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How securities are traded

How securities are traded






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    How securities are traded How securities are traded Presentation Transcript

    • How Securities Are Traded
    • BrokerageTransactions Brokerage Firms  An investor selects a broker or brokerage house by personal contact, referral, reputation. Full Service Broker  A brokerage firm offering a full range of services, including information and advice.
    •  Discount Broker  A brokerage firm offering execution services at prices typically significantly less than full-line brokerage firms. On-Line Discount Brokers
    • Types Of Brokerage Accounts Cash Account  The most common type of brokerage account in which a customer may make only cash transactions. Margin Account  An account that permits margin trading.
    • Types of Orders Market Order  An order to buy and sell at the best price when the order reaches the trading floor. Limit Order  An order to buy or sell at a specified or better price. Stop Order  An order specifying a certain price at which a market order takes effect.
    • Margin That part of a transaction’s value that a customer has as equity to the transaction. Initial Margin  That part of a transaction’s value the customer must pay to initiate the transaction, with the other part being borrowed from the broker. Initial Margin = Amount Investor Puts Up Value of the Transaction
    • Margin (Continued) Q: If the initial margin requirement is 50 percent on a $10,000 transaction (100 shares at $100 per share), what is the initial margin?
    • Margin (Continued) Maintenance Margin  The percentage of a security’s value that must be on hand as equity. Q: The maintenance margin is 30 percent, with a initial margin of 50 percent, and that the price of the stock declines from $100 to $90 per share. Calculate the actual margin?
    • Margin (Continued) Actual Margin = Current value of securities - Amount borrowed Current value of securities Margin Call  A demand from the broker for additional cash or securities as a result of the actual margin declining below the maintenance margin.
    • Margin (Continued) Q: Assume that the maintenance margin is 30 percent. If the price of the stock drops to 1. $80, 2. $66.66, check in which case investor gets a margin call from the broker. The price at which a margin call (MC) will be issued can be calculated as: Margin Call (MC) price= Amount borrowed Number of Shares (1 – Maintenance margin percentage)
    • Margin (Continued) Short Sale  The sale of a stock not owned but borrowed in order to take advantage of the expected decline in the price of the stock.