CliqTags - Access Methods for Mobile Marketing
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CliqTags - Access Methods for Mobile Marketing






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CliqTags - Access Methods for Mobile Marketing CliqTags - Access Methods for Mobile Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Access Methods for Mobile Marketing Abiro 2014-05-23
  • Why? • To convey interesting digital information to people on the move, you need to make it very easy and obvious for them to access that information • CliqTags therefore supports a plethora of access methods
  • What? • CliqTags is a CMS optimized for quickly creating and managing mobile sites, primarily for the purpose of marketing to mobile users • Sites are accessed via a unique short link • That being the case, almost any access method works – QR Codes, SMS requests, Bulk SMS, NFC Tags, Wrapper Apps etc, optionally in combination
  • How? QR Codes • Many now recognize and know how to use them • Doesn’t add cost to printed work (black on white) • Important with a call-to- action message, so it’s clear what’s “under” the QR Code • It’s possible to use different colors, overlay an icon etc, to spice them up a bit
  • How? SMS Requests • SMS is supported by all phones, so this is a fallback method • The user sends cl <site ID> to 72672 • The user gets an SMS containing the name of the site and a clickable link to it for easy access • The received SMS also serves as a reminder for later accesses
  • How? Bulk SMS • Sent from within CliqTags per site • Site name and link are automatically inserted in the SMS, but also other information can be provided • The same message can be sent to any number of destinations • You pay to a fund that is used up as SMS’s are sent
  • How? NFC Tags • NFC tags are subtle, as they don’t have to be visible to work • Also here a clear call-to- action message is needed • More expensive to deploy than e.g. QR Codes (sub $ in volume) • CliqTags NFC Writer makes creating CliqTags-compliant NFC tags very easy • Sadly, no support for NFC in iPhone and older Android phones
  • How? iBeacon • Uses Bluetooth Smart beacons for signalling place / context • A custom app is needed per customer, unless the retailer etc already has a shopping app • The app would show CliqTags information based on iBeacon ID
  • How? Digital Ads • CliqTags sites can be accessed by clicking on ads • The ad can stay the same, while the content is changing over time • A tracking code can be added to tell where access comes from Ad on a mobile page
  • How? Redirection • Redirect from PC sites by testing for mobile devices • Alternative to responsive design • Also makes the mobile site focused on information relevant for mobile use
  • How? Wrapper Apps • CliqTags sites can be wrapped in Android and iOS apps • That way users experience the exact same installation procedure as for any full app • Management of the content is still the same as for any other access method • Wrapper Apps are provided per site, and at a fixed rate
  • How? Combinations • In the same printed material you can use e.g. a QR Code, an SMS Request and a direct link • That can be complemented with e.g. NFC Tags, provided such can be added practically and economically
  • CliqTags NFC Writer Wrapper app (Android, iOS) Reader app Bulk SMS SMS Request SMS Response Advertisement on a mobile page or native app App with iBeacon iBeacon