The Direct Selling Entrepreneurial Mindset        We can observe that the richest people in each country are almost always...
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The direct selling entrepreneurial mindset


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The Direct Selling Entrepreneurial Mindset

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The direct selling entrepreneurial mindset

  1. 1. The Direct Selling Entrepreneurial Mindset We can observe that the richest people in each country are almost alwaysentrepreneurs. What business is low in capital but high in hope---how long? We all knowthat there are three usual ways to start a business. The traditional route is pro capital. First, you setup a fund to cover the first 6months of rent, because there is still no flow of revenues. Then, add in the cost of airconditioners, office renovation, furniture and fixtures, computers, some supplies,brochures to be printed in bulk, etc. furthermore, there is the payroll plus credit termsnormally extended to and expected by some of your customers. Before you know it, yoursavings and those your partners are already depleted and there isn’t enough cash tooperate the business. The 2nd alternative does not need big capital. You can operate a small mom & popstore, a.k.a. sari-sari store. This setup might do the job for you but the hours are long andthe market is limited only to your neighbor. Also, you will literally become prisoner ofyour own store everyday because such a business is meant to be a one-man, low overheadcost operation. You will probably get by, as long as you keep the list of credit customersshort. The 3rd option is to have an independent direct sales distributorship business. Youmight have been doing this already-you know, buying and selling things on your own-except this time, you have brought it to the next level of professionalism by being part ofa bigger picture, a legitimate direct sales company. The great thing is that it is easy toundertake a direct sales business venture. There are no barriers to entry except yourattitude, belief system and commitment level. The direct sales business has made millionaires out of seemingly ordinary people.You get paid for what you are truly worth and not what the job is worth. It’s yourballgame and the ball is in your hands. You can choose what you want to be, how muchyou want to earn, or how much time you want to spend. And direct sales promote long-term relationships with your customers making it sustainable business with a mission.