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"Word Power Made Easy" by "Norman Lewis": Redefined & Abridged

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Roots & derivs

  1. 1. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis Roots and derivatives1. Ego (I): 2. Dexter (right hand):a) Ego = self-concept a) Dexterous = skillful/ adroitb) Egoist = one who believes in self-advancement b) Dextral = of or on the right; clockwisec) Egotist = one who talks about his accomplishments c) Ambidextrous = equally skillful with each handd) Egocentric = devotedly self-centered d) Dextrorse = Spiraling upward from left to righte) Egomania = self-madness e) Dextrocardia = Abnormal condition where the heart isf) Alter ego = A very close and trusted friend who seems located toward the right side of the chestalmost a part of yourself [In Latin, Dexter = right hand and Sinister = Left hand.[In the rating of egoism: egomaniacal > egocentric > In English, Sinister = evil/ dangerousegotist > egoist] In French, droit = right hand and Gauche = Left hand. In English, Gauche = clumsy/ tactless]3. Anthropos (mankind): 4. Gyne (woman):a) Anthropology = study of mankind a) Misogynist = one who hates womenb) Philanthropy = love for mankind b) Gynecologist = doctor specializing in femalec) Misanthrope = one who hates his fellow mortals disorders5. Gamos (marriage): 6. Misein (to hate):a) Monogamy = system of having one mate at a time a) Misanthropy = hatred of mankindb) Polygamy = social custom of plurality of marriages b) Misogyny = hatred of womenc) Bigamy = legal crime of having more than one spouse c) Misogamy = hatred of marriaged) Misogamy = hatred of marriage7. Iatreia (healing): 8. Verto (to turn):a) Pediatrics = the healing of a child a) Introvert = one who turns his mind inwardb) Psychiatrist = a doctor who heals sick minds b) Extrovert = one who turns his mind outward c) Ambivert = one who turns his mind both inward and outward9. Ped (foot): 10. Paidos (child):a) Pedestal = A support or foundation a) Pediatrician = baby doctorb) Pedal = A lever that is operated with the foot b) Pedagogy = the leading of a childc) Pedestrian = A person who travels by foot; prosaic/ c) Orthopedist = the doctor who straightens bonecommonplace/ hackneyed/ banal/ trite deformities, in children primarily
  2. 2. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis11. Agogos (Leader): 12. Demos (people):a) Pedagogue = a narrow-minded, strait-laced, old- a) Democracy = the political orientation of those whofashioned, dogmatic teacher favor government by the people or by their electedb) Demagogue = one who stirs up discontent among the representativesmasses so he can gain political power b) Demography = the branch of sociology that studies the characteristics of human populations c) Demagogy = Leading the hoi polloi13. Derma (skin): 14. Oculus (eye):a) Dermatologist = skin specialist doctor a) Oculist = eye specialistb) Hypodermic = penetrating under the skin b) monocle = one-lens eyeglassc) Epidermis = outer layer of skin c) binocular = field glasses which increase the range ofd) Taxidermist = one who prepares, stuffs, and mounts the our two eyesskins of animals d) inoculate = immunize/ vaccinatee) Pachyderm = animal with unusually thick skinf) Dermatitis = skin inflammation, irritation, infection15. Obstetrix (to stand before): 16. Ortho (change):Obstetrics = midwifery/ OB/ tocology a) Orthopedist = the doctor who straightens bone deformities, in children primarily[Off-topic: as an old English root, Glib = slippery. b) Orthodontist = Doctor specializing in straightening ofLiterally, Glib = Artfully persuasive in speech. teethDerogatorily, it means “Marked by lack of intellectual c) Orthography = A method of representing the soundsdepth”] of a language by written or printed symbols17. Card (heart): 18. Neuron (nerve):a) Cardiologist = heart specialist a) Neurologist = doctor specializing in nervesb) Cardiac = of or relating to heart b) Neuralgia = acute pain along the nerves and theirc) Cardiogram = electrically produced record of the beats branchesof the heart c) Neuritis = inflammation of the nervesd) Cardiograph = instrument which produces cardiogram d) Neurasthenia = depression and emotional exhaustion e) Neurosis = emotional disturbance19. Alter (other): 20. Psyche (mind):a) Altruism = philosophy of putting another’s welfare a) Psychiatrist = a doctor who heals sick mindsabove one’s own b) Psychosis = personality disorderb) Altercation = argument c) Psychologist = one who studies the human mindc) To Alternate = to skip one d) Psychotherapy = treatment of the mindd) To Alter = to change e) Psychoanalysis = one who delves into the
  3. 3. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewise) Alternative = a choice unconscious mindof the patientf) Alter ego = A very close and trusted friend who seems f) Psyche = mental, spiritual or nonphysical aspect ofalmost a part of yourself one’s existenceg) Alternate (adj) = other g) Psychic = Phenomena or qualities that cannot beh) Alteration = a change explained in purely physical terms h) Psychopathic = mentally suffered i) Psychosomatic = pertaining to relationships between[off-topic: Adulation > flattery > Compliment] mind and body j) Psychogenic = which originates emotionally21. Metr (measure): 22. Optikos (eye):a) Sphygmomanometer = blood pressure measuring device a) Optic = Of or relating to or resembling the eyeb) Optometrist = one who measures the vision of the eye b) Optician = one who grinds lensesc) Thermometer = measure of heat c) Optometrist = one who measures the vision of the eyed) Taximeter = measure of taxicab milese) Metric system = system of measurementf) Barometer = measure of atmospheric pressure23. Osteon (bone): 24. Chiros (hand):a) Osteopathy = treatment based on skeleton and muscles a) Chirography = Beautiful handwritingb) Osteomyelitis = Inflammation of the bones b) Chiropractic = use of hands in the curing of ailments c) Chiropody = treatment of the surface ailments of hand and foot25. Pod (foot): 26. Graph (writing):a) Podium = speaker’s stand a) Graphology = study & analysis of handwritingb) Tripod = three legged stand b) Chirography = Beautiful handwritingc) Podiatry = treatment of minor ailments of foot c) Telegraph = writing from afar d) Stenograph = writing in short form e) Autograph = writing of one’s own name27. Phrenos (brain): 28. Conscience (scruples/ moral sense):a) Phrenology = analysis of skull contours a) Conscionable = Justb)Phrenic vein = Either of two veins that drain the b) Unconscionable = Lacking a consciencediaphragm c) Conscientious = scrupulous; painstaking29. Ology (the study of) or Logos (word): 30. astron (star):a) Phrenology = analysis of skull contours a) Astronomy = study of celestial phenomenab) Graphology = study & analysis of handwriting b) Astrology = Pseudoscience which claims it canc) Psychology = study of human mind foretell the future by a study of the stars
  4. 4. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewisd) Ophthalmology = The branch of medicine concerned c) Astronomical = tremendously bigwith the eye and its diseases d) Aster = a star-shaped flowere) Astrology = Pseudoscience which claims it can foretell e) Asterisk = a star-shaped symbolthe future by a study of the stars f) Disaster = calamity/ cataclysm/ catastrophe31. dont (tooth): 32. itis (inflammation):Orthodontist = Doctor specializing in straightening of Osteomyelitis = Inflammation of the bonesteeth33. Nomos (arrangement/ Law/ Order): 34. Opsis (sight or viewing):a) Astronomy = arrangement of stars & other celestial a) Biopsy = medical examination of living tissuebodies b) Autopsy = medical examination of a corpseb) Autonomy = self-law, self-rule, self-governmentc) Metronome = musical time measurer35. Geos (earth): 36. Bios (life):a) Geology = study of the composition of earth a) Biology = study of all lifeb) Geometry = measurement of figures b) Biography = story of someone’s lifec) Geography = Study of the earths surface; includes c) Autobiography = A biography of yourselftopography, climate, soil and vegetation d) Biopsy = medical examination of living tissued) Apogee = Apoapsis in Earth orbite) Perigee = Periapsis in Earth orbit37. botane (plant): 38. zoon (animal):Botany = The branch of biology that studies plants Zoology = The branch of biology that studies animals39. Temnein (to cut): 40. Philos (Love):a) Appendectomy = a cutting out of the appendix a) Philology = Love of words (study of Linguistics)b) Tonsillectomy = a cutting out of the tonsils b) Philanthropist = altruistc) Entomology = branch of zoology that studies insects, c) Philanderer = one who makes Love triflinglyforms of life that seem, in appearance, as if they are d) Philatelist = one who loves to collect stampsalmost cut in two e) Anglophile = An admirer of British customsd) Atom = the smallest particle that can’t be cut any more f) Bibliophile = Lover & collector of rare bookse) Anatomy = cutting up of a living body to determine its g) Philadelphia = City of Brotherly Lovestructure (The branch of morphology that deals with the h) Philosophy = Love of wisdomstructure of animals) i) Philharmonic = Love of harmonies or musicf) Tome = a part cut from the whole (a large boring book) j) Philtre = love-potiong) Epitome = part which represents the wholeh) Dichotomy = splitting in two (duality)
  5. 5. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis41. Insect (cut): 42. Semantikos (significant meaning):a) Insects = forms of life that seem, in appearance, as if a) Semantics = The study of language meaningthey are almost cut in two b) Semantic memory = Your memory for meanings andb) Dissection = Cutting so as to separate into pieces general (impersonal) factsc) Sectile = Capable of being cut c) Semantic error = An error in logic or arithmetic thatd) Sector = A group that forms part of society or economy must be detected at run time43. Notus (known): 44. Summa (total/ highest amount):a) Noted = Widely known and esteemed a) Summit = The top or extreme point of somethingb) Notorious = widely but unfavorablyKnown b) Sum = The final aggregate c) Consummate = Perfect and complete in every respect;[off-topic: Childlike = Exhibiting childlike simplicity and having all necessary qualitiescredulity; but, Childish = Indicating a lack of maturity]45. Corr (correction): 46. Vetus (old):a) Corrigible = amendable/ redeemable/ reformable a) Veteran = Rendered competent through trial andb) Incorrigible =Impervious to correction by punishment experience; Seasonedc) corrigendum = A printers error; to be corrected b) Inveterate = Habitual (derogatory implication)47. Gen (to give birth to/ to be born): 48. Chronos (Time):a) Genetics = The branch of biology that studies heredity a) Chronic = going on for a long timeand variation in organisms b) Anachronism = something out of timeb) Gene = segment of DNA considered as unit of heredity c) Chronological = Relating to or arranged according toc) Genealogy = The study of ancestry and family history temporal orderd) Eugene/ Eugenia = well-born d) Chronometer = An accurate clock (especially used ine) Eugenics = The study of methods of improving genetic navigation)qualities by selective breeding e) Chronicle = A record or narrative description of pastf) Genital = venereal (relating to the external sex-organs) events that happened at one timeg) Genesis = The beginning, birth or origin of anything f) Synchronize = Happen at the same time;h) Psychogenic = born of the mind or emotions contemporizei) Congenital = Present at birth but not necessarily g) Synchronoscope = An instrument that indicateshereditary; acquired during fetal development (don’t whether two periodic motions are synchronousconfuse Congenital with Congenial, means friendly)j) Genocide = killing of a whole race or nation49. Path (suffering/ disease/ feeling): 50. Par (equal):a) Psychopathic = mentally suffered a) Par = (golf) the standard number of strokes set forb) Osteopathy = treatment based on skeleton and muscles each hole on a golf course, or for the entire course; Ac) Sympathetic = same feeling as someone else state of being essentially equal or equivalent
  6. 6. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewisd) Antipathy = Dislike/ Aversion/ Grudge b) Parity = Functional equality (used in Obstetrics,e) Apathy = Lack of feeling or interest Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science with slightf) Pathology = Study of disease (Pathological = diseased) difference)g) Pathetic = Deserving or inciting pity c) Disparity = Inequality or difference in some respecth) Pathos = A quality that arouses emotions (especially d) Disparage = Express a negative opinion of someone’spity or sorrow); poignancy achievements, accomplishments, attempts, etc.i) Telepathy = Apparent communication from one mind to e) Compare = Examine and note the similarities oranother without using sensory perceptions differences ofj) Homeopathy = A method of treating disease with small f) Peer = A person who is of equal standing with anotheramounts of remedies that, in large amounts in healthy in a grouppeople, produce symptoms similar to those being treatedk) Allopathy = The usual method of treating disease withremedies that produce effects differing from thoseproduced by the disease itself51. Tele (afar): 52. Greg (Herd):a) Telepathy = feeling each other’s thoughts from afar a) Congregation = a religious Herdb) Telephone = sound from afar b) Segregation = separation from the Herdc) Telegraph = writing from afar c) Gregarious = who likes to be with the Herd d) Egregious = so vicious that it actually stands out from the herd53. Voc/ vox/ vok (voice or call): 54. Equi (equal):a) Equivocal = mugwumps/ fencesitters (not ambiguous) a) Equivocal = purposely vague, ambiguous, susceptibleb) Equivocate = prevaricate/ tergiversate (purposely) b) Equality = parc) Magnavox = (radio) Large voice c) Equidistant = The same distance apart at every pointd) Vox populi = public opinion d) Equinox = Either of two times of the year when thee) Vocation = calling sun crosses the plane of the earths equator and day andf) Avocation = hobby; something not one’s actual calling night are of equal lengthg) Vociferous = in a loud voice e) Equanimity = composure/ calmnessh) Revoke = call back; cancel f) Equilibrium = A stable situation in which forcesi) Convoke = call together cancel one another55. Ambi (both): 56. Scrib/ Scrip (write):a) Ambidextrous = equally skillful with each hand; a) Scribe = Score a line on with a pointed instrumentdeceitful b) Scribble = Write carelessly/ scrawlb) Ambivert = one who turns his mind both inward and c) Inscribe = enroll; engrave; encrypt; autographoutward d) Proscribe = forbid or prohibit the use of any food orc) Ambiguity = accidentally double-entendre drug that might prove harmful to the patientd) Ambivalent = Uncertain or unable to decide about what e) Prescribe = opposite to Proscribecourse to follow f) Scriptures = Any writing that is regarded as sacred by
  7. 7. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewise) Ambit = An area in which something acts or operates or a religious grouphas power or control g) Script = Something written by handf) Ambience = A particular environment or surrounding h) Conscription = Compulsory military serviceinfluence i) Circumscribe = Restrict or confine57. Via (road): 58. Militaris (pertaining to a fighting man):a) Via = By way of/ thru a) Militate = Fight against; act uponb) Obvious = Conspicuous/ apparent/ evident/ overt b) Militant = Belligerent/ disposed to Fightc) Obviate = Prevent from happening c) Military = armed services59. Male (bad): 60. Bene (good):a) Malign = Evil; Harmful; Hateful a) Benign =benignant/ kind/ graciousb) Malignant = cancerous b) Benediction = a blessing/ Boon (good saying)c) Malediction = Curse/ Imprecation / Bane (bad saying) c) Beneficent = causing good (doing well)d) Maleficent = causing harm (doing badly) d) Benevolent = well-disposed (wishing well)e) Malevolent = ill-disposed (wishing badly) e) Benefactor = helpful/ favorable (a good doer)f) Maladroit = awkward (having a bad right hand) f) Benefit = Gain/ profit; welfareg) Malaise = illness (bad ease)61. Dict (to say): 62. Fac or fic (to do):a) Malediction = Curse/ Imprecation / Bane a) Maleficent = causing harm (doing badly)b) Benediction = a blessing/ Boon b) Beneficent = causing good (doing well)c) Dictaphone = tape recorder c) Factory = a place where things are doned) Predict = anticipate/ forebode/ prognosticate d) Fact = something which was done/ something truee) Dictation =An authoritative direction or instruction to e) Malefactor = a criminal (a bad doer)do something63. Volent (to wish): 64. Plac (to please):a) Malevolent = ill-disposed (wishing badly) a) Placate = Lenify/ assuage/ conciliate/ mollify/ pacifyb) Benevolent = well-disposed (wishing well) b) Placid = tranquil/ serenec) Voluntary =Of your own free will or design c) Implacable = inexorable/ relentless/ grim/ sternd) Involuntary =Not subject to the control of the will d) Complacent = self-satisfied (mild insult)e) Volunteer = do, tell or agree freely e) Placebo = An innocuous or inert medication; given asf) Volition = will a pacifier or to the control group in experiments on the efficacy of a drug65. Donare (to give): 66. Taceo (to be silent):a) Condone = Excuse, overlook, or make allowances for a) Taciturn = Reticent/ Reserved/ secretiveb) Donation = gift [Donee & Donor] b) Tacit = not verbalized/ unsaid/ unspoken
  8. 8. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis67. Garrulous (chattering): 68. Volvere (to roll):Garrulity = constant talking, usually aimless and a) Volubility = Rolling out the wordsmeaningless, about trifles b) Revolve = to roll around69. Verbum (word): 70. Loquor (to speak):a) Verbal = using words a) Loquacious = Full of trivial conversationb) Verbose = using too many words than necessary b) Eloquent = speaking expressivelyc) Verbatim = In precisely the same words used by a c) Grandiloquent = Magniloquent = pompouswriter or speaker d) Soliloquy = speech made to oneselfd) Verb = A content word that denotes an action, e) Ventriloquist = A performer who projects the voiceoccurrence, or state of existence into a wooden dummye) Verborrhea = an incessant, over-whelming cascade of f) Colloquial = Informal spoken languagewords g) Circumlocution = An indirect way of expressing71. Soli (alone): 72. Ventri (stomach):a) Soliloquy = speech made to oneself a) Ventriloquist = A performer who acts as he isb) Solitude = The state or situation of being alone speaking from his stomach, instead of his mouthc) Solitary = Being the only one; single and isolate b) Ventral = Toward or on the belly; front of a primated) Solo = Any activity that is performed alone or lower surface of a lower animal [antonym = dorsal]73. Con (together): 74. Somnus (sleep):a) Conformity = Correspondence in form or appearance a) Somnolent = Sleepyb)Congruity = The quality of agreeing b) Insomnia = inability to fall asleepc) Consonance = The property of sounding harmonious c) Somnambulism = Sleep-walkingd) Concord = Go together; be in accord d) Somniferous = sleep-inducing/ soporific/ Somnifice)Consensus = Agreement in the judgment or opinion e) Somniloquy = Uttering speech while asleepreached by a group as a whole f) Somnolescent = drowsyf) Consign = Commit forever; commit irrevocably g) Hypersomnia = An inability to stay awakeg) Concert = A performance of music by players orsingers not involving theatrical staging [“somnus” is the Roman god of Sleep, while “hypnos”h) Consolidate = Bring together into a single whole or is the Greek God of sleep!]system; Form into a solid mass or wholei) Contiguous = conterminous; neighboring/ adjacent75. Fer (to bear): 76. Laconia:a) Somniferous = bearing sleep Laconic = Brief and to the point; effectively cut shortb) Vociferous = bearing loud voice (named after ancient Sparta, which was originallyc) Odoriferous = Emitting an odor known as Laconia, its citizens were stoical)
  9. 9. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis77. Cogere (to drive together/ compel/ force): 78. ambul (to walk):a) Cogent = Powerfully persuasive a) Ambulatory = Able to walk about (verb: Amble)b) Cogency = The quality of being valid and rigorous b) Ambulance = vehicle that takes people to and fromc) Cogently = In a cogent manner; forcibly; convincingly; hospitalsconclusively c) Perambulator = A small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around79. Martinet: 80. Phanein (to show):Martinet = Someone who demands exact conformity to a) Sycophant = A person who tries to please someone inrules and forms order to gain a personal advantage/ ass-kisser/ boot-[according to the name of the Inspector General of licker/ stoolpigeon [root “sykon” means “fig”]Infantry of France during the reign of King Louis 14, who b) Diaphanous = So thin as to transmit light [root “dia”was excessively disciplined] means “through”]81. Dilettare (to delight): 82.Vir (man):Dilettante = Showing frivolous or superficial interest; Virago = Far from being traditionally Feminine;amateurish (don’t confuse it with “tyro”) Termagant/ Harridan/ Battle-ax/ Shrew/ Harpy83.Chauvinist: 84. Icon (a religious image):Chauvinist = an exaggerated & blatant patriot/ jingoist Iconoclast = someone who sneers at convention & tradition (it does not of course have to be restricted to[according to the name of a French soldier, Nicholas religion)Chauvin, during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte] [root word “clast” means “to break”]85. Pater (father): 86.Mater (mother):a) Patriot = One who loves and defends his or her country a) Matriarch =The female head of family or tribeb) Patrioteer = Chauvinist/ jingoist b) Maternity = Motherhoodc) Patrimony = an inheritance from one’s father c) Maternal = Motherlyd) Patronymic = a name formed on the father’s name d) Matron = A married woman (middle-aged withe) Paternity = Fatherhood children) who is staid and dignified; Nurse; wardressf) Patriarch = The male head of family or tribe e) Alma Mater = school you graduated from (one’sg) Patricide = killing of one’s father intellectual mother)h) Patrician = Aristocrat/ Blue-blood/ of noble origin f) Matrimony = The ceremony or sacrament of marriagei) Patron = Frequenter/ Sponsor/ Supporter g) Matronymic = a name formed on the mother’s namej) Padre = A chaplain in one of the military services h) Matrisib = enate/ matrikin/ matrilineal kin87.Mony/ mon: 88.Nym (Name or meanings):a) Money = medium of exchange (it comes from the name a) synonym = words of same meaningof the Roman Goddess, Juno Moneta, who guarded the b) antonym = words of opposite meaning
  10. 10. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewistemples of Finance) c) homonym = words of similar soundingb) Patrimony = an inheritance from one’s father d) acronym = abbreviated form of several wordsc) Monetary = Relating to or involving money; Pecuniary e) Pseudonym = nom de plume/ Penname [not “alias”]d) Moneyer = A skilled worker who coins or stamps f) Anonymous = having no namemoney g) Eponym = The person for whom something is named89.Caedo/ Cide (to cut down/ kill): 90. Mania (madness/ morbid attraction):a) Suicide = killing oneself a) Monomania = A mania restricted to one thing or ideab) Fratricide = killing of one’s brother b) Dipsomania = alcoholism/ potomania/ inebriationc) Sororicide = killing of one’s sister c) Kleptomania = cacoethes to steal in the absence ofd) Homicide = killing a human being (general term for any economic motiveslaying; if proves, it is called “murder”) d) Pyromania = morbid compulsion to set fire to thingse) Regicide = killing of king, president, etc. [Pyromaniac sets fire for the thrill, Incendiary forf) Uxoricide = killing of one’s wife revenge & arsonist for money]g) Infanticide = killing of a newborn child e) Megalomania = A psychological state characterizedh) Genocide = killing of a whole race or nation by delusions of grandeuri) Virucide = An agent (physical or chemical) that f) Nymphomania = Abnormally intense sexual desire ininactivates or destroys viruses women; concupiscence/ Eros91. Frater (brother): 92.Reg (King/ Rule):a) Fraternize = Be on brotherly terms with someone a) Regal = Imperial/ majestic/ royalb) Fraternal = brotherly b) Regent = Someone who rules during the absence orc) Fraternity = Frat/ Sodality/ Brotherhood incapacity or minority of the countrys monarchd) Fratricide = killing of one’s brother c) Regulate = Bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage93. Homo (mankind): 94.Soror (sister):Homo sapiens = The only surviving hominid; species to a) Sorority = A social club for female undergraduateswhich modern man belongs; bipedal primate having b) Sororal = Sister likelanguage and ability to make and use complex tools c) Sororicide = killing of one’s sister95. Uxor (wife): 96.Infans (baby):a) Uxor = (legal terminology) the Latin word for wife a) Infantile = childishb) Uxoricide = killing of one’s wife b) Infantilism = Infantile behavior in mature personsc) Uxorious = excessively devoted to one’s wife c) Infantry = Foot soldiery97. Phobia (morbid repulsion): 98. Mono (one):a) Claustrophobia = A morbid fear of being closed in a a) Monk = A male religious living in a cloister andconfined space devoting himself to contemplation and prayer and work
  11. 11. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewisb) Agoraphobia = A morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of b) Monastery = cloisterbeing caught alone in some public place) c) Monotonous = humdrumc) Acrophobia = A morbid fear of great heights d) Monoplane = An airplane with a single wingd) Pistanthrophobia = common fear of trusting people due e) Monopoly = Exclusive control of somethingto past experiences with relationships gone bad f) Monarchy = autocracye) Hydrophobia = A morbid fear of water g) Monocarpic = Dying after bearing fruit only oncef) Xenophobia = A morbid fear of Foreigners h) Monologue = A (usually long) dramatic speech by ag) Photophobia = A morbid fear of Light single actor99.Theos (god): 100.Crac (Rule):a) Theism = Belief in the existence of God a) Gerontocracy = Gov. ruled by old peopleb) Atheism = Belief that there is no God (not Agnosticism, b) Plutocracy = Gov. ruled by wealthy peopleCynicism or Skepticism, these means “only Doubt”) c) Technocracy = Gov. ruled by Scientists & Engineersc) Monotheism = Belief in a single God d) Bureaucracy = Gov. ruled by Bureausd) Polytheism = Belief in multiple Gods e) Democracy = Gov. ruled by the Peoplee) Pantheism = worship that admits all Gods f) Autocracy = Gov. ruled by an absolute Dictator/f) Theocracy = government ruled by religious Leader Absolutism/ Totalitarianismg) Theological = pertaining to the study of Religionh) Apotheosis = Elevation of a person to the status of God101. Poly (many): 102. Lechier (to Lick):a) Polygon = a geometric figure of many sides Lecherous = Sexy, as a derogatory implicationb) Polyglot = speaking many Languagesc) Polyamory = having multiple sexual relationships Libidinous  from Libido (pleasure)d) Polyclinic = clinic in which many diseases are treated Lascivious  from Lascivia (wantonness)e) Polychromic = Having or exhibiting many colors Lubricious  from Lubricus (slippery)f) Polydipsia = Excessive thirst Licentious  from Licere (to be permitted)g) Polysemy = lexical ambiguity Lewd  from Lewed (Vile)h) Polyptoton = Repetition of a word in a different case or Lustful  from an Anglo-Saxon word, meaning Desireinflection in the same sentence Prurient from a Latin verb, meaning “to itch”i) Polysomy = Congenital defect of having one or moreextra chromosomes in somatic cells Salacious = Characterized by lustj) Polygraph = A medical instrument that records several Amorous = Expressive of or exciting sexual lovephysiological processes simultaneously (e.g., pulse rate Incontinent = uncontrolled in sexual mattersand blood pressure and respiration and perspiration)103. Gnos (to know): 104. Pan (all):a) Agnostic = who doesn’t know about the God a) Pandemonium = A state of extreme disorderb) Diagnosis = Identifying the cause of some phenomenon b) Panorama = a view all around/ cyclorama/ dioramac) Prognosis = A prediction about how something (the c) Panacea = Hypothetical remedy for all ills orcourse of a disease) will develop diseases/ catholicon/ Elixir
  12. 12. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis105. Hypo (under/ Less): 106. Hyper (over/ above):a) Hypochondriac = A patient with imaginary symptoms a) Hypercritical = Inclined to judge too severelyand ailments [chondria Cartilage of the Breastbone] b) Hypertension = high blood pressureb) Hypothyroidism = An underactive thyroid gland c) Hypersensitive = allergicc) Hypothetic = Based primarily on surmise rather than d) Hypermedia = interactive multimedia systemadequate evidence e) Hypertext = machine-readable textd) Hypoactive = Abnormally inactive f) Hypertrophy = Abnormal enlargement of a body parte) Hypocritical = Professing feelings one does not have or organ; dysplasia [antonym Atrophy; root wordf) Hyponym = A word that is more specific than a given “trephein” means “to nourish”]word107. Vivere (to Live): 108. Vita (Life):a) Convivial = fond of the pleasures of good company a) Vital = Essential to Life; of crucial importanceb) Vivacious = full of the joy of living; animated/ peppy b) Vitality = Life & strengthc) Vivid = Possessing the freshness of life; strong/ sharp c) Vitamin = One of the many elements, on which life isd) Revive = bring back to life dependent (A, B, C, D, E, G, H, K, M, P)e) Vivisection = Operating on a live animal d) Vitalize = to impart vigor or life tof) Viviparous = producing young from the living body e) Devitalize = to rob of vigor or lifeg) Oviparous = producing young from eggs f) Vitellus = yolkh) bon vivant = A person devoted to refined sensuousenjoyment, especially good food and drink [a high Liver] [off-topic: in complimentary sense,i) joie de vivre = an effervescent keenness for all the daily Gourmet > Gourmand > Glutton]activities ( joy of Living) (antonym  “Ennui”)109. Tonic (minded): 110. Ovum (Egg):a) Visceratonic = Stomach-minded people (interested in a) Oval = egg-shaped/ Ovate/ Oviform/ Ovoid/ Prolatefood & companionship) b) Oviparous = producing young from eggsb) Cerebratonic = Brain-minded people (interested in c) Ovalbumin = The white part of an eggintellectual pursuits) d) Ovaritis = Inflammation of the ovariesc) Somatotonic = Body-minded people (interested in c) Ovulation = The expulsion of an ovum from themovement&action) ovary (usually midway in the menstrual cycle)111. Credo (believe): 112. Specto/ Specere/ Spic (to look):a) Credo = Principles by which someone guides his action a) Spectacle = Something to Look atb) Creed = a religious belief b) Spectacles = eyeglassesc) Credence = mental attitude that something is believable c) Inspect = to look into somethingd) Credentials = bona fides/ attestation/ Certificate d) Retrospect = looking backe) Credulous = willing to believe e) Prospect = looking aheadf) Credible = Capable of being believed f) Conspicuous = easily seen or looked atg) Credit = Have trust in; trust in the truth or veracity of g) Perspicacious = penetratingly discerning
  13. 13. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewish) Cred = Credibility among young fashionable urban h) Perspicuous = (of language) transparently clearindividuals i) Introspection = self-contemplationi) Credenza = A kind of sideboard or buffet (!!) j) Circumspection = Look around carefully k) Specious = Plausible but false; Spurious113. Anima (Soul or Spirit or Mind): 114. Circum (around):a) Animal = A living organism a)circumambient = Surrounding/ encompassingb) Animate = Give new life or energy to; vivify b) circumambulate = Walk around somethingc) Inanimate = Not endowed with life c) circumcision = surgical removal of foreskin of malesd) Animated = Having life or vigor or spirit d) circumduction = circular movement of a limb or eyee) Animation = Liveliness/ Life/ Vitality e)circumflex = diacritical markf)Magnanimous = Noble and generous in spirit f)circumfuse = Spread something around somethingg) Pusillanimous = Lacking in courage and manly strength g)circumfluous = Flowing roundand resolution; contemptibly fearful [Pusilvery small] h)circumstantial = Fully detailed and specifich) Unanimous = of one mind; in complete agreement i)circumvallation = act of surrounding with a walli) Equanimity = Steadiness of mind under stress j)circumvent = Surround so as to force to give upj) Animus = Hostility/ ill will/ malevolence/ Animosity h) circumvolute = Wind or turn in volutions115. Stoicism: 116. Trepido (to be alarmed):Stoic = Seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive a) Intrepid = Invulnerable to fear or intimidation b) Trepidation = A feeling of alarm or dread(Stoicism is the philosophical system of the Stoicsfollowing the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopherZeno, who would stand on a porch or “stoa”)117. Scintilla (quick/ bright/ spark): 118. Rus/ Ruris (Country/ Village):a) Scintilla = A tiny or scarcely detectable amount; A a) Rural = pertaining to the country [antonym = Urban]sparkling glittering particle b) Rustic = Awkwardly simple [antonym = Urbane]b)Scintillate = Be lively or brilliant or exhibit virtuosity; c) rusticate = Send to the countryEmit or reflect light in a flickering manner119. Penuria (want): 120. Vicarious:a) Penury = dire, abject poverty; Destitution Vicarious = Experienced at secondhand; Occurring in anb) Penuriousness = Stinginess/ Excessive Frugality abnormal part of the body instead of the usual site(Parsimony = Niggardliness) involved in that function; Suffered or done by one person as a substitute for another[in the rating of Poverty, Penury > IndigenceIn the rating of Frugality, Penuriousness > Parsimony][Opulence > Affluence]
  14. 14. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis121. Esce (beginning to): 122. Eu (good):a) Adolescent = beginning to grow up a) Eugenics = methods of improving genetic qualitiesb) Evanescent = Ephemeral/ beginning to vanish b) Euphemism = Good or inoffensive sayingc) Convalescent = beginning to get well c) Euphony = pleasant Lilt or rhythmd) Putrescent = becoming Putrid/ beginning to rot d) Eulogy = formal speech of praise e) Euphoria = sense of mental buoyancy f) Euthanasia = mercy killing/ good death123.Badinage: 124.Cliché:Badinage = a half-teasing, non-malicious, frivolous Cliché = it is a pattern of words which was once new &Banter, intended to amuse rather than wound fresh, but which now is so old, worn & threadbare that[its closest synonym is “Persiflage”] only banal, unimaginative speakers & writers ever use it [its closer synonyms are “Bromide” & “Platitude”]125.Algia (pain): 126. Phone (sound):a) Analgesic = Anodyne/ Pain-killer a) Cacophony = Clamor (kakos = bad)b) Neuralgia = Acute spasmodic pain along nerves b) Telephone = sound traveling from afarc) Nostalgia = Longing for something past (“nostos” c) Euphony = pleasant soundmeans “a return to home”) d) Phonograph = record-player e) Saxophone = Musical instrument invented by A. Sax f) Xylophone = A percussion instrument/ marimba g) Phonetics = acoustics127.Vorare (to devour): 128.Clandestine:a) Carnivorous = Feeding only on animals Clandestine = secrecy or concealment in the workingb) Herbivorous = Feeding only on plants out of a plan which is evil or illegalc) Omnivorous = all-devouring [Surreptitious = Stealthy, Sneaky, Furtive, generallyd) Voracious = Devouring/ edacious/ Rapacious/ ravenous because of fear of detection]129. Omni (all): 130.Carnis (Flesh):a) Omnivorous = all-eating a) Carnelian = Color of red fleshb) Omnipotent = all-powerful b) Carnival = festival of merrymaking and processionsc) Omniscient = all-knowing c) Carnal = Marked by appetites and passions of bodyd) Omnipresent = present in all places at once d) Carnage = great destruction of Lifee) Omnibus = for all; including all e) Reincarnation = Return to another body after death131.Enervis (weak): 132.Castigare (to correct):Enervate = Weaken mentally or morally Castigate = Censure severely
  15. 15. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis133. Negare (to deny): 134. Caput (head):a) Self- abnegation = self-renunciation a) Recapitulate = Summarize brieflyb) Negate = Refuse/ Deny b) Capital = seat of the head of the governmentb) Negative = Expressing or consisting of a negation c) Decapitate = behead d) Captain = the head of a group135. Vegetare (to grow/ to live): 136. Similis (similar):Vegetation = Inactivity that is passive and monotonous, a) Simulate = Create a representation or model ofcomparable to the inactivity of plant life b) Dissimilar = unlike c) Simile = A figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds137. Intimus (inmost): 138. Vacillare (move to and fro):Intimate = informal; familiar; inner; versed; adumbrate/ Vacillate = Be undecided about something; waverinsinuate; suggest; confidant between conflicting positions or courses of action139. Levis (light): 140. Miser (miserable/ wretched):a) Levity = Feeling an inappropriate lack of seriousness a) Miser = stingy hoarder of money and possessionsb) Levitation = The act of raising (a body) from the b) Misery = A state of ill-being due to afflictionground by presumably spiritualistic means c) Commiserate = To feel or express sympathy orc) Alleviate = palliate/ relieve/ assuage compassion141. Sequi (to follow): 142. Cheval (horse) or Caballus (an inferior horse):a) Sequence = The action of following in order a) Chivalrous = Being attentive to women like an idealb) Sequel = Something that follows something else knight; Gallantc) Subsequent = Following in time or order b) Cavalcade = A procession of people traveling ond) Obsequies = Funeral rite horsebacke) Obsequious = Attempting to win favor from influential c) Cavalier = Given to haughty disregard of otherspeople by flattery d) Cavalry = Troops trained to fight on horseback143. Equus (Horse): 144. Queri (to complain):a) Equestrienne = a horse-woman a) Querulous = Habitually complaining/ whinyb) Equine = Horse-like b) Query = inquiry145. Cilium (eyelid): 146. Strepere (to make a noise):Supercilious = Having or showing arrogant superiority to Obstreperous = aggressive/ defiant/ non-compliant/and disdain of those one views as unworthy unruly/ Boisterous
  16. 16. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis147. Pecus (cattle): 148. Nocere (to injure):a) Impecunious = Habitually being short of cash (it isn’t a a) Innocent = Free from evil or guiltsynonym of Poverty/ Destitute/ Indigence) b) Innocuous = Harmless to physical or mental healthb) Pecuniary = pertaining to money c) Noxious = Harmful to physical or mental health149. Bibere (to drink): 150. Cadere (to fall):a) Imbibe = (Liquor) Take in liquids/ soak up a) Cadaver = corpseb) Bibulous = boozy/ drunken/ sottish b) Cadaverous = Very thin from disease/ hunger/ cold c) Decadent = Marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay; effete151. Dolere (to suffer): 152. Esthet (feeling):a) Dolor = (poetry) painful grief a) Esthetic = Appealing to the feelingsb) Dolorous = Showing sorrow/ lachrymose b) Anesthetic = no feelingc) Doleful = Mournful c) Anesthesia = insensibility to feeling153. Bovis (ox or cow): 154. Homalos (even / regular):Bovine = Dull and slow-moving and stolid; like an ox Anomalous = Aberrant/ Abnormal/ ana (not/ no): 156. Arch (rule):a) Anemia = Lack of important elements in blood a) Monarchy = Gov. ruled by Single Rulerb) Anarchy = Lack of Law b) Oligarchy = Gov. ruled by few privileged peoplec) Analgesia = Lack of Pain c) Anarchist = one opposed to governmentd) Anomaly = Something not according to rule d) Hierarchy = Higher echelons of Government, church,e) Anathema = bête noire/ A detested person Business, etc.157. Omen (a sign of coming Catastrophe): 158.Scurra (Buffoon or Jester):Ominous = foreshadowing evil or tragic developments Scurrilous = Expressing offensive reproach; abusive159. Homos (same): 160.Heteros (other/ different):a) Homogeneity = Same kind a) Heterogeneity = different kindb) Homosexual = pertaining to the same sex b) Heterosexual = pertaining to the other sexc) Homeopathy = Treatment to produce same symptoms161. Post (after): 162. Ante (before):a) Posterior = Back/ bottom/ afterpart/ Stern a) Anterior = Forepart/ front/ stem
  17. 17. Prepared by- Abir Chowdhury Reference: Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewisb) Posthumous = after burial b)Antecedent = coming beforec) Post-mortem = autopsy/ necropsy c) Antediluvian = Before the flood; ancient163. Anti (against): 164.Tenuis (thin):a) Antiseptic = against contamination a) Tenuous = very thinb) Antipathy = a feeling against b) Attenuate = Become weaker, in strength or valuec) Antonym = words of opposite meanings c) Extenuating = mitigating/ palliating165. Gratus (agreeable or pleasing): 166. Nomen/ Nominis (name):a) Gratuitous = Costing nothing; without cause a) Nomenclature = a system of namesb) Gratis = free; without payment b) Nominate = Propose as a candidate for some honorc) Gratuity = a tip c) Nom de plume = pen-named) Gratitude = thankfulness d) Nominal = in name onlye) Ingrate = A person who shows no gratitude e) Ignominy = disgrace to one’s namef) Ingratiate = Gain favor with other by deliberate efforts f) Cognomen = soubriquet/ surnameg) Congratulate = felicitate g) Nominee = candidateh) Gratify = satisfy