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I am legend   elements
I am legend   elements
I am legend   elements
I am legend   elements
I am legend   elements
I am legend   elements
I am legend   elements
I am legend   elements
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I am legend elements


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Key elements
  • 2.  I am legend is a drama, sci-fi thriller that was released in 2007 starring Will Smith. It follows the story of Robert Nevilles (Will Smith) journey after a plague wipes almost the entire human race and transforms survivors into monsters. The story line shows Neville struggle valiantly to find a cure.
  • 3. •Mise en scene is one of the elements that carries this film to success. The scenery,props and costume are used so effectively and precisely to create such suspense toleaving the audience anticipating what comes next. As the whole film is based on theend of the world, the director clearly shows through scenery, the equilibrium at thebeginning of the film and end, as shown below:
  • 4. Even through this poster, the characterscostume consists of dark light weightcasual clothing which emphasises hisreadiness and hints upcoming action.Satchels are usually worn for whensomeone is going on a journey, so hissatchel across his chest shows he isprepared.The background image consists ofdestructed buildings and a orange/yellowmisty sky which symbolises doom, deathand horror. There is also a contrast of abright light near the characters leg andrandom growth of plants on the concretewhich could highlight a possible sign ofhope.
  • 5.  There a range of camera shot used through-out the film to create emphasis on scenery and the environment. This is shown through establishing shots and panning shots. There are also many close-ups to emphasise the main characters facial expressions and emotions.
  • 6.  Not much editing is found in this film that you will find in others but I did notice in the trailer there were a lot of fade’s both in and out.
  • 7.  A lot of the time when there is no dialog, you can hear tense music hinting upcoming action or a fright. This keeps the audience on the edge of the seat and builds suspense.
  • 8.  All of these elements come together perfectly to create an artistic whole. The film received four nominations for the visual effect society awards.