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    Midterm review 2013 Midterm review 2013 Document Transcript

    • AP World Mid-Term EXAM REVIEW 8000 bce to 600 bce 1. Early humans & first civilizations (8) Paleolithic vs. Neolithic What was the Neolithic Revolution? Function of cities? Patriarchy? Mesopotamia Egypt China Indus Valley (Harappan) 600 bce to 600 ce 2. Classical Civilizations (8) Political structure of each? Slaves? Why did they fall? Scholar-Gentry? Greece Persia Rome India China 3. Classical Belief Systems (7) (I have a chart to review the basic beliefs of each, if you want it.) Hinduism Judaism Greek Rationalism Buddhism Zoroastrianism Christianity 500 to 1500 ce 4. Trade Systems (8) What changes were brought about in the societies and governments who participated in these trade routes? Disease? Unique characteristics of each trade route? Main trade goods? Indian Ocean Silk Roads Trans-Saharan 5. World of Islam (7) What allowed expansion of the Islamic Empire? Effects of Islamic expansion? Sunni/Shia Accomplishments? Trade Commerce in the Islamic world Changes in political structure as the Islamic world expanded? Islamic Empire – Rise, Umayyad, Abbasid Spain, India, Anatolia-Impact of Islam on each 6. European Christendom (8) What happened after the fall of Rome? Political structure of W. Europe and the Byzantine empire? Economics/trade of W. Europe and the Byzantine empire? Results of the Crusades? Feudalism Eastern Orthodox vs. Roman Catholicism Western Europe Byzantine Empire 7. China and East Asia (8) Describe China after the fall of the Han. Political achievements of the Tang and Song? Economic Revolution during the Tang and Song (What is it? What caused it?) Influence of northern nomads? Benefits of interaction with other parts of Eurasia? Changes in Buddhism? Sui, Tang, Song Dynasties Korea, Vietnam, Japan 8. Aztec and Inca (3) Review the SPICE charts we did in class. 9. Mongol Empire and Pastoralists (8) How did the Mongols conquer? Impact on the Silk Roads? Conquer and control of Russia? China? Mongol Peace? 10. Ming and Europe (2) How did the Ming reestablish traditional Chinese rule? Compare Ming and Europe and their voyages of exploration. 11. Ottoman, Mughal, Songhai (2) Similarities? Importance of Ottoman Empire? 12. Map, comparative, big picture, and reading questions (7)