Assignment 16: Group Planning
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Assignment 16: Group Planning



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Assignment 16: Group Planning Assignment 16: Group Planning Presentation Transcript

  • Group Planning Members:Russvictoria Monocillo 7414 Abigail Menzies 7411 Nicole Lewis 7395
  • MembersRussvictoria Monocillo Abigail Menzies Nicole Lewis7414 7411 7395
  • She texts her best friend ‘Hey I’m at the Timeline Turns the next page park, do you and has a flashback of want to come Looks through the book to the girl touching her meet me’ and the first image and gets a bruises and covering gets a quick flashback. them up with reply saying she makeup. End of theGirl is walking is busy. flashback.into the park. There is no reply and the girl gets impatient. Girl takes a deep Flashback of her breath, rubs her sliding down the door eyes and texts her crying and her mother second friend. She gets teary eyed and yelling ‘open this God She finds a throws her phone in her Using ellipsis to damn door. I am your bench, sits down bag and takes out her speed up time 2 mother and you will and looks around sketch book. hours. listen to me.’ End of the park. flashback.
  • Timeline Shot of her front door. Shot of her. She rushes to Shot of her front door. pack up her Shot of her taking a stuff. Getting off the bus deep breath. Shot of her puttingChecks the Getting on her key in the lock.time. 4:15 the bus. Sees her at the Checks her watch bus stop. again. 4:35. She’s late. Has a flashback of her Eyes go all red. running down the stairs . Sitting on the bus. Mother shouting ‘Where ever your going, make sure you get your arse back here by 4:30 before I.’ The door slams shout before she finishes. End of the flashback.
  • Genre and Purpose What is the genre/subgenre?Drama What is the purpose of your film/opening sequence?To build up the tension and leave the audience wondering why she needsto get home so quickly.
  • Genre ConventionsConventions you are applying in Use/develop or challenge? Similarities/difference to real filmsopening sequence` How? Why?Centred around family Use- the opening sequence is set in the Poker House, My Sister’s Keeper main character’s house and is a victim of domestic abuseReal life situations that people Use- the main character faces real life Precious, Pursuit of Happiness,can relate to situations such as feeling neglected by Freedom Writers friendsEnding of a friendship Use - Two friends or a group of friends Cyber Bully end up falling out which leads to somebody in their group getting depressed.Dark colours Use – Dressing the character in dark Twelve colours.
  • Target Audience (A)Audience Elements ExplanationAge 15 and over.Gender Mainly females. The target audience will be mostly females as females will be more emotionally connected with the story line and the genreRace/Ethnicity Every ethnicityLocation United Kingdom. Small minority of the United States of America.Social Class Mainly middle class. As the characters in the film are middle class and middle class audience will be able to relate to the lifestyle of the characters.Interests/Hobbies Like teenage drama Like family drama Fascinated by real life drama. Had similar issues in their lives. Wanted to know how their issues was being portrayed in the lime light.Social Group Youths in emo/goths subculturesSexuality Mainly Straight. Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual.Profession/role Students, mother, fathers,
  • Target Audience (B)1. Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the idea/plot?Because if they can relate to what is happening in film they would want to see how theirissue is being portrayed in the media.2. Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the form?Since our film would use various camera shots and angles our film could be used as anexample to help future media students.3. Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the genre andconventions?They would be familiar with the conventions as automatically ‘real life situations’ wouldcome under the drama genre.
  • Uses/Gratifications Theory Our target audience may watch our opening sequence for many different reason:Information Entertainment Personal Identity Integration and social interaction• To teach • To escape their • For a model od • Able to connect with the themselves about problems behaviour. The film family and friends the effects of • For emotional release will show them how • Having substitute for real domestic abuse (especially young not to behave towards life companionship.• To see how females) others. domestic violence • Getting cultural and • To gain insight on your is portrayed in the seeing how different self. media. everything is in another culture.
  • BBFC RatingOur film would be rated 15 15 Standards How you are meeting standards in your film Strong language can be used Mild language is used not strong language String violence can be Our film focuses more on the after effect of included but the infliction of domestic violence rather than the infliction of it pain or injury shouldnt be dwelled on
  • Narrative style/structureA) Type: Linear/ non linearThe narrative structure is non linear as there is a flashback in the middle ofthe opening sequence.B) Structure: (beginning of story, establishing character, teaser, flashback etc)The opening sequence in our film would be categorised as the beginning of the story.It establishes the setting and includes a flashback scene.
  • TimeHow is time presented? (stretch, ellipsis etc.) Why? In our opening sequence, we are using ellipsis which states the time our character is in and what she is doing without showing the whole process. For example, when our character is packing her bag away and running to the bus stop, ellipsis would be used instead of showing every movement she would have to go through.
  • Narrative theoryNarrative theory Is it applied or not How?Cameron Cameron’s theory of modular narrative is applied as there are three flashbacks in our film opening sequencePropp We applied two characters from Propps theory which are the hero and the villain.
  • EnigmasEnigmas created How WhyWhy is the girl’s friend Abrupt text. No reply.ignoring her.Why does girl have scars Having scars on her arm To hide them.and bruises that she is and covering them up.covering with make upWho is this person Only hearing the persons To create a sense of mystery.shouting at the girl voice and not seeing them.Why is girl so scared to Having her hesitant ofenter her house going home.
  • CharactersSocial group represented How WhyEmo
  • ActorsWho is acting? Actor after applying make upRussvictoria Monocillo 7414 to create a emo characterAvailability?Available most days Actor dressed normally
  • Costume/propsActor: Russ Ripped tights Dark make up to create bruises Headphones Dark clothing
  • LocationsLocation Name and How to get there Access to location. Photos of LocationWhat For Open/Close/ PublicName of location: Walk PublicAshmore road ParkUsed for:The park scene.
  • LocationsLocation Name and How to get there Access to location. Photos of LocationWhat For Open/Close/ PublicName of location: 2 members have to CloseNicole’s Bed take the bus to the location.Used for: 1 member doesn’tThe flashback in the need to gobedroom when anywhere.covering scars.
  • LocationsLocation Name and How to get there Access to location. Photos of LocationWhat For Open/Close/ PublicName of location: Bus then walk PublicOn the BusUsed for:The bus stop scene.
  • Risk AssessmentTasks Possible risk involved in tasks Actions to prevent harm to health or safetyFilming in unknown Might get lost Film in familiar placeslocationTravelling to filming May forget filming equipment on public Always have film equipment near you so youlocations transport don’t forget itInterviewing people for May not comply or want to be involved Ask permission firstfilmingFilming underage (below May need adult permission Film those 16 and over16) peopleFilming anyone Against their privacy Film people you knowHealth of group Spending too long outside could cause Film when the weather is decent if you cantmembers when filming them to get a cold then ensure everyone wears suitable clothingInterviewing the public They may not comply and feel ask Interview people you knowfor filming question goes against their privacyInterviewing an expert They would take up too much time giving Interview people you knowfor filming their opinionType of areas (how safe Filming in a unsafe area could mean a Film in safe, known areasare the) higher chance of robberyTime of day Low quality footage if filmed at night Film during dayUsing technology Equipment can break if not treated Be gentle with equipment(filming) equipment delicately
  • Music/SoundCars driving by: slamming:
  • Script
  • Script
  • Script
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Shot listType of shot Description Prop/Costume neededLong shot Girl is walking up the road to the park Dark clothing, bagExtreme close up Camera focuses on girl’s hand as she opens park gate Black nail polishLong shot Girl closes gate behind her and walks into parkMid shot Camera pans and follows girl as she walks over to the benchPoint of view Girl looks around park then takes out phone to text Mobile phone friendMid shot Girl waits for reply from her text Mobile phoneMid shot Side view of girl waiting for reply, she gives up and puts phone awayClose up Girl puts down phone and picks up journal JournalOverhead Girl opens journal and looks through itClose up Camera focuses on drawingOverhead Girl flashbacks to herself running up the stairsMid shot Girl runs to her bedroom
  • Shot list continued..Type of shot Description Prop/Costume neededLong shot Girl slams her bedroom door then slides down door cryingOverhead Girl continues looking through the journalClose up Camera focuses on drawing againMid shot Girl reminisces to herself tying up her hair and Beanie hat, mirror looking at her bruisesOver the shoulder Girl uses make up to cover scars and bruises Dark clothing, make up kit, mirrorOverhead Girl is still looking through journalPoint of view Girl looks at time realizes its 4.15 and has flashback Watch, to earlier that dayLong shot Girl runs down stairsLong shot Girl continues running down stairsLong shot As girl is running down stairs she hears her mum telling her to be home by 4.20Point of view Its now 4.16, girl is late so she quickly packs up belongings
  • Shot list continued..Type of shot Description Prop/Costume neededMid shot Girl packs away her belongings and gets up Mobile phone, journalWide shot Camera pans and watches girl as she leaves the parkWide shot Girl is by bus stop waiting for the bus and looks at Watch time againMid shot Girl taps oyster card and gets on bus Oyster cardMid shot Girl’s sitting on the bus, she looks out window then Watch checks time againPoint of view While walking off the bus, girl looks at time and Watch realizes it 4.30Wide shot Camera pans and follows girl’s movement as she walks homeLong shot Girl pushes gate to her house and walks towards houseClose up Camera focuses on girl’s facial expressionPoint of view Girl looks at door then looks at time againClose up Girl takes deep breathe then puts key into key hole, Keys film opening ends.
  • Group meeting recordDate People Agenda Targets (outcome of Due Dates Attended (points to discuss) meeting) /Deadlines19/02/13 Everyone Completing the Planning for 28/02/13 preliminary planning preliminary is now complete Everyone Meeting with teacher Now have a solid idea about individual ideas of our draft 1 for opening sequence1/03/13 Everyone Discussing who’s 7/03/13 doing what for the research and planning6/03/13 Everyone Changing the idea of Change of location and 13/03/13 the opening sequence narrative of opening sequence8/3/13 Abigail Completing Shotlist Shotlist is complete Nicole for opening sequence
  • Long Term Planning
  • Long Term Planning
  • Long Term Planning
  • Short term planningDay and Time Filming what scene? Travel EquipmentSat March 9 Indoor flashback scene Bus then walk •Camera •Tripod •Storyboard •Shot list •Script •Make up bag •Dark clothing •MirrorSun March 10 Park scene Bus and walking •Camera Bus stop scene •Tripod Running home scene •Storyboard •Shot list •Script •Journal •Watch •Mobile phone