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  2. 2. DEDICATIONWe dedicated this report to our parents and the respectedteachers 2
  3. 3. Introduction Procter & Gamble started its operations in Pakistan in 1991 withthe goal of becoming the finest global local consumer goods companyoperating in Pakistan. With commitment came growth, and in 1994 weacquired a soap-manufacturing facility, a sprawling 7-acre land at Hub,Balochistan. Over the past nine years, the plant achieved state-of-artmanufacturing technologies and quality assurance processes. With arecent strategic investment of 5 million dollars, the bar soapproduction capacity jumped three-fold.As a company they have always believed in the potential Pakistan hasas a country and a nation to develop and excel. No wonder P&GPakistan, within the last 12 years, has reinvested over $100 million inPakistan and has contributed close to seven billion rupees to thePakistani governments revenues over the last 5 years in the form ofsales tax, customs and excise duties. That is also why 99% of the jobsthat P&G Pakistan creates in Pakistan are held by Pakistanis. All thismakes P&G a more locally involved company than many companiesactually headquartered in Pakistan.Since the inception of P&G Pakistan, they have always committedourselves to business growth, consumer satisfaction and communitydevelopment.Head & Shoulder is a shampoo that focuses on the dandruff control. Itis basically the product of Proctor & Gamble that is a multi nationalcompany. It is recognized from the England institute of research whichis the world famous institute of research. 3
  4. 4. Executive Summary In the report we choose a product for survey. Webehave our self as marketing manager of P&G productHead&Shoulder.We want to know the value of our product in peopleand how many using our product and what changes are we can do in itthrough we can satisfy our customer. For this purpose we conduct asurvey and focus on the young generation. Through this survey wefind out our prons and crons of our product. Then we compare ourproduct with other brand after we make conclusion andrecommendation to improve our product for the purpose of customersatisfaction 4
  5. 5. Segmentation and targeting 5
  6. 6. Segmentation and targetingIn this repot we chose a product that is HEAD&SHOLDER for theopinion of the people for this purpose we make a questioner anddistribute it to people and collect their opinion the questions wedistribute in people and their opinion are ass follows.Q: 1 we ask the people that what type of shampoo they are using?In the response of this question we find that 38% of them are usingHEAD&SHOLDER24% are using SUNSILK 10 % are using PANTEENand 8% are using other like soap and so on. 40% 35% 30% 25% Head&Shoulder Sunsilk 20% Panteen 15% Others 10% 5% 0% Head&Shoulder PanteenQ: 2 In second questions we ask them that are they satisfied withthis shampoo?In the respond of this question e find that 70% are satisfied and 21%are not satisfied and9% are somewhat. 6
  7. 7. 70% 60% 50% 40% Satisfied Not Satisfied 30% Somewhat 20% 10% 0% Satisfied Not Somewhat SatisfiedQ: 3 In this question we ask them why they satisfied with thisshampoo?So in the respond of this question we find that 25% of the says thatthey satisfied and this satisfaction is due to its grace ness and other57% says because of quality and others says that because of itsreasonable price. 60% 50% 40% Satisfied on Graceness 30% Satisfied on quality 20% Satisfied on price 10% 0% Satisfied Satisfied on on price Graceness 7
  8. 8. Q: 4 In this question we ask the people that from how many yearsthey are using this shampoo?In the response of this question all the people saying that they areusing this shampoo from two to three years.Q:5 In this question we ask the people about the affordability of theshampoo for the people in which 71% of them says that they aresatisfied with its price and remaining says that the price of theshampoo are not affordable for them . 80% 70% 60% 50% Satisfied 40% DisSatisfied 30% 20% 10% 0% Satisfied DisSatisfiedQ: 6 In this question we ask the people about our product which isHEAD&SHOLDER that why they are not using this product?In the response of this question 9% says that this is not affordable forthem 72% says that they are not satisfied with it and remain says thatthere is another reason. 8
  9. 9. 80% 70% 60% 50% Affordability 40% DisSatisfied 30% Other reasons 20% 10% 0% Affordability Other reasonsQ: 7 In this question we ask about the availability of this shampoo inmarket?In the response of this question 82% says that it is easily available inthe Market and other says that it is not available in the market. 90% 80% 70% 60% Available 50% Not Available 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Available Not Available 9
  10. 10. Q:8 in this question we ask that HEAD&SHOLDER is available inoriginal quality or not ?In the response of this question we find that 50% says that it isavailable in original quality and 50% says that it is not available inoriginal quality. 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% Available 25% Not Available 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Available Not Available 10
  11. 11. Q:9 In this question we ask the people about the improvement orchanging in the product then 25% of them says that there are changesrequired and other says that there is no need of improvement . 80% 70% 60% 50% Required 40% Not Required 30% 20% 10% 0% Required Not RequiredQ: 10 In this question about the flavors of the shampoo then 68%people satisfied with the current flavors but other says that there isneed of more flavors.Q:11 The question is about the expectation of this shampoo wecollect many responses in which mostly says that P&G will maintainthe quality and tried to reduce the price that all people can afford.Q12: In this question we focus our customer on the base of gender.We find that how our customers are male and female. 40% female areusing Head & shoulder and 60% male are using Head & Shoulder. Thereason of low rate of female using because they are much consciousabout their long hair. 11
  12. 12. 60% 50% 40% Fe male 30% Male 20% 10% 0% Fe male MaleQ13: In this question we focus that 80% young people are usingHead & Shoulder and reaming 13% are middle to old age andremaining 7 % are children. 80% 60% Young 40% Middle to 20% Oldage 0% Children Young Children 12
  13. 13. Q14: In this question we ask about the on what bases they are usingHead & Shoulder. We find that 20 % are using to control dandruff andremaining for silky hair. 80% 60% dandruff 40% Sikey Hair 20% 0% dandruff Sikey Hair. 13
  14. 14. Marketing Mix 14
  15. 15. Product 15
  16. 16. Level of product:We will discuss main three level of this product in this phase.1. Core product:It means that the main purpose of the product and the main purposeof this product are to shampoo hairs and finish the dandruff.2. Actual product:The second level of the product is the actual product.Packaging:The packaging of the head &shoulder is in the big and small bottle andalso it is available in the small sachet that should save it from thegerms and other environmental factors and also it used to attract thecustomers. It is available in different colors.Features:It is available in different flavors which are menthol, plain, silky black.It s core purpose is the good hair but these are the extra features thatadd the value in it and more satisfy the customer. 16
  17. 17. Design:It should be necessary that the designing of the product is accordingto the customer need and according to our view the designing of thehead &shoulder is good because it is available in family pack and alsoavailable in small pack.Quality level:The quality level of the head &shoulder is very good because when weask about the quality of this product to the customer who use it thenmost of them answer that they use this shampoo because it finish thedandruff in a few days and also it make the hair silky so we can saythat the quality of this product is good.Brand name:Brand name is according to the target segment and in this product wesegment we target the young generation and we think that the brandname of this shampoo is very well according to the segment of theproduct. 17
  18. 18. 3.Augumented product:Installation:The installation of this product is that the deliverys of this product tothe market is without any extra price which is the extra feature of thisproduct basically there is a dealer of P & G in every District level orTehseel level who deliver the product.After sale service:As such there is no after sale service so this value added feature inthis product is not included.Warranty;If this shampoo expire in the shop then there is the facility that thecompany of this product change it.Delivery and credit: 18
  19. 19. It is available on credit and deliver it where it has the demand andwhere to place it.Product classification:It ;has two main heads. • Consumer product • Industrial productConsumer product:People use this shampoo for the personal consumption. The first headof the consumer product isConvenience product:The purchase decision of this product is not taking too much timebecause it is available at low prices. Customer utilize it frequently.Shopping products:This head is not applicable on this product.Specialty products:This head is not applicable.Unsort productThis head is not applicable. 19
  20. 20. Industrial product;The head&shoulder is not an industrial product it is basically theconsumer product.Individual product decisions:This phase include the all decisions that helps us to attract ourcustomer.Product attributes:It mean the combination of the product and services. Our product isthe head&shoulder and the service of this product include the deliveryof this product to the shops and to the end customers.Branding:The brand name of this product for the target customer is goodbecause the target customer of this product is the young generationand according to this targeting the brand name is very well.Packaging:The packaging of the head &shoulder is in the big and small bottle andalso it is available in the small sachet that should save it from thegerms and other environmental factors and also it used to attract thecustomers. It is available in different colors. 20
  21. 21. Product support services:These are the extra features of the product and the extra feature ofthe head &shoulder is its free delivery to the market and also the otherfeature of the product is its expiry that its expire then companychange it .The service profit chain:The things which are coming under this phase are as followsHealthy service profit and growth:Head &shoulder provide the best services to its customers that itincreases the profit of the company and also help out in growth of thecompany.Satisfy and loyal customer:Due to the high quality of the product the company satisfies itscustomer and due to the satisfaction of the customer they can notswitch to the other company.Greater service value:The company provides the greater services as compare to itscompetitor who helps the company to increase its customer and makethe existing customer more loyal with the company. 21
  22. 22. Satisfied and productive service employees:The company can provide the best services to their employees thatthey can more productive and work hard for the organization.Internal service quality:In the internal environment of the company they can hire the moreexpert people and also trained the existing employees to make themmore productive. 22
  23. 23. New product development and product life cycle:New product development and strategies:First of all there are two persons named as proctor and gamble startthis company and started making the products. These products includeso many things and one of their product is the head &shoulder andthen make the patents of their formula of the products and then getthe license of the product then launch the original product which needthe so much improvement then improved its quality and whencustomer come towards this product then make the more brands ofthis product that customer satisfied and attract towards the head&shoulder.New product development:This include the eight steps which are as followsIdea generation:Head&shoulder is used for anti dandruff then the company think thatthere is the need of the other flavor of the shampoo which is the newidea generation.Idea screening:They have the different ideas that they start the flavor as menthol,anti dandruff with silky black and for long hair. Then from these ideasthe company selects the best idea which is the menthol. 23
  24. 24. Concept development:Then develop the concept at the place of the customer that customersatisfied from it or not. For this purpose check the concept to apply iton the group of the target customer.Marketing strategy:After the concept development define the market strategy for a newproduct .First of all check its positioning and market share and alsoprofit. Then see the market budget and also see the distributionchannel then after this we see towards the marketing mix strategiesand sales and profit goals.Product development and business analysis:Then make the projection that the product satisfy the customer andalso satisfy company objectives if yes then move to the productdevelopment stage and if no then again go towards the conceptdevelopment.Test marketing:Then in the test marketing the company uses the standard marketingthat it provide the product to all of its customers at full price thencheck the feed back. 24
  25. 25. Commercialization:If the feed back of the product is good then go for thecommercialization the advertisement of the product.Head&shoulder in the life cycle:In the product development life cycle the head and shoulder is at thelast phase of the commercialization but the different new brand of thehead and shoulder which the company started is also on the first orthe second step.Product life cycle:Head &shoulder in the product life cycle is at the place of the maturitybecause at this time the company sale is slow down and it attract thepotential buyers. 25
  26. 26. Price 26
  27. 27. Pricing product : Pricing consideration and approachesPrice : Now the current price of the head & shoulder is afford able for itscustomer and if we see the benefit in term of values which are asfollowsProduct design :The design of the bottle head & shoulder is attractive for its customerDistribution :Head&shulder has the strong distribution channel , it can be availableevery where and customer can not find out any difficulty to buying thisproduct .Promotion :Promotion of head & shoulder is also very strong ,because of theadvertisement of the it is on the large scale .Non price image:Image of head & shoulder is also very good in the market 27
  28. 28. External factors that effecting pricing decision . Market and demand:Demand of the head & shoulder in the market is very high if the priceof the head & shoulder is increase very less then it not effect to muchon its demand but if its price largely increase then it effect the demandCompetitor cost price & other :In the market the price of the head & shoulder is same as compare itscompetitors .But if it reduce its price by reducing its variable cost thenthere is more chance that many customers of the competitors movetowards it ,and also the existing customer become more satisfiedOther external factors:Pricing decision of head & shoulder is also based on other externalfactors such as economically condition which are not as muchfavorable for the company also the pricing decision based of thereseller needs .Elastic demand:The demand of head & shoulder is elastic because the small change inits price become the large change in its demand but the demand ofhead & shoulder is also inelastic for those who have brand conscious . 28
  29. 29. Pricing product pricing consideration and strategies :New product pricing strategies:Market skimming:Head & shoulder not use the concept of market skimming because of itcan not increase its price to high generate maximum revenue thereprice is stable . And if any changes come its price then its maximum two to threeincrease.Market penetration:This concept is not implemented on head & shoulder because they donot reduce the price form their competitors. The price of head &shoulder and its competitors are also same.Product line price:Product line of head & shoulder include the different brand but theprice of the entire brand is same this show that head & shoulder giveextra feature to its customers to attract the customers with out anychange in the price. 29
  30. 30. Price adjustment strategies:For the adjustment of the price make the strategies. These include sixstrategies which are the situational and we can change thesestrategies according to the condition. These strategies are as followsCash discount:Provide discount directly to retailers if it purchase the product in bulkquantity. It is a strategy adopt in the case of high market competitionand to increase market share as compare to competitor.Quantity discount:On the purchases of high volume of quantity the company reduces theprice of the product which is also the strategy for gaining the marketshare.Functional discount:A price reduction offered by the seller to trade channel members toperform certain functions such as selling, storing, record keeping suchas the proctor and Gamble provide to its intermediaries.Seasonal discount:This type of discount is not applicable on head &shoulder because itssale not depends on the season.Its sales remains constant throughoutthe year. 30
  31. 31. AllowanceProctor &Gamble use this pricing strategy to sale head &shoulder totheir retailers in response to an agreement of sale volume.Segmented pricing:Not applicable on the head&shoulder because the price of the head&shoulder remain the same throughout the country and if we see itsprice on international level then there is also a very little difference inits price.Psychological pricing:In this strategy the price of the product become the higher because ofthat the customer think that the quality of the product is also good ascompare to its price but this factor is also not implemented on thehead&shoulder.Geographical pricing strategies:Uniform delivery pricing:This strategy include that the company bear the all charges of thetransportation and proctor and Gamble also bearing the charges oftransportation and freight charges. 31
  32. 32. Zone pricing:Proctor&Gamble have the same pricing strategy on all the zones in thecountry.International pricing:This strategy include the difference in the price of a product indifferent countries and Proctor&Gamble also charges the differentprices at different countries.The price of this product which is inPakistan is different as it is in the other countries. 32
  33. 33. Distribution channels 33
  34. 34. Distribution channels and logistic managementLevels of distribution channels:A layer of intermediaries that play a role to place our provide productfrom manufacturer and customer.There are four levels of market channels which are as follows 1. Direct marketing channel In this channel the product reach from manufacturer to consumer directly. In it there is no involvement of any other intermediaries in it. In different geographical condition Proctor&Gamble deliver the product head&shoulder to their customer without involvement of intermediaries. 2. Direct marketing channel In this type of marketing channel only one intermediary involves. First of the entire retailer buy the product from the production point of Proctor&Gamble on the whole sale and then provide it to the customer. 3.Selective distributive channel: These are the distributive channel in which the product first comes to the wholesaler then from wholesaler to retailer and then retailer to customer. 34
  35. 35. 4.Intensive distributive channel: In this distribution channel the product comes form the Proctor&Gamble to the whole seller then whole seller to jobber then jobber to the retailer and then retailer to the customer.Vertical marketing system:Vertical marketing system is that system in which all the things areprovided by the company such as on their transport include the bannerof the product and also the separate placement for that product. Theconcept of the vertical marketing system is implemented on theproduct of Proctor&Gamble which is head&Shoulder.Conventional marketing system:This is that type of marketing system in which the product come frommanufacturer to wholesaler then wholesaler to retailer then retailer tocustomer. This marketing system is used by the proctor&Gamble forits product which is the head&Shoulder. 35
  36. 36. Integrated marketing communication strategy :The marketing communication mix:In marketing communication mix we will discuss the blend ofadvertisement, personal selling, sales promotion public relation anddirect marketing of head&shoulde by proctor&Gamble.Advertisement:In advertisement proctor&Gamble has been started strongadvertisement campaign of head&shoulder by using different mediachannel such as television, newspapers and magazinesPersonal selling:Proctor&Gamble also involve in personal selling through sales force toenhance sales indifferent locations and in rural areas as well.Sales promotions:Proctor &Gamble provide incentives to wholesalers and retailers topromote the sale of head &shoulderPublic relations:To increase sales level of head&shoulder P&G involve in building publicrelations with different companies.Direct marketing: 36
  37. 37. Proctor & Gamble also involve to targeted individual customer toobtain the individual response to cultivate the lasting relationship withthe customers. 37
  38. 38. Comparison:We compare our product with other brands which has same productsthat is shampoo so it find out some point that are as underFlavor:Some people like many flavors in shampoo for example in SUNSILKand PANTEEN they have at least five flavors but we are only two soour many customers switch to other product.Extra features:Other brands of shampoo has some extra feature for example dandruffcontrol and also help to long hair ,but our shampoo is only for dandruffcontrol so our female customers that are much conscious for their longhair switch to other .Price:Price is the major factor that can help to retain and attract outcustomer. our price is same to other.Quality:As well as the concern of quality our quality is good than others. 38
  39. 39. Steps in developing in effective communication 39
  40. 40. Steps in developing in effective communication: Now we are discussing how we develop the effectivecommunication for the customer.Identifying the targeted audience:First step is Identifying the targeted audience in this step theclear target of audience that we are segmented should be in mind .proctor & gamble fuscous on the young generation to sell andpromote the product P&G 40
  41. 41. Determining the communication objectives:Awareness:Proctor & gamble use the counter to aware the people about theproduct it also use the poster to create the knowledge about theproduct .Linkage :Proctor & gamble link with their customer if a customer see the posterif he inspire the poster or model then that customer buy the product itcreate the link with customer and company.Knowledge :Procter & gamble create the knowledge in consumer mind throughadvertisement and other communication medias.Preference :Proctor & gamble use the different type of advertisement for thepromotion of the product that create the attraction for customer andcustomer prefer that product .Conviction:Proctor & gamble use different type of techniques to convince thecustomer to by their product . 41
  42. 42. Purchase:After all the process the customer prefer the product and purchasethat product.Choosing Media :After identification company chose the media in which companyadvertisement.Personal communication channel :Proctor & gamble use the sales force channel to communicate withcustomer .Word of mouth influence :Procter & gamble use the media if a employ satisfied the product thenhe tell about the product that the product is good then other personbuy that product .Non personal communication channel:Proctor & gamble use the different type of media like TV, newspaper,posters, bill boards to communicate the customers. 42
  43. 43. Promotion 43
  44. 44. Promotion Mix Strategies:In promotion Mix strategies use the two type of strategiesPull strategies and second is push strategies .Pull strategies :Procter & gamble use the pull strategies for example he produce thementhol shampoo then the company advertise on different type ofchannel to create the demand , mostly consumer switch to thatproduct .Push strategies:Proctor& gamble make the large quantity of product and then themarket advertise about the product on different communicationchannel.Advertising clutter:Different ways of advertising is discussed under this phase.Television:P&G is using the television for the purpose of communication>P&Ginfact place all types of advertisement mostly on the television.Radio:The second type of the telecommunication media is the radio.But P&Gis not mostly use this media to communicate with their customers. 44
  45. 45. Magazines:Magazine is the another telecommunication media and P&G also usedthe magazine for the promotion of its products and for thecommunication with the customerNewspapers:Another type of media is the newspaper and P&G also use this type ofmedia for the communication purpose.Billboards:P&G also use the billboards for the communication purposewith theircustomer.Internet websites:This media is also used for the communication purpose the web site ofthe P&G is as followswww.pg.comMarketing plan:To establish a marketing plan the following aspects that P&G keep inmind. These are as follows 45
  46. 46. Situation analysis:To analyze the situation of the market when make the plan. Also seethe demand of the market and the geographical location.Marketing objectives:To see the objective of the market that what we want to do and whatwe are going to convey to our customers.Marketing budget:P&G see the budget of the marketing of the product and on the baseof this budget he make the strategy for their plan.Market strategy:P&G also see its market share which is nearly about to30% .It also seeits competitors and then make the strategy on the base of marketshare and on the base of competitor.Marketing tactics:P&G use different market tactics to promote its product that is anaspect of marketing plan.Evaluation:At the end evaluate it. 46
  47. 47. Conclusion:From this survey we found that there are few brands of shampoo thatare famous in the market and people want and demand of them.There are number of reasons that the people are bound to purchasethat particular brand available in the market. According to result of survey we found that near about 1/3 of thepopulation use HEAD&SHOLDER and large no of population uses otherbrands.Most of the people satisfy from the brand they are currently using, butthe no of the people are not satisfied from the quality packing andprice as well.A large no of people want to reduce in the price of family packaccording to the customer point of view it is easily available in themarket in the same price. People want innovation in these kinds ofproducts .most of the people are brand conscious .A reasonable no ofpeople are not satisfied from its quality 47
  48. 48. Recommendation:According to conclusion of survey that has been conducted werecommend as follows.  The price should be affordable.  The packing should be improved.  It should be available in different kind of packing.  Flavors should be changed.  The quality should be improved.  Strong awareness cam pain should be started that people can to understand the feature of the product.  it should available in different flavors.  It should not be harmful for eyesSome innovative features should be added 48
  49. 49. 49