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Agri-Tech Investors Meet | 18-19 July 2013
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Agri-Tech Investors Meet | 18-19 July 2013


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Featuring more than 60 agro-technologies from food processing, veterinary & livestock, industrial processing, agri-inputs, crop production,

Featuring more than 60 agro-technologies from food processing, veterinary & livestock, industrial processing, agri-inputs, crop production,

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. • Looking to start your own Agribusiness Venture? Agri- Tech Investors Meet • Want to become the Change-maker in your Community?
  • 2. • Get a chance to know more about the potential of business incubators and how they can support your venture at our agribusiness pavilion. To know more about the technologies on display, visit the technologies page or click here. Agri- Tech Investors Meet • And if you are interested in any of the technologies? • Then meet our Business Managers for a quick chat at the deal-making room to start your dream agribusiness venture. It’s that simple!
  • 3. Food Processing Agri-Engineering & Textiles & Industrial Processing Veterinary & Livestock Marine Products Horticulture Crop Production Agri-Inputs List of Technologies
  • 4. Food Processing
  • 5. • Tender coconut beverage with suspended kernels Food Processing • Virgin coconut oil meal (VCM) based products viz : biscuit, compressed bar, burfi, ladoo, porridge and noodles • Sweet coconut chips • Virgin coconut oil • Bajra lassi; Milk protein enriched iron-fortified biscuits from composite dairy millet mix; and pearl millet & milk solid based Nutrimix
  • 6. • Insta Idly Dry Mix Food Processing • Millet Dhokla • Development of process technology for ginger extract standardized to >20% w/w total gingerols as a water soluble powder • Development of process technology for ginger extract standardized to > 30% w/w total gingerols as a free flowing powder
  • 7. • Juli coffee (Instant coffee) Food Processing • Prosopis juliflora pods based cheaper concentrate mixture as economical cattle feed • Banana pseudostem central core candy • Capsicum salsa
  • 8. Agri-Engineering & Textiles & Industrial Processing
  • 9. • Pollution Preventing System (PPS) for controlling the effluents emitted from the traditional drum roasting process in cashew factories Agri-Engineering & Textiles & Industrial Processing • A new non thermal technology for cutting and peeling of raw cashew-nut • Low cost method for processing technology for extraction of anacardic acid • Browning free custard Apple pulp extracting technology
  • 10. • Value Chain on Castor and its Industrial Products Agri-Engineering & Textiles & Industrial Processing • Cryo-grinding unit for value addition in seed spices • Non-woven fabric preparation from banana pseudostem and extraction of fiber using raspador • Flexible Rubber Dams (Rubber-Textile composite for watershed management) • Nano cellulose Production Technology
  • 11. • Technology of dyeing cotton and silk with natural dyes Agri-Engineering & Textiles & Industrial Processing • Eco-Powders • Eco-Paints • PCR based quality estimation technology for purity of Pashmina wool • Improvisation of traditional charkha
  • 12. Veterinary & Livestock
  • 13. • Animal feed with potato waste Veterinary & Livestock • A novel micro-technique & media for selective enumeration and detection of Enterococci in milk • Two stage enzyme assay for detection of L. monocytogenes in milk • Spore inhibition based enzyme substrate assay for monitoring Aflatoxin M1 in milk • DNAzyme based lead biosensor
  • 14. • Recombinant whole cell cadmium biosensor Veterinary & Livestock • Microarray based heavy metal optical biosensor • Novel phytoacaricide for the control of chemical acaricide resistant tick infestations in animals • PCR based DNA test for the differentiation of cattle and buffalo meat and milk • Parentage verification kits for (i) goat and (ii) other ruminant livestock species
  • 15. • Mineral Based-Technology for estrus induction and synchronization in bovines for increasing the milk production Veterinary & Livestock • Production of cooked and smoked pork sausage, Smoked pork, Pork Pickle with bamboo Shoot and Bhoot Jalakia. • Low cost multiplication technology of salt tolerant bio- growth enhancers (Bacillus, Pseudomonads & Trichoderma) for increasing productivity of agri-horti crops in normal and sodic soils
  • 16. • Low cost technology for prevention and treatment of sub- clinical and clinical mastitis in bovines Veterinary & Livestock • New color based method for detection of detergent in milk
  • 17. Marine Products
  • 18. • Pond and Cage culture for cobia fish Marine Products • Pond grow out technology of cobia fish • Suitable wet feed and feeding protocol for developing cobia broodstock • Cobia value added products
  • 19. Horticulture
  • 20. • Technologies for development of dry flower products Horticulture • Packaging and value addition for jasmine flowers • Precision production technology of marigold • Recovery of lac dye of improved quality • Improved bleaching agent for bleached lac
  • 21. Crop Production
  • 22. • Modular vector for one-step assembly of intron containing hairpin RNA for high throughput gene silencing in plants Crop Production • Anthocyanin enriched tomato fruits • Extraction and production of anthocyanin concentrate from black carrot • Know-how for the production of capsicinoid concentrates from chilli
  • 23. • Extraction and production of lycopene from tomato Crop Production • Refinement in process for the extraction of steviol glycoside from Stevia rebaudiana • Nutraceutical-enriched guava, grape and mango pana RTS functionalised with black carrot anthocyanins
  • 24. Agri-Inputs
  • 25. • Xylanase hyper-producing thermophilic fungal strain Agri-Inputs • Organic liquid fertilizer from banana pseudostem sap • Nanotechnology for enhanced utilization of native Phosphorous and other elements by plants and higher moisture retention in arid soils
  • 26. • ELISA Kit (Expression constructs or Serodiagnosis of Plant viruses) for detection of cucumber mosaic virus, potyvirus and Peanut mottle virus Agri-Inputs • Bio-pesticidal nematodes for managing insect pests • Samfungicide: Nano-fungicide
  • 27. AP Shinde Symposium Hall NASC Complex Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, New Delhi 110 012 Venue of the event
  • 28. National Agricultural Innovation Project Help Desk Room No. 514, Krishi Anusandhan Bhawan - II Pusa Campus, New Delhi - 110 012 Tel: +91-8978855775 Email:
  • 29. Visit us on