Australia & New Zealand Foreign Trade & Relationship with India


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Australia & New Zealand: Demographics, Socio-Economic Parameters, Culture, Macro Economic Overview, Major Industries & Industrial cities, Major Exports & Imports, Currency History, Trade Relations with India, Economic & Political Issues, Free Trade Agreements and Foreign & Trade Policy

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Australia & New Zealand Foreign Trade & Relationship with India

  1. 1. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia.• On 1 January 1901, the six colonies became a federation and theCommonwealth of Australia was formed.• Australia has maintained a stable liberal democratic political systemand is a Commonwealth realm.• Australia is the worlds thirteenth largest economy and it holds aposition 16 in Global Competitiveness Index.• Australia is the only country outside Europe in the top ten of thequality-of-life index.• Australia ranks 10th in the Ease of Doing Business Index in theworld.• Fiscal Year 1 July - 30 June
  2. 2. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABTotal Population: 21,766,711Female,49.88%Male, 50.12%Gender Distribution0-14years, 18.30%15-64years, 67.70%65+years, 14%Age DistributionMajor Cities PopulationSydney 4.429 million Brisbane 1.97 millionMelbourne 3.853 million Perth 1.599 million
  3. 3. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABOtherVietnameseArabicGreekItalianChineseEnglish14%1%1%1%2%3%79%LanguagesNoneOtherMuslimBuddhistChristian19%14%2%2%64%Religions
  4. 4. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABGeneral Figures Country comparison to the worldLife expectancy 81.81 years 9thLiteracy Rate 99%Unemployment rate 5.1% 47thEducation expenditures 4.5% of GDP 81stTransport Figures Country comparison to the worldAirports 465 7thRailways 38,445 km 7thRoadways 812,972 km 9thCommunication Figures Country comparison to the worldLandlines 9.02 million 24thMobiles 24.22 million 37thInternet Users 15.81 million 25th
  5. 5. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABFactors Figures Country comparison to the worldGDP $1.236 trillion 13thGDP growth 2.70% 130thGDP per capita $54,868(nominal) 7thInflation 2.9% (Q3 2010) 82ndLabour force 11.62 million 43rdUnemployment Rate 4.90% 49th25%71%4%GDP by sectorIndustryServicesAgriculture4%21%75%Labour force divisionAgricultureIndustryServices
  6. 6. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABMajor IndustriesFood, beverages and tobaccoTextile, clothing and footwearWood and paper productsPrinting, publishing and recorded mediaPetroleum, coal and chemical productsNon-metal mineral productsMetal productsMachinery and equipmentChemicals• Mining, automotive andtransport, construction andinfrastructure sectors.Adelaide• Mining, construction and infrastructuresectorsBrisbane• Automotive and transport, aerospace,construction and infrastructure sectorsMelbourne• Construction and infrastructure sectorsPerth• Medical, construction andinfrastructure sectorsSydneySEZ in AustraliaDarwin Trade Development ZoneFree trade zone in the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory ofAustralia. Companies operating within the zone, which is intended tofacilitate trade with Asia, are exempt from certain state taxes andcustoms duties.
  7. 7. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABCoalIron oreEducationGoldMeatWoolAluminaWheatMachineryNew ZealandUnited KingdomUnited StatesIndiaSouth KoreaJapanChina4.1%4.4%5.0%7.5%7.9%19.2%21.8%Main export partnersTotal Exports: $210.7 billion
  8. 8. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABMachineryTransport equipmentsComputersOffice machinesTelecommunicationequipment and partsCrude oilPetroleum productsGermanySingaporeThailandJapanUnited StatesChina5.3%5.5%5.8%8.4%11.3%17.9%Main import partnersTotal Imports: $200.4 billion
  9. 9. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• Australian dollar (sign: $; code: AUD) A$sometimes used to distinguish it.• $1 AUD = INR 48.98 (15 Sep 2011), Range(Rs. 44.47 to Rs. 49.31)• Fifth-most-traded currency in the worldforeign exchange markets.• The Australian dollar is popular withcurrency traders, because of thecomparatively high interest rates inAustralia• The currency is commonly referred to byforeign-exchange traders as the "Aussie.”
  10. 10. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABMajor Australian exports toIndia2009-10(A$m)Non-monetary gold 7,125Coal 5,532Education 3,148Copper ores and concentrates 1,180Crude petroleum 499Major Australian Imports fromIndia2009-10(A$m)Tourism 7,125Pearls and gems 5,532Rotating electric plant and parts 3,148Jewellery 1,180Medicaments (including veterinary) 499• Two-way goods and services trade totaled $22.3 billion in 2009-10.• India was Australias third largest export market in 2009-10• Australian merchandise exports to India reached $18.3 billion in 2010.• Australia exported $3.6 billion worth of services to India in 2009-10.• New prospects continue to emerge in sectors such as biotechnology, education,tourism, health, film and insurance.• India is the second largest source of international students studying in Australia.
  11. 11. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• Funding the huge level of economic infrastructure needed in areassuch as ports, roads and rail.• Inefficient state governments as reduction in different stateregulations is proceeding at snails pace.• Maintaining quality in an overstretched, overcrowded universitysystem.• Finding skilled labor while simultaneously reducingimmigration, given that unemployment is already at 4 per cent.• Getting credit and confidence flowing to small business when banksare reluctant to lend except at high rates.• To meet Australias commitment to cut emissions by 5 per cent by2020 without quickly imposing a price on carbon.
  12. 12. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABCountry Agreement Name DateASEAN ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA 2010Singapore Singapore-Australia FTA 2003Thailand Thailand-Australia FTA (TAFTA) 2005United States Australia-United States FTA 2005New Zealand Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations 1983Chile Australia-Chile FTA 2009Country Agreement Name StatusIndiaAustralia-India Comprehensive Economic CooperationAgreementNegotiating• Australia will be seeking a comprehensive and truly liberalizing agreement.• Consistent with the Government’s trade policy. Similar to the elements covered in Australia’s existingbilateral Free Trade Agreements.• The Agreement would include coverage of investment and trade in goods and services.
  13. 13. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• Reducing the threat to Australians from terrorism, the proliferationof weapons of mass destruction and transnational crime, includingdrug trafficking, people smuggling and money laundering;• Contributing to a comprehensive and effective internationalresponse to climate change and global poverty;• Developing market access opportunities for Australian exports ofgoods and services and promoting productive two-way investmentflows;• Providing Australians with high-quality passport and consularservices, including responses to major crises;• Projecting a positive image of Australia as a tolerant, open, just andegalitarian society and promoting Australia’s attractiveness as aninternational partner in education, research and innovation.
  14. 14. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• New Zealand was one of the last lands to be settled by humans.• The majority of New Zealands population is of European descent.• New Zealand was the first major nation to allow both male and femalecitizens of New Zealand to vote.• Queen Elizabeth II is officially Queen of New Zealand. She is representedin New Zealand by a Governor General.• New Zealand was the first country to have its three top positions of powerheld simultaneously by women: The Prime Minister (Helen Clark), theGovernor General (Dame Silvia Cartwright), and the Chief Justice (SianElias).• New Zealand has a strong hold on the international trade in sheep meat.There are presently around 9 sheep to every 1 human in New Zealand• New Zealand is a plastic nation – almost all personal financial transactionsare made with a card – credit or otherwise.
  15. 15. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABTotal Population: 4,290,347Female,50.23%Male, 49.77%Gender Distribution0-14years, 20.40%15-64years, 66.40%65+years, 13.20%Age DistributionMajor Cities PopulationAuckland 1,354,900 Wellington (Capital) 389,700Christchurch 390,300 Hamilton 203,400
  16. 16. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABNorthern ChineseYueHindiFrenchSamoanMaori (Official)English (Official)1%1%1%1%2%4%91%LanguagesNoneOtherBuddhistHinduAnglican32%12%1%2%53%Religions
  17. 17. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABGeneral Figures Country comparison to the worldLife expectancy 81.59 years 23rdLiteracy Rate 99%Unemployment rate 5.1% 47thEducation expenditures 6.1% of GDP 27thCommunication Figures Country comparison to the worldLandlines 1.87 million 59thMobiles 4.7 million 99thInternet Users 3.4 million 62ndTransport Figures Country comparison to the worldAirports 122 48thRailways 4.128 km 41stRoadways 93,911 km 49th
  18. 18. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABFactors Figures Country comparison to the worldGDP $ 140.400 billion 51stGDP growth -0.32% 172ndGDP per capita $32,145 24thInflation 2.3% (2010) 70thLabour force 2.328 million 114thUnemployment Rate 6.5% 61st4%26%70%GDP by sectoragricultureindustryservices7%19%74%Labour force divisionagricultureindustryservices
  19. 19. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABMajor IndustriesAgricultureHorticultureFishingDairyForestryFood processingTextiles (Wool)MachineryTransportation EquipmentFinanceTourismMiningWellington (capital)Auckland (largest)ChristchurchHamiltonDunedinNapierNo SEZ in New Zealand
  20. 20. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABDairy productsMeatWoodWood productsFishMachineryChinaJapanUnited StatesAustralia5.90%8.40%10.10%23.20%Main export partnersTotal Exports: $26.25 billion
  21. 21. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABMachineryVehiclesAircraftsPetroleumElectronicsTextilesPlasticsGermanyMalaysiaSingaporeJapanUnited StatesChinaAustralia4.30%4.40%4.70%8.30%9.50%13.20%18.10%Main import partnersTotal Imports: $24.29 billion
  22. 22. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• The New Zealand dollar (sign: $; code:NZD) NZ$ to distinguish it.• $1 NZD = INR 39.17 (15 Sep2011), Range (Rs. 34.00 to Rs. 39.32)• It is one of the 10 most-tradedcurrencies in the world.• Approximately 1.6% of global foreignexchange market daily turnover in2010.• In the context of currency trading, it isoften informally called the "Kiwi"
  23. 23. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABExports to India 2011(NZ$m)PercentageCoal NZ$322.6m 35.20%Wood NZ$196.3m 21.40%Dairy products NZ$136.9m 14.90%Machinery NZ$76.4m 8.30%Wool NZ$44.1m 4.80%Hides and skins NZ$29.2m 3.20%Steel NZ$16.2m 1.70%Aluminium NZ$18.1m 2.00%Wood pulp NZ$13.8m 1.50%Fruit and nuts NZ$11.4m 1.20%Imports from India 2011(NZ$m)PercentageMedicines NZ$47.4m 12.80%Precious stones/metals NZ$39.1m 10.60%Electricals NZ$19.0m 5.10%Misc textiles NZ$18.2m 4.90%Clothing NZ$15.6m 4.20%Machinery NZ$11.1m 3.00%Confidential items $NZ10.6m 3.10%Plastic NZ$11.4m 3.10%Leather NZ$10.1m 2.70%Chemicals NZ$9.4m 2.50%Total Exports to India = NZ$917.32.3 million Total Imports from India = NZ$369.0 million
  24. 24. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• There is a danger that short-term economic, fiscal and electionpressures prevent sufficient attention being given to the requirementsfor long-term success.• Shifting to a low carbon economy• Managing natural environment so it remains productive and builds thenational brand.• Develop public sector skills to deliver success for exporters and localbusinesses.• Secure capital to rejoin world leaders in economic prosperity.• Develop a high-performing innovation ecosystem that grows high-value international businesses.• Building a capable, resilient population that works together.
  25. 25. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © ABCountry Agreement Name DateAustralia Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (ANZCERTA) 1983China New Zealand – China Free Trade Agreement 2008Thailand New Zealand and Thailand Closer Economic Partnership 2005Singapore New Zealand and Singapore Closer Economic Partnership 2001Brunei Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership 2005Chile Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership 2005Singapore Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership 2005ASEAN ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA 2010Malaysia New Zealand - Malaysia Free Trade Agreement 2009Hong Kong Hong Kong-New Zealand Closer Economic Partnership 2001Country Agreement Name StatusIndia India–New Zealand Free Trade Agreement Negotiating• Negotiating since 2007 with the establishment of a JSG (Joint Study Group) looking at thefeasibility of an Indian-NZ FTA.
  26. 26. NLDIMSR, MMM V Semester, Group No: 6 © AB• Greater efficiency and effectiveness across the government agencies thatwork in, and with, other countries.• Their strategies have a strong trade and economic focus and set outambitious, high-level, five-year goals and the steps and actions required toachieve them.• This work contributes to the government’s principal economic goal to delivergreater prosperity, security and opportunity to all New Zealanders.• The main challenge for New Zealand is to improve its economic performanceis the need for firms to strengthen their international connections.• Initially, work is focused on the following countries and regions:– India– China– USA– Australia