Laptop tips and tricks


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These three tips should be sufficient enough to keep your laptop running for a long time. Should you choose to make money from your laptop, at least you won't have any problems with it getting sold because there will be no defects.

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Laptop tips and tricks

  1. 1. Laptop Tips and Tricks Let the Magic Begin!
  2. 2. Laptops are like humans. Both of them have moodswings and you cant expect them to be consistent all the time.
  3. 3. Sometimes, laptops just slow down for no reasonand sometimes, the battery just dies. Its hard tobe consistent with work because youre focusingon just maintaining your laptop. Its hard because ifsomething goes wrong, youll be forced to buyreplacement laptop parts, which can be costly.
  4. 4. Before that happens though, there are some preventive measures you can take tomake sure you dont buy any replacement laptop parts.
  5. 5. Handle the DC Jack With Care• The DC jack is the laptops link to immortality. Without it, thered be no laptop at all! It allows us to charge our laptops wherever we go, and for that, we should always be thankful.• Some people choose to neglect that privilege though. They can be very sloppy when handling their laptops. People just plug in and out of the DC jack.• If the DC jack of the laptop is mishandled, the connecting joints inside that are connected to the motherboard can break. When that happens, the motherboard can get damaged, which is something you dont want to happen.• Always handle it with care and if you break your charger, use an original one so there are no compatibility issues.
  6. 6. Dont Place It in Foam• The great thing about laptops is that we can bring them in bed. We can place it by our side and when were feeling sleepy we can just close it and put it beside us. The convenience is great, but youre neglecting the health of your laptop.• Normally, laptops have some sort of ventilation at the bottom and by placing it on a soft surface, such as a bed, youre blocking the airflow. When that happens, heat builds up and damages parts. You may notice that if you use your laptop in bed for at least an hour, it gets very warm. Dont make that mistake again!• If youre going to use your laptop in bed, place it on a laptop deck, big book or some other hard surface. That way, adequate ventilation is assured.
  7. 7. No Liquids Around You• Most of the time, we like to bring a glass of water or some other drink beside us and our laptop. This is one sure fire way to kill your laptop!• No matter how much we say to ourselves that we are more nimble than the worlds greatest pickpocket, if our minds slip, our laptop goes up in smoke.• The best way to prevent any liquid from spilling on your laptop is to keep everything away from the laptop. If youre going to do that, put your drinks away on a separate table so that when they spill, it wont drip into your laptop.
  8. 8. CONCLUSIONThese three tips should be sufficient enoughto keep your laptop running for a long time.Should you choose to make money fromyour laptop, at least you wont have anyproblems with it getting sold because therewill be no defects.