THE BUCKET LIST    1. What are my feelings about death and dying?        As a human being, I fear death but death is inevi...
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The bucket list


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The Bucket List

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The bucket list

  1. 1. THE BUCKET LIST 1. What are my feelings about death and dying? As a human being, I fear death but death is inevitable. And dying is when aperson is at the edge of death. I feel afraid because it is when you are already leaving thepeople you love and live your life with. I feel so sad about death and dying but still thereis no other way but to accept this thing because everything has an ending. 2. Do I fear death? As a person, it is normal to fear death. Although many people fear death, it is certainto come. I quote the saying of Paroh, “anyway death is a part of living.” 3. Can I face death without fear? How? Yes. I won’t be afraid by accepting God as my personal savior. Death is only physicaland I know that I will live eternally with God as what He had promised. 4. Are you comfortable ministering to someone facing death? What makes you uncomfortable? As a Christian, I am comfortable as it is my opportunity to lead that dying person tothe knowledge of grace to salvation. It is uncomfortable for me if the dying one can nolonger open his mouth and talk because he could no longer repeat after my prayer ofsalvation as one of the requirements. 5. How can we relate to a dying person? We must quickly explain to him the love of God for the salvation of his soul. For me,while that person is alive, I will do my best to make him/her happy before his/her death. 6. How did the characters in the movie deal with loss and grief? The two characters who are suffering from cancer face it with strength and happiness.They became best friends and they made a bucket list. It is a list wherein they wanted todo before their death comes. They so sky diving, power s Shelby Mustang around aracetrack, gazes at the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and discover the joy in their lives beforeit’s too late. They fulfilled the bucket list together and I can say that they do have a happyending. 7. What is inside your bucket list? 1. To avail the saving grace of God and eternal joy with Him. 2. To be with my family all the remaining days of my life. 3. To cruise and trip around the world with my family. 4. To have the feeling of satisfaction in everything I do. 5. To watch my favorite movies with the one I love.