Citibankn presentaion


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Citibankn presentaion

  2. 2. Principle ofManagement FINAL PROJECT
  3. 3. PRESENTED TO MR. Ejaz Hussain
  4. 4. SUBSIDISRIES OFTHE CITI GROUPGrupo Financiero BanamexCiti Commerce SolutionsCitibankCiticorp Venture Capital Ltd., Inc.Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc.CitiFinancialCitigroup Geneva Capital Strategies Inc.Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc.Citigroup Global Markets Europe LimitedCitigroup Private BankCitiMortgage, Inc.CitiStreet LLCNikko Citigroup LimitedPrimerica Financial Services, Inc.Remy International, Inc.
  5. 5. OVERVIEW
  6. 6. Another day, another dollar -- 47 million ofthem. Thats approximately what Citigroup, theworlds largest financial services firm, reaped innet profits -- that’s profits -- every single day of2004. The first domestic bank with more than$1 trillion in assets, Citigroup and its myriadsubsidiaries offer deposits and loans (mainlythrough Citibank), asset management,insurance, investment banking, and practicallyevery other retail and corporate financialservice you can think of. The company has morethan 3,000 bank branches & consumer financeoffices in the US and Canada, plus an additional1,500 locations in about 100 other countries.
  7. 7. MISSION STATEMENTCitiBanks mission is to improvethe quality of life for children,families, and the neighborhoodwhere we all live and dobusiness. We in Kenya share inthis mission and are committedto achieving it.
  8. 8. GOVERNING BODYChairman Sanford I. (Sandy) WeillCEO& Director Charles O. (Chuck) Prince IIIPresident, COO,& Director Robert B. (Bob) Willumstad
  9. 9. Company Type Public (NYSE: C)Fiscal Year-End December2004 Sales (mil.) $108,276.01-Year Sales Growth 14.3%2004 Net Income (mil.) $17,046.01-Year Net Income (4.5%) Growth2004 Employees 294,0001-Year Employee Growth 13.5%
  10. 10. v/s Pakistan Budget• Profit /Year $16 Billion• Pakistan Budget $9 Billion
  11. 11. History of World #1 Bank• Introductory Stage 16 june 1812• Total Assets $2 million• Growth Stage 1894• First Bank In Assets $1 Billion• Citibank Incorporated 1998• Highest Accounts of the world 20 Crore• Total Assets In 2004 6 Trillion
  12. 12. Citibank Pakistans Milestones of the 90s The nineties were a decade of domination and leadership for Citibank in the Pakistani marketplace and the trend continues into the new millennium.
  13. 13. 1990Consumer Bank was established.1992•Consumer Asset Business is launched.•Car Financing is introduced.•CitiGold Priority Banking is established.•CitiPhone Banking launched.1994Citibank Visa Card (Gold and Silver) islaunched
  14. 14. 1995Self-Service Banking launched.1996•Citibank, N.A. launches its Intranet Systemin April.•First bank to launch a Photo Credit Card.1997•Citibank wins over 35 awards under theEuromoney Excellence Awards. These awardsincluded "Best Bank" and "Best EmergingMarket Bank" for two successive years.•Citibank Credit Cards acquire 100,000members in less than 3 years
  15. 15. CitibankGold Credit CardThe Citibank Gold Credit Card is speciallydesigned for you, your exclusive life styleand your special needs. As a Gold CreditCard member you enjoy a higher CreditLimit and a preferred status throughout theworld. If you have a monthly income ofRs.50,000 or above, and you are a Pakistanicitizen, then you are eligible to apply for aCitibank Gold Credit Card.
  16. 16. CitibankSilver Credit CardThe Citibank Silver brings you the convenienceand financial flexibility you can expect from theWorlds No. 1 Credit Card. The Silver Card is atruly international Credit Card offeringunmatched features and benefits and completepeace of mind. If you have a monthly income ofRs.16,000 (Rs 8,000 for selected corporateemployees) and are a citizen of Pakistan thenyou are eligible to apply for a Citibank SilverCredit Card.
  17. 17. CitibankShaheen Credit CardThe Citibank-Shaheen Credit Card is the firstAffinity Card in Pakistan, offered exclusivelyto Pakistan Air force and Shaheen Foundationpersonnel. Out of every rupee spent on aCitibank-Shaheen Credit Card, Citibank willcontribute a percentage to ShaheenFoundation and to the welfare of our Air forcepersonnel.
  18. 18. Owning A Home Was Never So EasyTurn your dreams into reality. With Citibanks Own aHome you can purchase your own home on low monthlyinstallments through a simple and hassle free process
  19. 19. If you cant find your dream home wellhelp you build one and furnish it tooWith Citibank Home Maker loans, youcan construct and furnish your idealhome.
  20. 20. Your Home is More Resourceful Than YouThink.....Have you invested your life savings intoyour house? With Citibank s Home Powerlet your home finance your familysfuture..... Loans against residentialproperty for the purchase of businessassets, furnishing or home improvementand financing of childrens education.
  21. 21. Highest Loan AmountsYou can avail a loan from Rs. 3 lacs to Rs. 75 lacs to purchasethe perfect home.Easy Monthly InstallmentsYou can pay back your loan in easy and affordable monthlyinstallments spread over 3 to 20 years.High Loan to ValuesCitibank finances upto 70% of loan against value of property.Lowest Rates on Property & Life InsuranceWe have made special arrangements with major InsuranceCompanies to provide you with very low and attractiveProperty and Life Insurance rates.Business man upto 12.24% &Salaried Class upto 10.74%
  22. 22. •PricingChoose the mark-up rate that suits you best. We offerthree different kinds of mark-up rates – the AdjustableRate and Flexi Fixed RateFlexible PaymentsCitibank Home Loans gives you the unique option ofreducing your principal balance through partial and fullpre-payments or through the step-up payment plan for anominal fee. This will allow you to reduce your overallmark-up costs as and when you have access to additionalfunds.
  23. 23. Minimum Processing FeesWe offer you your dream home at a minimal processingfee. Our panel of experts take care of legal and appraisalformalities. They strive to ensure that the property youare purchasing is at the right price and has properdocumentation. Our process guide gives you the breakupof our processing fees.Clubbing of Spouses incomeTo avail the facility of obtaining a higher loan amount,Citibank Home Loans offer you the option of addingyour spouses income to arrive at the maximum loanamount.
  24. 24. Upto oneyear ofFree**FinancingWith CitibankCar Financinggetting a car ishassle free andoffer the bestvalue to aperson like you.
  25. 25. Citibank Car FinancingSpecial OfferNo Documents Required, all you need isyour Computerized National IdentityCard duly attested by a gazettes officer.Low Down PaymentSpecial Insurance OptionAffordable to suit your pocketNo more first year insurance tobe paid up front, Citibank CarFinancing offers you firstyears insurance premium aspart of the loan.
  26. 26. Citibank Car Financing Additional Benefits24-hours access to CitiPhoneBanking.Wide range of dealershipnetwork.Value added comprehensiveinsurance at competitive rates.Pre-approved* Citibank CreditCard.Application Processing ChargesRs 4,000 in case application isnot approved
  27. 27. Citibank CarFinancing nowoffers a great UsedCar Financingprogram that givesyou convenientoptions forpurchasing a car
  28. 28. EligibilityYou are at least 21 years of age atthe time of financing and will beless than 65 years for self-employed or 60 years for salariedbefore full repayment of loan.Other eligibility conditions alsoapplyProcessing Charges: Rs 4,000Vehicle Evaluation Charges (non-refundable) Rs 1,000 (if applicable)
  29. 29. With Citibank Cash Against Car get a loan anduse it for anything you want.So while you get the cash you need now, youalso keep your vehicle.Mark-up rates as low as 12.99%*.Upto 7.5 lacs of cash.Upto 5 years payback period.
  30. 30. EligibilityYou are at least 21 years of age at the time of financingand will be less than 65 years for self-employed or 60years for salaried before full repayment of loan.Maximum age of the car at loan maturity should notexceed 6 for upto 1000cc vehicles and 8 years for greaterthen 1000cc vehicles.Maximum age of the vehicle at the time of loan inceptionshould not exceed 5 yrs.Different pricing may apply to different types ofcustomers and tenors.Other eligibility conditions also apply.Call Citiphone for further details.Processing Charges (non-refundable): Rs 4,000Vehicle Evaluation Charges (non-refundable): Rs 1,000
  31. 31. The difference between living a life & enjoying it
  32. 32. Flexible TenureTake a loan for a period ranging from12-60 months depending on your needs Loan AmountGet loan amounts starting from Rs 25,000and going up to a maximum of Rs.500,000 Easy Monthly InstallmentsAs you will be paying in equal monthlyinstallments over the period of yourtenor, there is no need to stress aboutyour next monthly installment.
  33. 33. No Collateral/ Guarantor requiredAs a Personal Loan is an unsecured loan, you do not haveto provide us with a collateral or a guarantor to avail thisfacility.Easy Documentation & Quick DisbursalYou do not have to worry about excessive documentationto get the loan, just provide us with an attested copy ofyour CNIC and a salary certificate and/or bank statementand on approval the cash would be at your doorsteps atthe earliest.Affordable Pricing & Excellent ServiceWe offer extremely competitive and affordable pricingwhich goes hand in hand with our Best in Class Service.
  34. 34. Resident and Non-Resident PakistanisLocal and foreign companies (exceptbanks and financial institutions)Foreign nationals residing in Pakistan. •Resident and Non-Resident Pakistanis •Local and foreign companies (except banks and financial institutions) •Foreign nationals residing in Pakistan.
  35. 35. CORPOTRATE SECTOR• Areas of facilities & services given by The Citibank in Pakistan for corporate sector are as given
  36. 36. Client Amount Date USDGovernment of 150.0 1996Pakistan million USDDewan Salman 45.0 1994Fibre Limited million USDDG Khan 20.0 1994 millionPakistan USDTelecommunication 15.0 1994s Company Ltd. million
  37. 37. Amoun Client Date tPakistan Mobile 1,400Communication 2000 million(Pvt.) LtdPakistan 3,000International 1999 millionAirlines 200Clariant 1999 millionAskari Leasing 146 1998Limited million 650Dewan Group 1998 million
  38. 38. 1,000Daewoo Corporation 1998 million 1,500Daewoo Corporation 1998 millionPakistanTobacountry 200 1998corporate officer Co. millionLtdEngro Chemicals 6.6 1997Pakistan Limited* billionDawood Hercules 4.5 1997Chemicals Limited* billionKot Adu Power 4,500 1997Company million
  39. 39. Sui Northern Gas 500.0 1996Pipelines Limited millionInternational Brands 410.0 1995Limited million 300.0Pakland Cement 1995 millionWater and Power 1,150Development 1994 millionAuthorityWater and Power 1,195Development 1993 millionAuthorityPakistan 1,075Telecommunications 1993 millionCorporation
  41. 41. RISK MANAGEMENTBanks have informationsystems and analyticaltechniques that enablemanagement to measurethe credit risk inherent inall on- and off-balancesheet activities.Banks have in place asystem for monitoring theoverall composition andquality of the creditportfolio.
  42. 42. PRINCIPLES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF CREDIT RISK• Credit risk is the potential that a bank borrower or counter party will fail to meet its obligations in accordance with agreed terms.• The goal of credit risk management is to maximize a bank’s risk-adjusted rate of return by maintaining credit risk exposure within acceptable parameters.
  43. 43. How To Assess Bank’s Management Of Credit Risk• The board of directors have responsibility for periodically (at least annually) reviewing the credit risk strategies.• Senior management have responsibility for implementing the credit risk strategy which approved by the board of directors.
  44. 44. • Banks operates within sound,well-defined credit-grantingcriteria.• Banks establish overall creditlimits at the level of individualborrowers and counter parties.•Banks have in place a systemfor the ongoing administrationof there various credit risk-bearing portfolios.•Banks have in place a systemfor monitoring the condition ofindividual.
  45. 45. •Banks have informationsystems and analyticaltechniques that enablemanagement to measurethe credit risk inherent inall on- and off-balancesheet activities.•Banks have in place asystem for monitoring theoverall composition andquality of the creditportfolio.
  46. 46. THANKYOU