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Visual Merchandising


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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. RETAIL SCENARIO IN FASHION INDUSTRY BYAravin Prince Periyasamy M.Tech (Textiles)
  • 2. Mysterious. Vast. Emerging.
  • 3. Once Indian Retail Scenario was PERCEPTION
  • 4. But Today, Indian Retail Scenario is REALITY
  • 5. $180 BILLION and counting…Growing at 20% per annum SOURCE: MCKINSEY REPORT
  • 6. Indian Retail Scenario Today Retail amongst the largest industries in India, With over 10% of country’s GDP & about 8% of employment 10th largest economy in the world 4th largest in purchasing-power parity terms Over 58% of Indian population below 26yrs. That is over 564 million people, nearly twice the total population of the United States
  • 7. Modern Indian Retail Lifecycle STRENGTHEN CREATE INCREASE CLIENT BACK END CONSOLIDATION AWARENESS EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT New retailers Consumer Retailers Retailers going Driving growth demands strengthening global / M&A Organized Backend forms 1993 2004 2007 2012 FIRST GEAR SECOND GEAR THIRD GEAR FOURTH GEAR 2006 SOURCE: KURT SALMON ASSOCIATES
  • 8. Market & Composition Total No. of Retail stores in India 12-15 Million Hawkers 8-10 Million Grocery Outlets 4-5 Million Urban Grocery Outlets 1 Million Over 96% of Indian Retail SOURCE: CII RETAIL is unorganized
  • 9. Market & Composition2004-5 LARGER MALLS (1M Sq.ft) Multiplex & Discount2000 Leisure Cinema Stores MALLS MALLS1990 (Price, Quality, Service & Entertainment) DEPARTMENTAL STORES1980 (Price, Quality, Service Sensitive)BEFORE TRADITIONAL RETAIL1980 (Price Sensitive) 4% rapidly evolving modern organized Retail
  • 10. Characteristics of Unorganized Retail Retail Products: Mainly Food & Beverage Products, Retailer Characteristics: Staples, Cigarette, Personal Care Uneducated Has loyal Clientele Location: Retailing Characteristics: Residential Areas, Main Roads spread Over the counter sale across the Indian geography Space limitation Home delivery Typical Size: Customer Profile: Over The Counter, Occupies a space Lower to upper middle class ranging from 100 - 750 sq ft.
  • 11. Forms of Unorganized Retail OUTLET: Grocers Mom & Pop Stores Approx. SIZE: 200- 500 sq ft
  • 12. Forms of Unorganized Retail OUTLET: Kiosk store Approx. SIZE: 40 sq ft
  • 13. Forms of Unorganized Retail OUTLET: Street vendors Approx. Size: 30 sq ft
  • 14. Changing Scenario BEFORE AFTER Shift from Unorganized to Organized self service outlets
  • 15. Forms of Organized Retail ANSAL’S PROJECTS
  • 16. Forms of Organized Retail ENTERTAINMENT CITY NEW DELHI
  • 17. Forms of Organized Retail GOLD SOUK TRIVANDRUM
  • 18. The Changing face of the Indian Consumer Large population of young spenders The shift from buying to the “shopping” experience Growing finance options Brand conscious & lifestyle products
  • 19. Brands in India Today
  • 20. International Retailers in India INTERNATIONAL RETAILERS & WHOLESALERS IN INDIA Metro Cash & Carry (3 current-planned 10 by 2010) Shoprite, South Africa (1 currently in Mumbai) Dairy Farm, Hong Kong 50 supermarkets 38 health & beauty stores
  • 21. International Retailers in India International Players Eyeing India Shoprite South Africa (Hypermarkets) Already in Landmark, Dubai (Lifestyle stores) Already in Marks & Spencer’s (Lifestyle stores) Already in Metro Cash & Carry (Wholesale Hypermarket) Already in Mango (Apparel Retailer) Already in Carrefour (Multiformat Retailer) Evaluating Wal Mart (Hypermarkets) Evaluating 7-Eleven (Supermarkets) Evaluating Tesco Evaluating Starbucks Evaluating SOURCE: CYGNUS RESEARCH
  • 22. Major Indian Players 6.7 billion USD invested in setting up multiple retail RELIANCE Formats. Sales expectation of 20 billion USD by 2010 Presently India’s largest retail company.PANTALOON 10 million sq ft of retail space expansion & expected sales 2 billion $ by 2008 RPG Opening 50 hypermarkets of 4 million sq ft Currently operating in lifestyle, books retail RAHEJAS & hypermarkets Investing 100 million dollars in 55 hypermarkets by 2015 PYRAMID Opening 150 lifestyle department stores by 2010 Expanding to 10 to 40 departmental stores by 2010. TATA Also in hypermarkets & consumer electronic multi brand stores
  • 23. Current Scenario of Indian retail Proliferation of modern retail formats 350 50 400 1500 Departmental Hypermarkets new malls Supermarkets Stores by 2008 100 MILLION Sq ft in retail space by 2010 15,000 small & big outlets to undergo facelifts
  • 24. Opportunities Visual Merchandizing Mall Retail Shopper Retail & Store /Management Education Research Technology Mall Planning
  • 25. Opportunities – Mall Management 65 malls coming Specialized 200 existing malls up in 1 street: malls: 400 new malls Gurgaon, a high Car, Jewelry, street near Delhi Weddings Emerging need for Mall Management Services.
  • 26. Opportunities – Store Design Existing stores have commonplace designs Growing popularity of Experience Shopping Emerging trend of new store design concepts with international brands Most new innovations in apparel stores Indian fashion labels setting up boutique stores Store fixtures in high demand
  • 27. Opportunities – Store Design & Build Store design conversion & adaptation to International concepts Store designs for Indian Brands Shop fitting design & development: China emerging as source, India: needs to adapt
  • 28. Opportunities – Visual Merchandizing VM design, execution VM Academia & management Set-up for retail chains
  • 29. Opportunities – Marketing at retail (POP) POP strategy POP Design & Deployment & Development Maintenance Management
  • 30. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 31. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 32. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 33. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 34. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 35. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 36. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 37. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 38. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 39. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 40. Visual Merchandizing & Indian Stores
  • 41. Scope for Retail Education 8 Million More than Retail jobs in the next 2 Million Need for 6 years Skilled job opportunities quality by 2008 education
  • 42. Retail Training Increasing Modern Retail Outlets Increasing 100 Demand of Skilled people Million Huge 8 Million shortage of sq ft Jobs Skilled people
  • 43. Retail Training – The Opportunity Large Indian Despite perception retailers have of huge people availability in-house Skilled People training departments… in retail is at this whole area premium can be outsourced
  • 44. Retail Design – The Opportunity Few schools today have national presence in Retail Design National Institute of Design National Institute of Fashion Design (affiliated to the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design)
  • 45. Retailis India’s rising star… There’s never been aMalls are better time to here & India is explore!
  • 46. THANK YOU…