Physical constants
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Physical constants

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Important Physical constants and units.

Important Physical constants and units.

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  • 1. Physical constants Mechanics Light speed, c=2.99792458·10(+8) m/s Sound speed in air, a=331.46 m/s Gravitational constant, G=6.6732·10(-11) m(+3)/(kg·s(+2)) Acceleration of gravity, g=9.80665 m/s(+2) Audibility threshold, P0=0.00002 Pa Molecular physics Avogadro's number, Na=6.02217·10(+23) 1/mol Atomic mass unit, a.m.u.=1.66053·10(-27) kg Boltzmann's constant, k=1.380622·10(-23) J/K Loschmidt's number, L0=2.6867·10(+25) m(-3) Standard gram-molecular volume, V0=22.41 l/mol Absolute gas constant, R=8.31434 J/(K·mol) Standard water density, p=999.973 kg/m(+3) Standard air density, p=1.293 kg/m(+3) Temperature coefficient of volumetric expansion of gas, b=0.00366 K(-1) Thompson cross-section, S0=6.65205·10(-29) m(+2) Electricity and optics Elementary charge, e=1.60219·10(-19) C Mass of electron at rest, m=9.10956·10(-31) kg Mass of proton at rest, Mp=1.6726513·10(-27) kg Mass of neutron at rest, Mn=1.6749575·10(-27) kg Mass of muon at rest, Mm=1.883566·10(-28) kg Ratio, Mp/m=1836.11 Specific charge of electron, e/m=1.76·10(+11) C/kg Specific charge of proton, e/Mp=0.595·10(+8) C/kg Permittivity of vacuum, e0=0.885·10(-11) F/m
  • 2. Faraday constant, F=0.9649·10(+5) C/mol Kerr constant, B=2.2·10(-12) m/V(+2) Stefan-Boltzmann constant q=5.669·10(-8) W/(m(+2)·K(+4)) Wien's constant, b=0.2897·10(-2) m·K First radiation constant, C1=3.741832·10(-16) W·m(+2) Second radiation constant, C2=0.01438786 m·K Magnetics Permeability of vacuum, m0=1.257·10(-6) H/m Magnetic moment of proton, mp=1.4106203·10(-26) J/T Magnetic moment of electron, me=9.2848·10(-24) J/T Gyromagnetic ratio for protons, Gp=2.6751965·10(+8) (rad·s)/T Zeeman displacement per 1Gs, Z=4.66885·10(-3) 1/(m·Gs) Magnetic quantum flux, F0=2.06785·10(-15) Wb Rest energy of neutron, En=939.5731 MeV Rest energy of proton, Ep=938.2796 MeV Rest energy of electron, Ee=0.5110034 MeV Atomic and nuclear physics Rydberg constant, R=2.07·10(+16) 1/s Rydberg Ry=2.179874·10(-18) J Planck's constant, h=6.6262·10(-34) J·s Planck's constant, h^=1.05459·10(-34) J·s Fine structure constant, a(-1)=137.03597 Bohr magneton, Mb=9.2741·10(-24) J/T Nuclear magneton, Mn=5.0508·10(-27) J/T Compton wavelength of electron, Lc=2.426·10(-12) m Compton wavelength of electron, Lc^=3.86159·10(-13) m Classical electron radius, r=2.81794·10(-15) m First Bohr radius, r1=5.29177·10(-11) m g-factor of electron g/2=1.00115966 Circulation quantum, h*=3.636945·10(-4) (J·s)/kg
  • 3. Josephson relation, 2e/h=4.835939·10(+14) Hz/V Off-system units 1 year = 3.11·10(+7) s 1 atm = 101.325 kPa 1 bar = 100 kPa 1 mm Hg = 133.3 Pa 1 cal = 4.18 J 1 A` = 10(-10) m 1 a.m.u. = 1.66·10(-27) kg 1 l·atm = 101.3 J 1 eV = 1.60219·10(-19) J 1 un. SGSE = 3.333·10(-10) C 1 erg = 10(-7) J 1 din = 10(-5) N 1 carat = 2·10(-4) kg 1 X (iks) = 10(-13) m 1 light year = 9.463·10(+12) km 1 parsec = 3.08·10(+13) km