30 Must Read CIO Bloggers


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Evolven's Top 30 Must Read CIO Bloggers

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30 Must Read CIO Bloggers

  1. 1. HOME PRODUCT NEWS  &  RESOURCES COMPANY BLOG CONTACT WINDS  OF  CHANGE  |  BLOG Your  source  for  insights  and  inspiration  about  the  changing  world  of  IT 20 30  MUST  READ  CIO  BLOGGERS DEC White  Paper   Labels:  Bloggers,  CIO 1  Comment 10 StumbleUpon 1 154         29   126   1019     10   We've  compiled  below  our  Must-­Read  CIO  Bloggers,  a handpicked  list  of  insightful  CIOs  blogging  on technology  and  sharing  their  perspective.   SEARCH Search This  list  can  complements  the  amazing  collection  of  blogs  that are  a  must-­read  for  CIOs. These  executives  have  a  tremendous  influence  on  the  IT industry,  developments  and  leadership.  With  their  insights, they  help  to  shape  IT,  identify  trends,  and  make  decisions that  have  far-­reaching  impact.   Blogger Peter  Birley Interim  UK  IT  Director  and Consultant  Contact   Latest  Blog  Posts Social T.E.A.M. Mobile:  a  Business  Process  Changer Getting  amongst  it! Follow @evolven Andy  Blumenthal CIO/Division  Chief   U.S.  Department  of  State   Federal  Leadership  Is  A  Journey Great  Balls  Of  The  Apocalypse FOLLOW Lessons  Learned  on  IT  Customer  Service  and Team  Building Ian  Cohen Group  CIO Jardine  Lloyd  Thompson Get  email  updates  (it's free) We  are  family…..  aren't  we  ? Enter email
  2. 2. I'm  bored  …  the  chairman  of  the  bored "Think  cloud  computing  will  save  you  money?   Forget  it" Subscribe  to  blog  via Casey  Coleman CIO US  General  Services Administration   The  Democratization  of  Knowledge Business  Intelligence  Really  Is  A  Smart  Idea Barry  Condrey CIO Chesterfield  County   ABOUT  EVOLVEN "Must  Reading"  for  Federal  Tech  Workers   Evolven’s  Change  & Configuration  Monitoring solution  redefines  IT  change and  IT  configuration Rubbernecking,  INFOSEC,  and  South  Carolina. management.  It  allows  IT operations  teams  to  know Public  CIO  as  Social  Media  Practitioner Leadership,  Technology  &  Public  Service   exactly  what  has  changed their  environments,  eliminate configuration  drift,  maintain environment  consistency, validate  changes,  and Linda  Cureton Chief  Information  Officer   NASA investigate  incident  root-­cause. Cybersecurity  Awareness  Month Start  a  free  trial! The  Out  of  This  World  Reality  of  the  Virtual  NASA The  IT  Revolution Dave  Fletcher CTO State  of  Utah   INDUSTRY  EXPERTS Analyzing  Mobile  Visitors  to  Utah.gov The  Efficiency  of  E-­Government Thinking  of  New  Online  Services   Industry's  most adaptive  change management analytics GET ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS NOW Eachan  Fletcher Vice-­President  of  Technology   Expedia   Dennis  Drogseth,  VP Charlie  Betz,  Research  Director A  Few  Notes  on  Leadership Eachan's  5  Laws  of  Platform  Architecture How  Alan  Kay  changed  my  mind Nigel  Fortlage   CIO GHY  International Get  Report     Costs  and  Scope  of  Unplanned Outages Empowered  IT  executive  leading  social  media change  -­  Page  3  -­  IT  Workplace 20  Things  I  heard  at  TEDx  Manitoba   Video  Games  Future  in  Doubt Steven  Francia Technology  Executive 10gen   POPULAR  POSTS 25  IT  Environment Performance  Metrics  For Taking  Your  Organization  To the  Next  Level POWER40  -­  Top  IT  Operations Analysts Top  Apps  For  IT  Operations MongoDB,  Hadoop  and  humongous  data  at Most  Common  Change  and Configuration  Issues  In  2011 MongoSV  2012 MongoDB  Driver  days  hackathon  round  up   Top  4  Biggest  Myths  Surrounding  Disaster Recovery CATEGORIES Stephen  Gillett Editor   President  &  EVP   Best  Buy   Congratulations  Curiosity  From  Best  Buy!   Future  Innovators:  Zero  Touch 1.   Agile 2.   Analysts 3.   Big  Data 4.   Bloggers
  3. 3. A  CIO  Ode  to  Steve  Jobs Bob  Gourley CTO Crucial  Point  LLC     7.   CIO 8.   Cloud 9.   CMDB 10.   Complexity Joint  Information  Environment  (JIE)–  It's  all  about the  RELATIONSHIPS Electronic  Health  Records  Infographic   Anti-­Access  Area-­Denial  (A2AD)  in  Military Brainstorming  About  the  Future  of  Clinical Documentation   Creating  a  Mature  Security  Program Interoperability  Gets  Real   24.   IT  Management 25.   IT  Operations 26.   IT  Operations  Analytics 27.   IT  Skills 28.   ITIL 29.   Journalists 30.   LinkedIn 31.   Mobile  Device An  Opportunity  Missed:  The  Olympics-­as-­a-­ Platform Want  to  Hire  Some  Great  Developers?  Sponsor  a   Hackathon Resolutions  List 38.   Virtualization 39.   Webinar 40.   Weekly Why  More  Data  Is  A  Good  Thing Does  IT  Need  A  New  Concierge? Building  A  Executive  Digital  Literacy  Program Andrew  Hoppin Partner/CIO New  York  State  Senate Proprietary  Software,  Lions  and  Bears  in  the  Civic Commons  Marketplace The  Virtuous  Circle  of  Open  Government  & Streamlining  Government Open  Senate  Overview Arun  Manansingh CIO   The  Judlau  Companies   Staying  Above  the  Fray Struggles  With  The  Cloud The  CIO  Paradox  –  A  Book  Review Tony  Maro CIO EvriChart,  Inc.   The  Long  Forgotten  Art  of  the  Medical  Record Purge The  HITECH  "Harm  Threshold"  for  Breach Notification EMR  Interoperability  a  Stumbling  Block Chuck  Musciano CIO M*Modal Management 32.   Predictions 33.   Private  Cloud 34.   Release  Management 35.   Security 36.   Social  Media 37.   Video Ten  Tech  Trends  for  Your  2012  New  Year's Chuck  Hollis VP  -­-­  Global  Marketing  CTO   EMC  Corporation   17.   Downtime 18.   eBook 19.   Enterprise  2.0 20.   Hybrid  Cloud 21.   Incident  Investigation 22.   Infographic 23.   IT  Consumerization GET ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS NOW Jim  Haughwout Entrepreneur-­In-­Residence Cmed  Group   11.   Compliance 12.   Configuration Management 13.   Data  Center 14.   Desktop  Management 15.   DevOps 16.   Disaster  Recovery Domains  and  in  Cyberspace John  Halamka CIO Beth  Israel  Deaconess  Medical Center   5.   BYOD 6.   Change  Management Retiring  Legacy  Applications  –  Logically  
  4. 4. Measuring  Metrics Five Shawn  Riley Leader  Information  Management Office Mayo  Clinic  Health  System  at  Mayo Clinic   Access  to  Computing  Resources  Critical  to Furthering  Fight New  Analytics  Models  Help  to  Support  State  HIEs Technology  and  the  Accountable  Care Organization Isaac  Sacolick VP/CIO McGraw-­Hill  Construction   Big  Data,  Agile,  CIO  -­  2012  in  Review CWhat  Is  Big  Data?  The  Real  Challenges  Beyond Volume,  Velocity  and  Variety Three  Ways  Data  Scientists  Can  Differentiate GET ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS NOW Michael  Schaffner Director  IT  Program  Management   Office  at  Cameron   Better  Communication:  Technology  Isn't  Always The  Best  Solution A  Tale  of  Apple,  Microsoft,  Google  and  Others  For The  Holiday  Season Wikileaks  Positive  Side  Effect  for  IT Bill  Schrier Chief  Technology  Officer,  City  of Seattle   I-­Everything,  Lawyers,  Watson  and  Plumbers CIO  Champions  "Change" CIO  As  City  Cheerleader Mark  A.  Silver DIO  &  Global  IT  Relationship manager Siemens  HealthCare Unexpected  convergence  of  software  and hardware Three  strategies  for  the  effective  governance  of  IT Will  the  growing  information  tsunami  be  your board's  undoing? John  Suffolk Global  Head  of  Cyber  Security  & SVP Huawei  Technologies A  conversation  with  the  founder  of  Huawei,  Mr  Ren Zhengfei,  on  supporting  over  a  third  of  the  planets population  and  cyber  security What  will  help  solve  cyber  security?  Collaboration and  open  communication  or  competition  between countries  and  companies? Project  reviews  completed,  moratorium  holding firm,  renegotiations  well  advanced,  strategy imbedded  -­  so  time  for  me  to  leave George  Tomko CIO  Rant TIME  IS  YOUR  ONLY  INVENTORY-­  SELECTIVE ENGAGEMENT  TIME  MANAGEMENT
  5. 5. CIOS  AND  THE  CONSUMERIZATION  OF  IT CIOS  SHOULD  QUIT  WORRYING  ABOUT  BEING CIOS Will  Weider   CIO Ministry  Health  Care   Proactive  Customer  PC  Monitoring The  Project  Management  Office  Air  Travel  Analogy Running  IT  Like  a  Business Phil  Windley   CTO Kynetx   Forgetting  to  Water  the  Christmas  Tree?  How Personal  Clouds  Saved  Christmas Sessions  @  The  Leonardo  with  Vinod  Khosla When  Services  Dien Werner  Vogels CTO Amazon.com The  Back-­to-­Basics  Readings  of  2012 Back-­to-­Basics  Weekend  Reading  -­  Sparse Partitions Expanding  the  Cloud  –  Announcing  Amazon Redshift,  a  Petabyte-­scale  Data  Warehouse Service GET ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS NOW Your  Turn Do  you  have  more  CIO  bloggers  to  add  here? Related  Articles Must-­read  IT  Journalists Making  Change  Management  in  the  Data  Center Top  Job  Blogs  for  Boosting  Your  IT  Careers Applying  IT  Analytics  to  IT  Operations  Data Downtime  Is  Still  Here  and  Common 154 30 126 1019         10  
  6. 6. 1 comment 0 Join the discussion… Best Community PierG • Share Login a year ago yes, my one :) http://pierg.wordpress.com @pierg :) • Reply • Share › WHAT'S THIS? ALSO ON EVOLVEN Complexity and Change Management Failure 2 comments • 5 months ago NetNowLtd — Hi, does evolven have an API that 2013 Predictions on IT from Experts and Industry Analysts 1 comment • a year ago could be used to act as a data source so that it could feed our Configuration Management … How Good are you at Change Management? 1 comment • 3 months ago Ron Leeman — "Where you have good Michael Noam — Great article Make IT Outsourcing Work by Implementing IT Operations Analytics 1 comment • a year ago governments" ... surely you mean governance!!! SEO Company in India — Outsourcing is an activity to endorse some part of the organisatonal work to the company which is … Subscribe Add Disqus to your site back  to  top Written  by  Syed  Raza  and  Martin  Perlin. GET ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS NOW! ABOUT  EVOLVEN EVOLVEN  2  MIN  INTRO CONTACT  INFORMATION Evolven's  IT  Operations  Analytics  provides intelligent  answers  to  key  IT  operations challenges:  how  to  accelerate  incident Call  us  at:1-­888-­841-­5578  (US) +44  (0)  20-­3002-­3885  (UK) resolution,  how  to  avoid  harmful  and  risky changes,  and  how  to  assess  and  optimize  IT operations  performance. Email:  info@evolven.com 2500  Plaza  5,  25th  floor, Harborside  Financial  Center Jersey  City,  NJ  07311 Evolven's  new  analytics  approach  to  the  chronic change  &  configuration  challenges  dramatically minimizes  the  risk  of  downtime  and  slashes incident  investigation  time. Leading  industry  analyst,  Gartner  selected Evolven  as  a  2013  Cool  Vendor  in  IT Operations  Management  recognizing  Evolven as  "the  only  vendor  to  marry  IT  Operations Analytics  to  configuration  and  change management".  In  2013,  Evolven  was  selected as  a  winner  of  the  Red  Herring  Top  100  North America  award,  a  prestigious  honor  that recognizes  the  year's  most  promising  private technology  companies  across  North  America. Adding  to  this  recognition,  other  industry analysts  have  recognized  Evolven  for  
  7. 7. "transforming  change  and  configuration management"  and  as  the  "Industry's  most adaptive  change  management  analytics." Corporate  |  News  &  Resources  |  Blog  |  Solutions Copyright  Statement  and  Terms  of  Use  |  ©  Evolven  Software  2008-­2012