social Networking for Recruiting: Are You Guilty? by Lisa Yoon Does the Wisdom of Crowds Apply to Businesses? by Michael Eggebrecht Business Chiefs Aren't The Social Animal They Should Be by Judy Mottl Players See Big Market For Netbooks, But Will CIOs Bite? by Judy Mottl Are mobile data services expendable? by Cara Garretson Expert Blog Comments A former IT leader in the Coast Guard and the Secret Service, Blumenthal has an abundance of government technology expertise. Not satisfied with a single blog, Blumenthal runs two: UserCentric Enterprise Architecture, and another that focuses largely on management skills and strategies. Blog: The Total CIO "The last thing any executive should be doing is getting caught up in the weeds of management. The executive needs to lead and define the organizational strategy and the management team needs to execute. The executive is the link between what needs to get done (stakeholders' needs) for the stakeholders and getting it done (management execution) through the organization's people, process, and technology." --May 2009 Twitter: totalcio "If not for unfiltered data coming from Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube would the events in Iran be like a tree falling in a forest." --6:26 p.m., June 20, 2009 Business Chiefs Aren't The Social Animal They Should Be This study definitely rings true with my own experiences at the << Prev - Next >> Fortune 500 level. I think the tende... Ask the CIO--Do you want more BI & a smarter company? Hi Lauren - good article. You referenced Jim Collin's book "Good to Great," which came out [ Back ] a number... U.K.'s Antipiracy Plan Would Turn ISPs Into Babysitters http://www.ciozone.com/index.php/Career/12-CIOs-Who-Love-Social-Media/10.html < Previous / Next > Share This: Digg Delicious Slashdot Next > Page 3 of 4