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Influencer marketing strategies group28
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Influencer marketing strategies group28






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  • SOURCE: Wikipedia
  • http://www.razorfishplatforms.com/publication/?m=6540&l=1

Influencer marketing strategies group28 Influencer marketing strategies group28 Presentation Transcript

  • Group 28 Abhradeep Sarkar abhradeep.in| abhradeep.sarkar@abhradeep.in Akshay Dongre akshaydongre.in|akshay@akshaydongre.in Manshi Gandhi manshigandhi.com|manshi@manshigandhi.com Shreevar Goel shreevargoel.com|shreevar@shreevargoel.com Tanvi Chaudhury tanvi.info|tanvi@tanvi.info Gaurav Bhandari gauravbhandari.info|gauravbhandari@gauravbhandari.info How marketing to certain influential people can get you potential buyers
  • Just what exactly is influencer marketing?Why should I buy into it?How do I go about it?
  • What does the influencer do, exactly? The influencer holds the power to affect your business in a big way by - • They can write a blog post / article about you. • They can share information about you in their social media accounts. • They can ask you, or permit you, to guest post on their site. • Or, any combination of, or all of, the above.
  • InfluencerAudience Factor Influencer Trust Factor
  • Building the Relationship• Focus on providing value. If they have a question, seek to answer it. Dont spend any time telling them what value you bring, just deliver it.• Show that you will be active in sharing their stuff to your audience. The give and take attitude will be noticed.• Actively help others; regularly. When you focus all of your attention on one person to the exclusion of others it starts to feel a bit freaky.• The more personal the effort, better the relationship
  • Likelihood Of Sharing • Relevance - if it is not relevant to them, they are not going to share it, even if its great • Uniqueness - If what you create is not exceptional, no one is going to care, and no one is going to share.• Quality Content - This goes without saying. Crap content will bring crap results and no amount of relationship building will change that.• Trust in the Author - This is where the relationship comes into play. You can create great content, but if you are not yet trusted, your share rate will be far lower.• Trust in Referring Sources - How someone learns about a piece of content is a factor in the share rate as well. If an authority tells you about it, you are more likely to respond by passing it on.• Visibility - People cant share what they dont see. For example, if you create a great blog post and you tweet it once, a small percentage of your followers will ever see it.• Impressions - Creating Impressions is classic marketing in action. Marketing experts used to say that it took an average of 7 impressions per sale.
  • Creating ImpressionsThe reach of influencers is long. Not only can theyget you links, they can give you shares that resultin other people giving you links.
  • Some folks who got it right• Arthur Guinness’ birthday celebrated as Arthur’s Day in Ireland (He’s a pretty big deal, there)• General Motors set up an exclusive web site whose access was limited to “GM Insiders”• Ken Block with his viral “Gymkhana” videos, for DC Shoes
  • Leveraging the power of Social Media• Razorfish• Flowtown• Klout• PeerIndex
  • ConclusionWhether you believe in social media as amarketing channel or not, the reality is that we arein the midst of a turning point. No longer can youpassively market products and services to ananonymous customer base. With the rise ofinfluence marketing, your customer is marketing.