Then and Now


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Student sample of a project comparing life now with life in the 1800's

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Then and Now

  1. 1. A Product of the Times Then and Now By a student in Mrs. Bickel’s class . . . .‘ V I E: r‘ :7 P I «L: ‘ ‘ 1} I a ’]'_| ’ r, . , -1'
  2. 2. What is a family? I A family is a group of people who care for each other and are usually related either by blood relation or marriage. ,9;
  3. 3. Families - Homes Then and Now In colonial times, Now, families live in families lived in log apartments, duplexes, cabins. The log cabins or houses. People's had only one room for homes have separate the kitchen, bedrooms, rooms for the kitchen, and living room. They bedrooms, the living had to go outside to go room, and luckily the to the bathroom. bathrgms. 1'1 II} Q -, C —j. _ 3 . .l
  4. 4. Families — Food Then and Now Some of the types of foods available in the past and now were the same. In both times, people would eat foods food they enjoyed such as meat like chicken, vegetables like carrots, fruits like apples, and breads I In colonial times, the I Now, anyone in the mother cooked the family may cook with food over an open fire an oven, a stove, or every day. just go through drive _ thru for fast food.
  5. 5. Families — Entertainment 9 Then and Now “~ , , ' - t £2 Q . I In colonial times, families I Now, families may stay at stayed at home for fun. home or go out for fun. If Kids would play with families stay at home, they homemade toys. Moms may watch TV or play a would knit or sew. Dads game. If families go out, would read. Sometimes they may go out to eat, go the family would dance to the movies, go bowling, while someone played the or go to a museum. harmonica.
  6. 6. What is a community? I A community is a group of people who share many commonalities and live near one another.
  7. 7. Communities — Jobs Then and Now In colonial times, men Now, both men and were the workers. women are the They had jobs like workers. They have farmers, blacksmiths, jobs like managers, candle maker, store lawyers, doctors, owner, and preacher. executives, police Sometimes women officers, fire fighters, would work as a store owners, and ‘ _r . p P. ‘- many lTlOI'e. [ , ; ( ‘I W __. . « ‘~— m 7 “llj L I I. ' “ ' _‘ I’ ' '1‘ fi ‘(#7) ’ I‘, ‘I; J‘ L « r- 1 V "'7 f‘‘ _-I l .4 - ' I . ..-‘---I-9 l . . ii ,2
  8. 8. Communities — Schools Then and Now i’~ f A In colonial times, Now, most children go children either learned to school to learn from at home from their teachers. There are mothers or they went elementary schools for to a one-room K-5 grades, middle schoolhouse where all schools for 6-8 grades, the students from the high schools for 9-12 community went to grades, and colleges learn. for beyond.
  9. 9. Communities — Leaming Then and Now I In colonial times, I Now, children learn children learned reading, writing, math, reading, writing, science, social studies, arithmetic, handwriting, spelling, music, art, music and history. Spanish, PE, and computers.