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Helios Solutions is the only Indian IT sourcing company which sees your relationship with us as equally vital to the success of our outsourcing partnership as our development skills. We focus exclusively on the European market and employ native European Project Managers to bridge the cultural and communication gap and ensure your outsourcing experience to India is the same as if you were working with a European partner.

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Indian IT outsourcing company

  1. 1.  WordPress: It is an open source technology, mainly used as a blogging tool and has proven to be best for content management system (CMS). It is based on MySQL and PHP that typically runs on web hosting service.
  2. 2. We at Helios Solutions suggest this technology as it is free and it can be specially modified as per the requirements of the project. It possesses a robust architecture; it is very flexible and thus is an influential publishing stage. freelance Wordpress India, Wordpress specialist India, outsourcing Wordpress India
  3. 3. Drupal: An open source platform that is also known as a CMF (Content Management Framework), which is majorly prepared in PHP. It is licensed under the GNU GPL.
  4. 4. Helios Solutions boast of having a huge in- house team, which specialises in custom- made Drupal projects. With the experience of working for more than 5 years on Drupal, we can give the best and cost effective service to our partners. outsourcing Drupal India, Drupal specialist India, freelance Drupal India
  5. 5.  Magento: It is also an open source e-commerce web application. This is a great help to the developers among the open source society. It was developed by taking Zend Framework as its base. Magento utilizes the EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) database model to stock up the data. The only free version available is the Magento Community Edition.
  6. 6. Since 2008, Helios Solutions has been engaged in developing projects in this technology. It is indisputably the best e- commerce building platform for standard sized online shopping carts. freelance Magento development, outsourcing Magento India, Magento specialist
  7. 7. VirtueMart: It is an open source e- commerce solution specifically designed for the content management systems. It is marked in PHP and needs the MySQL database for space.
  8. 8. We at Helios Solutions have experienced VirtueMart developers to provide complete array of advanced services, which is customised according to the requirement of the client. With our expert team of VirtueMart developers we assist in building your shopping cart web-site.  Outsourcing virtuemart , freelance virtuemart, virtuemart specialist
  9. 9. OpenCart: It is also an open source platform. The best solution for e-commerce shopping cart building based on PHP..
  10. 10.  With highly proficient programmers at Helios Solutions, who concentrate in OpenCart development, can provide best solutions for your projects. With several years of experience and project development, we can assure you the best results for your e- commerce shopping cart  Outsourcing OpenCart India, freelance OpenCart, ecommerce OpenCart, OpenCart specialist
  11. 11. CodeIgniter: It is the best framework for rapidly developing good web applications. It is used to make dynamic web-sites along with PHP.
  12. 12. At Helios Solutions we consider that the CodeIgniter platform is the finest framework for building small and standard range apps. We have been working on this technology for the past 4 years now. And have specialised the art of providing customised solutions to our clients. outsourcing codeigniter framework India, freelance codeigniter framework
  13. 13. Contact us Helios Solutions 802 Iskon Atria II, Gotri Road , Baroda. Gujarat. India. Phone +91 265 653 5602 +91 98250 96949 Email: