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What You Should Know About Inflammation
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What You Should Know About Inflammation


Some things you should know about inflammation: what causes it, why you need it, why it goes wrong, its role in heart disease and how to reduce it naturally.

Some things you should know about inflammation: what causes it, why you need it, why it goes wrong, its role in heart disease and how to reduce it naturally.

Published in Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Inflammation: Why it’s Essential to Your  Health and Why it’s Called the ‘Secret  Killer’ Without inflammation you would  probably not be alive but, equally,  inflammation that goes wrong can have  serious consequences Page 1
  • 2. Introduction In 2012 I had so bad a case of plantar fasciitis that I could not walk without leaning on the wall for support when I got out of bed each morning. I learnt that plantar fasciitis is an inflammation-related condition and, as part of treating it, I learnt as much as I could about inflammation – why it’s essential to your survival, but how dangerous it can be to your health when it goes wrong. This presentation gives some key points but, at the end, there’s a link to a much more detailed report I have produced on: What inflammation is What it’s supposed to do What triggers it Why it goes wrong Its role in many serious diseases How to reduce it through natural means and products Page: 2
  • 3. What is Inflammation? Inflammation shows up in your body as one or all of: Heat Pain Swelling And sometimes as all three But there’s also inflammation you cannot feel: Inflammation in your arteries Inflammation in your heart Page: 3
  • 4. What is the Role of Inflammation? Why does your body generate inflammation? It is your body’s first line of defence against: Invading bacteria from cuts and abrasions Invading viruses from what you eat, breathe, drink and touch Therefore it is essential to your survival Page: 4
  • 5. Causes of Inflammation What causes inflammation? In addition to viruses and bacteria, toxins that you take in through: The air you breathe (atmospheric pollution) The water you drink (purified with numerous chemicals) The food you eat (processed, laced with preservatives and intensively farmed in order to boost productivity) Stress … all trigger inflammation. We live in an inflammatory environment – it’s almost impossible to  avoid it Page: 5
  • 6. How Does Inflammation Work? How should inflammation work? It should work by: Attacking and destroying the invading viruses, bacteria or toxins Receding to allow the healing process to start once the ‘invaders’ have been dealt with But sometimes the process goes wrong Page: 6
  • 7. What Happens it Goes Wrong? What happens when inflammation goes wrong? The inflammation process does not recede You feel chronic or persistent pain in your: Joints – hip, shoulder, back, wrists, knees, etc Connective tissue – tendons, ligaments Muscles – neck, arms, legs Long‐term pain is an indicator of inflammation that’s gone  wrong Page: 7
  • 8. Medical Research into Inflammation Medical research has revealed that inflammation is at the  root of many serious diseases: Asthma (inflammation in the respiratory system) Digestive problems, including Crohn’s disease (inflammation in the bowel and digestive system) Heart disease (inflammation in the arteries and heart) Some types of cancer Some types of arthritis Fibromyalgia Inflammation is at the root of many serious diseases Page: 8
  • 9. How Can You Control Inflammation? The key to reducing inflammation is to reduce the intake of  inflammation triggers & strengthen your body’s detox process to  better enable it to expel toxins: Reduce the intake of toxins through food and drink Increase water consumption to aid the detox process Reduce stress (stress triggers adrenalin that converts to cortisol that converts to fat, which triggers inflammation) Proper rest (& recovery) through good sleeping patterns Anti-inflammatory/detoxification supplements While anti‐inflammatory supplements are helpful, reviewing your  entire lifestyle is essential to meaningfully reducing inflammation Page: 9
  • 10. More Information? More details about inflammation, its causes, why it goes  wrong, what happens when it goes wrong, its role in heart  disease and other serious illnesses, and how to reduce it  naturally, are available in a detailed report I’ve produced. In addition to my own research, the report includes excerpts  from, and links to, articles by other researchers, doctors and  even a heart surgeon. Click here for details Page: 10
  • 11. In Closing… Page: 11 Thank you! Martin Malden