Music Magazine Evaluation


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Music Magazine Evaluation

  1. 1. MMR Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. The masthead is bold and I have used a puff on my front cover to encourage readers tolarge in the top left third to purchase my magazine believing that they are getting more for theirgain reader interest. It is in money.a similar font and style to I have used an acronym as mythe magazine NME. This magazine name similar tobold font has a very NME magazine. MMRmasculine connotation meaning Monthly Musicresulting in gaining further Review is again similar to themale interest. NME acronym, meaning New Musical Express. The acronymI have included cover lines I have used tells the reader towhich feature the name of which genre my magazine is. Ibands in which my targeted have also ensured I have theaudience would know, to acronym meaning written ongain interest. I have also the magazine for reference.featured a cover linereading the main story in alarger font to gain reader The model is placed on a whiteinterest. This is also background in the right thirdfeatured on plenty of other ensuring no attention is divertedexisting magazines from the model. The model is dressed in casual indie fashioned clothes to demonstrate what type The three piece colour scheme containing black of music this magazine and white with one contrasting colour is a represents. convention often used with many magazines. The bar code is placed in the Mine consisted of a burgundy red, black and bottom right third so it is more white which give a masculine feel. discrete and not easily seen.
  4. 4. I have given my readers a Many magazines use the very stereotypical title of the contents asmusic index so they can see contents, I however challenged this calling it MMR this weekwhich pages their favouritebands are featured on, I think I added a small story tothis gives an extra feature to give the contents page amy contents as it allows the bit of flavour to what thereaders to scan through and rest of the magazine isfind their favourite bands going to be about andquickly. encourage my audience to read on.Often on contents pages you findmany images, I however I have divided mychallenged this convention by just contents up into sectionsplacing one image on the to make it easier for mycontents page. The model is also reader to find what theyholding a guitar demonstrating are looking for. This is athe genre of the magazine convention used by NMEthrough the props used in the magazine.image. I have again proceeded to use the three colourUsing the subscription scheme throughout myinformation box on the magazine ensuring that itcontents helps encourage the looks consistent.readers to subscribe to themagazine. I made sure this I highlighted a feature ofbox was in a larger font to gain I have used slight puns in my contents to No.1 Best Gig Guidereaders attention. make the stories more interesting because I thought my encouraging my audience to read them. readers would like this.
  5. 5. Usually I have used two different fonts on the You often find a puff on a doublemagazines place title of my double page spread, I am page spread advertising othermore on the developing on the convention of interviews. However I decided notimage than just having just one font in the title. to do this as it gives more room forthe name of the the interview.model, I haveused a full size I used more fonts onimage of my this page as Imodel which is thought it wouldtaking up the make it morewhole page and interesting for theonly placing the reader. It alsomodels name on emphasisesit. Therefore I am elements of thechallenging this page that I want theconvention. reader to recognize.My model ispictured putting I have used a largerhis middle finger letter to symbolise theup as the readers beginning of awill be able to paragraph which is arelate to this very conventionalemotion. It also I ensured to use the page number and the MMR symbol feature. I have added toreflects the this by using a at bottom right third of the second page, along with thepersonality which alternative font and date of the magazine to keep with the very widely usedis demonstrated in convention. I did this as I believe it makes it easier for the colour than the body ofthe interview. the text. reader to know where the article is for future reference.
  6. 6. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  7. 7. The model on the front cover would promote the interestof white, middle class males which what my magazine isaimed at. The social and fashion group my magazine isaimed at is ‘Indies’ which is what I tried to demonstrate onmy front cover. My model is also holding a guitar whichwill grab the attention of any music lover. My magazinecover is very stereotypical and supports the dominantideas about my social group, but I feel this would work inmy benefit as the audience will know instantly that thismagazine is aimed at them. My model is wearing a‘Ramones’ t-shirt which is the name of an old rock bandthat my target audience would know and listen to. The t-shirt is also from H&M which is where my targetedaudience shop again they would have either seen or havethe t-shirt. I have positioned my model with the guitar onhis leg and showing a relaxed and easy-going approachwhich again represents my target audience. Thishowever, wouldn’t appeal to the majority of ethnicminorities due to the relaxed approach and the type offashion which I have demonstrated. I have used aburgundy red for my main colour scheme which is a moremasculine colour, it also isnt a stereotypical red whichwill inspire my audience as they believe in originality.
  8. 8. Who would be the audience for your media product?
  9. 9. Consumer Profile:Age: 16-25Sex: MaleClass: Working - Middle classWorking Status:: StudentHobbies: Socialising with friends, going oninternet, playing music, playing in a band, goingto parties, smoking.Musical Interests: Indie, 60s and 80s bandsand music, Acoustic Alternative, Rock, Unsignedbands.Likes: Vintage, being unique, retro, photography,art, music, culture, tattoos, ear stretchers.Media Consumer: TV, films, magazines,independent films, social networking sites,photography, posters.Ambitions: Dont really know what they want todo, living for the here and now, maybe become amusician.
  10. 10. MMR is targeting males from 16 to around 25 year old, whom are most likely to be students. I have kept an ideal character profile as I made the features of my magazine. Keeping my targetaudience in mind, I chose to use a sand serif, large and bold fonts throughout my front cover, contents page and double page spread. These, I found, attracted my male audience as the lettering looks wide and masculine compared to scripted or serif fonts. Although I used various fonts within my different pages, all the text on both the contents and font cover are in capital letters, giving a feeling of urgency and excitement making my magazine more eye-catching, whilst attracting my targeted audience. The burgundy red colour scheme is a similar one used in both NMEand Q, which are very successful music magazines. Unlike these same genre existing magazines, I tried to make my magazine appeal to the younger audiences as well. NME appeals to a slightly older generation of men with a musical interest of both rock and indie music. The cover lines and bands within this magazine both indicate an indie rock genre.
  11. 11. How did you attract/address your audience?
  12. 12. My magazine attracts the MMR uses the model on the cover to sell the productyounger generation of indie through the style of clothing and the prop of themusic lovers as it uses the prop guitar used. These both represent the indie style toof the guitar and the indie the audience demonstratinglooking model to relate to them. that there is an indie genre.From the indie style presentedon the front cover model youcan make the necessary By using quirky cover linesconnotations towards the indie such as no more silence andgenre. This is similar to NME as no more roads make theit presents an indie styled audience want to purchasemodel on the cover along withminimal cover lines about the magazine because thesebands within that genre of are both subject in which mymusic. They have the title in the audience would know aboutsame place which is eye- and would be able to makecatching and the cover lines are reference to. This also giveseen in a similar font. They also the readers an indication touse a similar colour scheme of what the magazine includes, Ibalck, white and red. feel this would be a good selling point as it attracts the audience via their interest in the subject, suggesting that this magazine will be of The white background makes the magazine interest to them. features stand out and gives a good contrast between the colours shown on the magazine.
  13. 13. The contents page holds a The different features ofmusic index which will the magazine areattract my audience as it partitioned separately tomakes it easier for them to provide an easy and directfind and read up on their way for the audience toparticularity favourite bands. find what they are lookingThis is a very useful and for. This would attract thehandy convention for this audience as it is easier toreason, and it also shows find their specific wantsthe variety of bands the than to have to flickissue beholds. through the whole magazine to find them. ItThe minor story in the also highlights the mainmiddle of the page gives the page that the magazineaudience a taster of what feels would be the bestthe magazine is going to be page for the reader tolike. This would also view at the bottom of theencourage the audience to page. This makes theread on and find out more reader believe thisinformation, providing a very magazine is for them.useful and informativeconvention.The option to subscribe to the magazine is written in white in contrast against a burgundybackground, not only making the writing stand out, but indicating to the audience that thisparticular offer is good, attracting the audience to the magazine as they believe it is good value formoney.
  14. 14. The image I have The second type of handwriting font used on this I have used a pullused for my double page again reflect the non seriousness of the quote to sum up thepage spread is one interview, it dilates the lack of urgency reflected in interview in aof the model putting the bold capitals and makes it more fun and easy sentence grabbingup his middle finger. going. the readers eye andThis gesture reflects urging them to readthe tone of the on. For this I usedinterview, suggesting the quote Ill do myit is relaxed, however best in 2012 but noit also demonstrates matter what, I willthat the audience will somehow fuck it able to relate to This quote shows tothis interview urging my audience that thethem to read on. interview is relaxed and easy going withThe use of the the use of taboocapital letter at the language, thisstart of each attracts the audienceparagraph not only as they can relate tolinks the font used in this.the title of the pageinto the body of the I have used the models name in a white boldtext, it also connotes font, but also written in capitals letting thea fun and quirky readers know who the interview is abutfeel, attracting the instantly, attracting my audience to read thereader to the page. interview as they are familiar with the person it is about;.
  15. 15. I asked 2 boys and 2 girls of my targeted audience whether the front cover of my magazine attracted them. I found that both the boys were attracted to my magazine through the musical element, one of the girls was attracted to the front cover by the attractiveness of the model, and the last girl wasnt attracted to the cover at all because it wasnt the music genre she liked. All in all I found that my magazine attracted the right audience of a male student, for the reasons I expected.
  16. 16. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  17. 17. IPC media was created in 1968, by merging the UKs three leading magazine publishers – George Newnes, Odhams Press and Fleetway Publications. It has created over 90 magazines and they have good experience with publishing magazines. They also publish the music magazine NME which is of similar genre to my own.Bauer have been around for over 100 years andhas magazines circling around the world. It ownsover 80 influential media brands which includeKerrang and Q magazine, two very successfulmusic magazines. Although these magazines areof a different genre than the one I have created,Kerrang is made for the Rock genre and Q is for awide audience of new music, which unlike my ownmagazine, leaves them open for many differentgenres of music.
  18. 18. From this light research I have come to the conclusion that IPCwould be a good publishing company for my magazine because of its experience with the similar magazine NME in which they have been publishing for many years. However, the magazine NME is very similar to my own which could be conflicting. Although IPC has lots of experience with publishing manydifferent genres of magazines, they only have one existing music magazine demonstrating a lack of knowledge in this genre. Bauer, on the other hand, have years experience of publishing multiple successful music magazines such as Q and Kerrang. For this reason I would choose Bauer magazine to publish mymagazine as they have more experience with a variety of music genres, however they dont appear to have a indie magazinewhich shows there is a gap in their publications for my magazine. They also have a very good reputation with music magazines which will give my magazine a good reputation before it is even published. Therefore Bauer would be the most appropriate publication company for my product.
  19. 19. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  20. 20. I used a variety of softwares to complete the making of my magazine cover, contents anddouble page spread. These include: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. By this experienceI extended my knowledge in InDesign, and learnt how to use iMovie for the first time. Iproduced my final outcomes in InDesign, however I found this software hard to use andunderstand, resulting in my final outcomes not being the higher quality that I wanted them tobe. However, this software did have helpful tools which I used to produce my final outcomes.For example the boxes which are seen around the features on the magazines enabled me toensure that the texts and images where in-line on the front cover and contents, making themlook a higher standard. I used colour selection, coloured boxes, multiple fonts and sizes to givemy outcomes and more professional look and feel. I used a drop shadow on the title of mymagazine to add empathises to it, along with a outer glow around the title of the magazine onthe contents page. I used Adobe Photoshop to edit, and cut out my images seen on my frontcover and double page spread. To do this I used a variety of the pen and magic wand tool,which provided me with a clean and professional finish to my images. After cutting out myimage used on the double page spread, I placed a slight grey gradient in the background togive texture to the image. I found these softwares very useful when producing my finaloutcomes even if I struggled slightly with the InDesign software.
  21. 21. Looking back at yourpreliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
  22. 22. Looking back at my preliminary task I have discovered that I havegained the ability to make a successful magazine cover. Throughprogression and practice with Photoshop and InDesign I have beenable to successfully cut out figures, with out looking amateur, andproduce effective backgrounds, Another weakness I had with doingthe preliminary task was the unrealistic appearance of themagazine cover, I have learnt that by looking at other excitingmagazines you can ensure that your own looks professional. Withmy preliminary task I also seemed to use the use of bocks for mytext to be in, looking back I find that this looks very unprofessionaland unrealistic. It doesnt flow nicely and looks very amateur. I alsoused the same font style the whole way through which I have laterfound to be very boring. Through my prliminary task I have learnt alot about what looks professional and what doesnt. However if Ididnt do this task at first I dont believe my music magazine wouldlook as professional and realistic as I believe it does now.