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Abiquo presentation about Cloud Computing and AbiCloud for the Barcelona Enterpreneurs Day 2009

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  1. 1. Cloud Computing?
  2. 2. Traditional server 1 server machine 1 application Virtualization Cloud Computing 1 server machine multiple virtual servers 1 application on each virtual server 1 cloud multiple virtual servers multiple applications & multiple networks multiple storage
  3. 3. Traditional server Individualized Virtualization management Cloud Computing Global management
  4. 4. Traditional server Pay per Virtualization machine Cloud Computing Pay as you go “only what you use & need”
  5. 5. Cloud Computing is a technology that allows converting IT infrastructure into a Service (IaaS)
  6. 6. Main Cloud advantages Faster Infinite time to scalability market Lower IT Business costs Agility
  7. 7. Let’s create a new service!!!!!!! “…For the new service we need: -Buy New Hardware -New software licenses -New network devices -Look for room in the DC -Backups -More power efficiency -Refrigeration -Train the team -Support 24x7 -Availability 99.99% …
  8. 8. Let’s create a new service!!!!!!! … and I want it done for TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
  9. 9. ...now let’s see how would be in Cloud... “…We hire Amazon, We pay for the time we use the servers, the bandwidth consumed and the public IP used.”
  10. 10. ...now let’s see how would be in Cloud... “…and you have it TODAY!”
  11. 11. People doesn’t want to pay for “machines”, want to pay for services.
  12. 12. AWS Services Main points •Simple concept (it doesn’t mean it’s easy) •Flexible •Pay per use. There is no initial investment •There is no commitment to stay •Complete self-service
  13. 13. Who is offering this service now? Public IaaS = Public Clouds
  14. 14. If we want to leave AWS and use another Cloud provider services, ¿can we?
  15. 15. Yes, but you have to adapt to each cloud provider features.
  16. 16. So…. ¿do I have to “get married” with AWS?
  17. 17. … a little bit, YES.
  18. 18. Cloud solutions are propietary Propietary solutions Based in open source solutions… … but users cannot access the underlying open source solutions Without control in product roadmap ¿what happens with my data? ¿Does it not exist the portability “concept”?
  19. 19. ¡I should have known this before!
  20. 20. Software to built IaaS Platforms
  21. 21. Software to built IaaS Platforms • Built your own private cloud or … • …if you are a hosting provider, you can resell the cloud service using standard cloud software • Enable inmediate scaling in your company • Be able to have pre-production environment in minutes • Adapt your infrastructure to your business needs
  22. 22. One-click Easy Quick
  23. 23. If I want to use another Cloud Platform, could I?
  24. 24. Yes, but among cloud providers using the same platform
  25. 25. has in roadmap to allow the interoperability between different Cloud Platforms (AWS, Gogrid, Abiquo…) No vendor lock-in
  26. 26. Cloud Computing Converts Infrastructure into a Service Public Clouds Cloud Software Offer the Infrastructure Offer the software to as a Service convert IaaS
  27. 27. the open source cloud company www.abiquo.com community.abiquo.com www.slideshare.net/abiquodocs Helena Torras - htorras@abiquo.com