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Business incubation opportunities through BPD/agri incubator


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Business incubators play a vital role in supporting ventures by providing a host of services. This exclusive session for entrepreneurs will detail successful incubatee case studies, how incubators …

Business incubators play a vital role in supporting ventures by providing a host of services. This exclusive session for entrepreneurs will detail successful incubatee case studies, how incubators accelerate growth of the venture and how it can help in nurturing innovations.

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  • 1. Tamil Nadu Agricultural UniversityBusiness Planning and Development Unit Dr. P. Sivasubramanian Director (Agri-business Development) PI, NAIP-BPD, TNAU
  • 2. Objectives• To commercialize technologies and products developed by TNAU.• To develop and promote entrepreneurship in the region through Agri-Business Incubation by providing incubation support, handholding services and market linkages• To undertake programs on capacity building with regard to technologies and managerial aspects for establishing agribusiness• To contribute to competitiveness of agribusiness environment and job creation
  • 3. VenturesVentures supported• Innovative Ventures• Seed Ventures• Biotech ventures• Farm Ventures• Food Processing Ventures• Bioinput Ventures
  • 4. Services• Commercialization of Technologies developed by TNAU• Conduct Agri-Business Development Events to promote more agri-business enterprises in the region• Facilitate joint ventures and tie-ups• Promotion of new agri- enterprises• Conduct impact studies on the success of Business Incubation activities• Provide infrastructure for incubatees• Capacity building• Branding and marketing• conducting Market research and feasibility studies
  • 5. Facilities at BPD -TNAUBusiness Discussion Room Laboratory Common Training Hall Business Centre Lobby
  • 6. Membership No. of entrepreneurs enrolled as incubatees: 42Category A: Individual farmers and Self Help Groups can apply under this categoryCategory B: Individual entrepreneurs, firms, start-ups, NGOs taking up commercialactivities in India can apply under this categoryCategory C: Public / Private limited companies and other agencies not included inCategory A and B can apply under this categoryCategory D: Multinational companies and foreign companies can apply under thiscategory Sl .No Category No. of members1. A 322. B 93. C 14. D - Total 42
  • 7. Our Incubatees
  • 8. In-house incubation at BPD-TNAU Incubatees having offices at BPD unit 1.M/s Ishinn Organic Exports Pvt Ltd 2.M/s Provimi Products Pvt Ltd 3.M/s Emral Tune Line Auto tech Ind 4.M/s Eco Green Unit 5.M/s VinziSperri 6.M/s Coronet FoodOffice of M/s Eco Green Unit in the BPD unit 7.M/s Cleanstar 8.M/s J.K.Foods
  • 9. Client servicing
  • 10. Bhuvicare Pvt Ltd Company: M/s Bhuvicare Pvt Ltd Proprietor: Mr. T.G.R.Kunjharhamoney Product: Herbal Insect Repellant Services extended • Access to TNAU Technology through Technology Transfer • Business PlanHerbal Insect Repellant ( TNAU • Market linkages Technology) • Branding and PromotionBusiness Progress after joining BPD-TNAUIn 2010, the product was sold through Department of Agriculture in 12 districts covering 40,000 hectares of Tamilnadu. More than 40,000 farmers have been benefited by using the product.
  • 11. S. P. Engineering Company: M/s S.P.Engineering Proprietor: Mr. Selvaraj Product: Banana Pseudostem Injector Services extended • Business Plan • Identification of potential distributors and individual clientsBanana Pseudostem Injector ( • Branding TNAU technology ) • Promotion and Marketing AssistanceBusiness Progress Details Before Incubation support After incubation Sales quantity (units per 25 750 month) No. of dealers Nil 10
  • 12. Eco Green Unit Company: Eco Green Unit Proprietor: Mr. S. K. Babu Product: Banana Fibre Products Services extended • In-house Incubation • Branding Promotion • Marketing AssistanceBusiness Progress• No. of enquiries increased from 150 / monthto 260 / month• Increased brand equity• 40 % increase in customer base• 25 % Increase in sales
  • 13. Vinzi Sperri Pvt Ltd Company: Vinzisperri Pvt Ltd Proprietor: Dr. P. Sathiyamoorthi Product: Natural Fruit drinks & Food Products Services extended - Business Plan - Identification of potential distributors - Facilitating New product development - Promotion and MarketingBusiness Progress Details Before Incubation support After incubationMonthly Sales Rs. 50,000 Rs. 2,00,000
  • 14. Emral Tune Line Auto Tech Ind Company: Emral Tune Line Auto Tech Ind Proprietor: Mr. M.P. Rajkumar Product: Mobile based irrigation Scheduling equipment Services extended – Business Plan – Identification of potential distributors – Marker research – In-house incubationBusiness Progress Details Before Incubation support After incubation Monthly Sales Rs. 15,000 Rs. 40,000 Industrial customers Nil 6
  • 15. Coronet Food Company : M/s Coronet food Proprietor: Mrs. Poomalai Product: Minor Millets based Ready to Cook Products Services extended - Facilitating New product development - Identification of potential distributors - Brand PromotionBusiness Progress Details Before incubation Support After Incubation SupportMonthly sales 500 Kg 1000 KgNo. of distributors 2 6
  • 16. Technology Commercialization 8 TNAU Technologiescry2Ai Solar Crop Drier Stored Grain Insectgene Management Kit TNAU Master TrapReady to Cook Mix Minimal Processing of SRI Power Weeder Nutrigold – Organic from Pearl millet Banana Pseudostem Plant Growth Promoter
  • 17. Technology Commercialization MoUs cry2Ai gene Solar Crop DirerBioseed Research India Pvt Ltd Unique Fabricators Cumbu Ready to cook Mix Insect Management Kit Mr. Venkatachalam Melwin Engineering
  • 18. Financial Assistance Financial Assistance to Incubatees : Rs 42.66 lakhs1.TDB funding from ABI-ICRISAT: Rs. 10.5 lakhs2. MSME scheme: Rs 32.16lakhs Mr. Prabhushankar, Managing Director, IAC Agro Inputs Pvt Ltd receiving the cheque from Dr. P. Murugesa Boopathi, Vice-chancellor, TNAU Coimbatore
  • 19. BPD - HubsEntrepreneurship Development Program at Entrepreneurship camp at BPD Hub, BPD Hub, AC&RI Madurai-03-08-2011 ORS, Tindivanam-30-03-2011 Dr. P. Sivasubramanian addressing the Dr. P. Murugesa Boopathi , Vice- Agripreneurs during the program Chancellor, TNAU inaugurating the entrepreneurship camp
  • 20. BPD - HubsOrientation Cum BPD – Entrepreneurial Hub Launching Programme at , TRRI Aduthurai-22-07-2010
  • 21. Marketing Assistance Agri Intex 2011 Events Participated : 7 Dinamalar Agri Expo 2011-Trichy -28 to 31 Jan2011 DG, ICAR interacting with one of theincubatees of BPD-TNAU in Agri Intex 2011 Busy stall of BPD-TNAU
  • 22. Innovations from BPD-TNAUBanana Fibre Extraction Unit Micro Wave Based Cardamom Drier Inner View of the Cardamom DrierStaff members of BPD-TNAU with the inventor and the buyer
  • 23. First Royalty Technology: TNAU Herbal Insect Repellant Royalty for the year 2010-11: Rs 8 LakhsMr. T.G.R. Kunjharhamoney, Managing Director ofM/s Bhuvicare Pvt Ltd handing over the cheque toDr. P. Sivasubramanian, Director, Agri-BusinessDevelopment, & PI-NAIP-BPD scheme during the 77thScientific Workers Conference held in TNAU
  • 24. Achievements Performance as onSl. No. Indicator 1.02.2012 1 No. of technology commercialised 8 2 No. of entrepreneurs incubated/enrolled 42 3 No. of in-house incubatees 8 5 No. of Research collaborations facilitated 1 6 No. of innovations supported 2 7 New products introduced in the market 2 Entrepreneurship Development programs 8 9 conducted Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Tie- 9 9 ups facilitated 10 Total seed fund sourced by Incubatees 198 Lakhs 11 Turnover of Incubatees in 2011-12 23 Crores
  • 25. Best Agri-Business Incubator Award Officials of BPD-TNAU receiving the National Award for Best Agri-Business Incubator during the Global Conference on Agri-Business Incubation held at ICRISAT
  • 26. Best Incubatee AwardMr. M. P. Rajkumar receiving the National Award for BestIncubatee from Shri N. Raghuveera Reddy, Minister forRevenue and Rehabilitation, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  • 27. African projectBPD team and officials of Topworth Groups of companies withMr. Madikaba Camara, Secretary of Agriculture, Government ofGuinea (fourth from left)
  • 28. Impact of BPD-TNAU• No. of entrepreneurs incubated: 42• No. of entrepreneurs supported/ trained: 593• Farmers directly benefited with value addition: 800• No. of local employment generated (direct) through incubatees:183• TNAU Technologies disseminated: 8• Innovations supported : 2 1. Subha Low Cost Power tiller 2. India Specific Sugarcane Harvester• New Products introduced in the Market: 3 1. Microwave based Cardamom Drier 2. Banana Fibre Extraction Unit Cardamom Drier• Crop Variety Popularized: Co6 Black Gram
  • 29. Sustainability• Membership• Royalty• Schemes – Techno-prenuer promotion programme – MSME Scheme• Rentals• Technology Commercialization
  • 30. Lessons learnt• Timely Client Servicing - top priority• Technology Commercialization: Products with high market - many buyers- (Ex: Solar Crop drier and SRI Power Weeder was licensed to 3 companies each )• More No. of in-house clients- regular income as Rentals• Increased interaction of scientists with BPD units• Decentralized operations – Ex: BPD hubs in AC&RI Madurai, ORS, Tindivanam and TRRI Aduthurai
  • 31. Lessons learnt• Technology commercialization among BPDs (Ex: Natural dye technology of CIRCOT can be commercialized in Tirupur & Coimbatore in association with BPD-TNAU )• Most Innovators visit BPD unit for financial assistance. ( MSME and TePP can help these innovators )• Inter Incubatee servicing: One incubatee providing services to other• Marketing assistance - most requested service• Participation in events• Brand leverage
  • 32. Thank youBusiness Planning and Development UnitDirectorate of Agri-Business Development Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore E-mail: