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  1. 1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP BUSINESS PLAN SARHAD PUNJAB HOTELSAssigned by: Mr. Usman A. BhattiPrepared By: ABDUL HASEEB KHAN RASHID AHSAN COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Wah Cantt 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsDescription Page NoIntroduction of business. 3Acknowledgement. 4Nature of business. 5Vision/ Mission Statement . 6Executive Summary. 7Industry Analysis. 8Description of Venture. 11Marketing Plan. 13Situation Analysis. 14Strength and Weakness of Business. 15Organizational Plan. 17Development of Management Team. 18Job Descriptions. 19Assessment of Risks. 20Financial Plan. 22Break Even Analysis. 26Conclusion. 27 2
  3. 3. Introduction of the Business: As we are the students of the subject of entrepreneurship and project ofthe subject is the necessary items according to the examination point of view. Weare very thankful to our teacher Usman A. bhatti that he provides us theopportunity to do some practical work, which helps us more than enough tounderstand the pros and cons of the real business. We have selected the businessof Sarhad Punjab Hotels, starting from one branch and after that we spread thechain of hotels throughout the main cities of the country. The basic reason is thatto start this kind of business, we want to provide some unique quality food andservices. We have unique environment for all kinds of customers, especially allkinds of divers and as well as families.Sarhad Punjab Hotels:Site: Model Town, Wah G T RoadProp: Abdul Haseeb Khan (0300-5135119) Rashid Ahsan KhanMob # 0300-5135119 3
  4. 4. Acknowledgement We are thankful to ALLHA, who is the creator of creators, His blessings enable us to complete this project. This project couldnot be completed without the assistant of our parents and our beloved teacher Mr. Usman A. Bhatti their affection and guidance gave us courage to make this project. 4
  5. 5. Nature of the Business: “Provide unique, comfortable environment and delicious andquality food and services to meets the customer’s needs by highly skilled andprofessional workforce and building long term relation.”Major contributing factors in this are:  24hrs. Services  Highly professional and co-operative Staff  Unique and quality environment.Statement of the Financing Needs: Initially business will be started with amount of 25, 00,000. Which arewhole invested by the owners, and we both are equally share of profit and loss.Confidentiality of Report: The report is confidential and the property of the partners listed above.The person to whom it is transmitted intends it only for use, and anyreproduction of any of it contents without the prior written consent of the firm isprohibited. 5
  6. 6. Sarhad Punjab hotelsVision Statement: “Committed to establish a chain of hotels throughout the country”Mission Statement: “Provide unique, comfortable environment and delicious and quality foodand services to meets the customer’s needs by highly skilled and professionalworkforce and building long term relation.” 6
  7. 7. Executive Summary: We have decided to start a business of hotels. We are two member of thistask and we are both students of business administration. For starting andestablishing any business it is very necessary that there should be complete planregarding marketing, production, operation, finance and organization. Our typeof business is partnership. We both should perform and invest equally. As weknow that every functional areas of the business are sound, so that’s why wefocused on human recourse, production and specially focused on marketingaspects. So we have a vision of starting and running the distinguish business. Ourworkforce is very specialized in different aspects of the business. Our managersare directly linked with marketing, human resource and production. So we cansay that we have a diversified workforce. As we all know that finance is the backbone of the business. So we gatherinvestment of 25, 00,000. We both invest equally in this business. Marketing is very essential source for attracting and awarding thecustomer towards the product and services. Our marketing team advertises 5weeks before the venture on different geographic FM. Channels and throughbillboards. Our target markets are all kinds of customers, like families, younggenerations and especially all kinds of drivers of different transports. We wouldproviding as much quality product and services as we could. The basic reason isthat people was frustrated with bad quality of foods and services, and no betterplace for refreshing. So we decided that we provide unique environment andquality products and services at minimal price. People encourage us to moveforward. This is the project of entrepreneurship so we have to show new andcreative in our business venture. We provide different demographic dinning hall,and also provide a big lawn and seating arrangements for the purpose of dining.We try to provide all kinds of foods items that demanded by the customers. Theenvironment is too romantic with the heart touchy music in dinning hall andopen air arrangements. Any way when we choosing the business we make a 7
  8. 8. complete schedule for it and a complete business plan for it. We have completecollaboration from both of us, invest same and enjoy profit, bear loss same. Industry Analysis 8
  9. 9. Industry AnalysisFuture Outlook and Trends:  Environmental Factors: In wah cantt, and its surroundings, like, Peshawar GT. Road peoples are wanted to that place where they have there refreshment, Quality food and Environment at minimal price. So we have a massive campaign of marketing in order to develop the awareness about our Sarhad Punjab Hotel, it is opportunity for us to develop a new business with creative ideas in future and develop the taste.  Customers: Our target markets are all kinds of customers, like families, young generations and especially all kinds of drivers of different transports. We would providing as much quality product and services as we could.Competitors Analysis: There are many indirect and direct competitor of our hotel, butthere are none in the local market that offer such a broad range of foods.Although there are a number of business of hotels in Islamabad, Rawalpindi,Peshawar and local market but they all very expenses. 9
  10. 10. Market segmentation: Our target markets are all kinds of customers, like families, young generations and especially all kinds of drivers of different transports. We would providing as much quality product and services as we could.Industry Forecasting: Industry forecasting tends to what’s the position of this industry infuture. We bother have the industry analysis and reach at that point, the hotelindustry is very big, unextinct and forever. The business is running and runningnever dies. The hotel industry trends in future are very bright and we havebelieved that we must take our part of success. 10
  11. 11. Description of Venture 11
  12. 12. Description of VentureProducts: We try to all types of foods like, especially Chicken Karahi, Bar BQ,Running Sea Food Items, and all running vegetables, Especially Demanded Dalls,Soft Drinks, Special Doodh Patti and Coffe Bar.Services: As we have quality workforce so we must try to provide quality services.Fast And timely services. Hotel will be open 24 hrs. After some time ofestablishing the business we will try to provide home delivery system. We have analso a complete marriage ceremony hall also.Size of the Business: We have a complete business plan. So according to our business plan westart business with a single hotel and after our growth, we waste our setup. Wetry to provide a chain of hotels after every 80 to 100 km.Venture Equipments and personal: We have 8 units of split air-condition, all furniture that needed, musicsystems, a fountain fresh unit, a counter P.C. Tents, Ovens, Crockery, Freezersand all the necessary things which are helpful for us. We have a quality workforce which is hired from local area.Background of Entrepreneurs: We are both the students of the COMSATS WAH CANTT and doing M.B.A(Marketing). We always find better opportunities so that’s the reasons we startsthis business. 12
  13. 13. Marketing Plan 13
  14. 14. SITUATION ANALYSISBack Ground of the Venture: The Sarhad Punjab hotel is first to provide its quality product and servicesfor this market so the basic aim of the venture is to satisfy customers needs andwants. At present no as such kind of competitors are offering such types of foodsand services with the nominal prices with unique environment. So we want totape this potential.Competitor Analysis: This hotel is having as such no competitors in wah. Green Lagoon andWah continental are hotels but they are very expensive. No doubt thesecompetitors are well established and strong but their high prices are the keypoints for the Sarhad Punjab Hotel to manipulate in their own interest, ascustomers here think them as inaccessible and highly priced. Competitors are having many years of expertise in this field as well asthem well aware the customers demand. So our strategy will be cost minimizationand verity. 14
  15. 15. Strength and Weaknesses of the BusinessStrength:  First Mover advantage.  Profitable market potential.  No as such this type of competitors.  Different verities of Foods.  Affordability.  New concept of diet foods.  On the spot Bar BQ Facility.Weaknesses:  No prior experience.  Resources not very huge.  Presence of competitors.  Less hostelling trends in local environment.Marketing Objectives and goals:  To run the business profitably.  Create more awareness for the unique hotel.  Capture the market share.  With the passage of time introducing new services like home delivery services. 15
  16. 16.  With the passage of time we expand our setup throughout the country. Marketing strategy and Action PlanProduct and Services: Initially the products and services are provided at the hotel. Specialfeatures of the product include different verities of the foods according tocustomer’s popular taste and trends. Products and services are available 24 hrs due the needs of the customers,like drivers and passengers.Pricing: Special emphasis is being paid on pricing strategy as this important aspectwill be differentiate this business from its competitors and will help in capturingthe market share.Distribution: No traditional distribution channels are being used at starting the businessbut after some while we use our own distribution setup.Promotion: Being a starting business it requires a massive promotional campaign tocreate awareness among the target market. So promotional campaign will startwell before opening of the business. For this purpose we will use a massive campaign of advertising. So we use big banners for this purpose, Billboards, Advertising on FM channels like 97, 100, and 89. WE should develop the relations with drivers to stop at the Sarhad Punjab Hotel. 16
  17. 17. Organizational Plan 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. Development of Management Team This is the group of two members and work is assigned according totheir qualification and abilities. We both Invest equally and both of us activepartners in this project. We hire a quality workforce for the purpose of ourbusiness. So according to their qualification and capabilities we divide themanagement. Our managers indulge in marketing activities, some are preparingdocumentation e.g. assessment cost and etc, as for as reporting system is concerngroup is divided into four sub groups and members of these subgroups aresuppose to be report to head of the sub group.Form of Ownership: This is Partnership based business. In this business we two businesspartner. We both are the student of MBA 3rd semester.We both partner investing equally and providing equal services, so the profit orloses will distributed equal.Identification of Partners or Principals Shareholders: We are both business partners. In our business no shareholdersexist, Due to potential estimate which we both can equally invest in our business.We both all in all in our business.Customer Relationship Department: Every manger operations will be dealing the customer affairsregarding any suggestions or complaints about the services being provided by theVenture. Customers will have direct access to the manager operation at eachlevel. Customers will be having direct access through telephone and mail service. 19
  20. 20. Job DescriptionCEO: Abdul Haseeb KhanJob Description: Formulation of venture, Financial, Marketing Production and Humanresource strategies. i. Financial Manager: Rashid AhsanJob Description: Handing Cash flow and preparing financial statements. ii. Marketing Manager: Abdul Haseeb KhanJob Description: Advertisement and promotion of the venture. iii. Production Manager: xyz ( will be appointed)Job Description: Managing the overall production process of venture. iv. H.R. Manager: xyz(will be appointed)Job Description: Making teams and assigning them different task and monitoring of the venture. v. Purchase Manager: Rashid AhsanJob Description: Purchasing of raw materials and assets of the venture. vi. Workforce: Will be appointed.Job Description: Preparing foods and providing services. 20
  21. 21. Assessment of Risk 21
  22. 22. Weakness of the Business: These are weakness of our business which we find out after the SWOT Analysis.  No prior experience.  Resources not very huge.  Presence of competitors.  Less hostelling trends in local environment.Contingency Plan:  To increase the customer base and to create awareness, Sarhad Punjab Hotel will be charging its less price for their products and services for first 1 month.  If any customer has any complaint then the management will arrange the alternative.  If there will be need the specials cooks for specials dishes can be hired.  Generators will be available for any situation if electricity failed. 22
  23. 23. Financial Plan 23
  24. 24. CAPITAL REQUIREMENTSLand: 1000000Building: 1500000Total: 2500000Advertisement+ Promotional: 100,000Salaries:  15 waiters: (15 * 2000) 30000  5 cooks: (5*4000) 20,000Total Salary 50000Cost of running items: (20000*30) 600000Revenue per Day: (30000*30) 900000Revenue From extra Point: (Revenue from Marriage Hall) 100000Total Revenue Per Month: 10,00,000Total Cost:  Billing. (30000)  Salaries. (50000)  Inputs Cost. (600000) 680000Profit: 320000Tax 15% on Profit: 320000* 15%= (48000)Net Profit: 272000 24
  25. 25. 1st Year Projected Revenue and Cost Quarterly1st Quarter:Revenue 1500000Cost 1800000Loss 3000002nd Quarter:Revenue 210000Cost 200000Profit 1000003rd Quarter:Revenue 2700000Cost 2200000Profit 5000004th Quarter:Revenue 2950000Cost 2180000Profit 7200000 25
  26. 26. 2nd Year Projected Revenue and Cost Quarterly1st Quarter:Revenue 298000Cost 220000Loss 7800002nd Quarter:Revenue 3000000Cost 2300000Profit 7000003rd Quarter:Revenue 3200000Cost2400000Profit 8000004th Quarter:Revenue 3800000Cost 2800000Profit 100000 26
  27. 27. Quarters profits Accumulated investment profits1-ist qurt (300000) -300000 25000002nd qrt 100000 -200000 25000003rd qrt 500000 300000 25000004th qrt 720000 1020000 25000002-ist qrt 780000 1800000 25000002nd qrt 700000 2500000 25000003rd qrt 800000 3300000 25000004th qrt 1000000 4300000 2500000 Break-even analysis 6000000 Profit / Loss & 4000000 Investment 2000000 0 3rd 3rd qrt qrt 1-ist -2000000 2-ist qurt qrt Quarterly years Accumulated profits investment 27
  28. 28. Conclusion Sarhad Punjab Hotel will achieve its objectives. It is said that In the foodindustry the profit is double of the other industry’s profit. It is the most attractivebusiness in this locality. Return on investment is very high. On the basis of our finding we can conclude that it is one of the mostattractive business in this area and people response towards Hotels areincreasing and number of customer increases every day. 28