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Nihilanth brochure iit_bombay_2012

  1. 1. & Mood IndigoNIHILANTH IIT Bombay 8 EDITION TH
  2. 2. Introduction IIT Bombay, since 1958 IIT Bombay & Mood Indigo IIT Bombay is not only among the elitest engineer-ing colleges in India, but also plays host to one of thebest college level cultural scenes in India. IIT Bombayis committed to all-round personality development, andapart from just academic councils, the Students’ ActivitesCenter (SAC) and club councils have massive participa-tion. IIT Bombay, owing to it’s rich intellectual pool andactive participation, has produced some fine engineers.
  3. 3. Introduction Mood Indigo IIT Bombay & Mood Indigo Asia’s largest college cultural festival. And no, this isn’t obnoxious narcis-sism. We basically prove it year after year. For instance, we invite you thisyear to experience it first hand! Take some time out from your life and ex-perience us. With the craziest, biggest and all the other superlatives-signi-fying-awesomeness-stuff happening here, you are sure to have the best fournon-sexual days of your life! About a couple hundred international per-formers, a plethrora of Indian artists, the most colourful competitions andthe whackiest street zones, Mood I is simply an experience you would notwant to miss.Hard to believe? Here goes the popular line, “pehle istemaal karein, fir vish-was karein!”
  4. 4. Schedule IIT Bombay & Mood Indigo DAY 1 Sci-Tech Quiz - Elims and Finals during the daytime Lone Wolf - Elims during the daytime and Finals at night DAY 2 Melas - Elims and Finals in IRCC at night Ent Quiz - Elims at 9:45AM and Finals at 10:45PM Gen Quiz - Elims and Semifinal rounds DAY 3 Biz Quiz - Elims during the daytime and Finals at night Sports Quiz - Elims during the daytime and Finals at night Gen Quiz - Finals DAY 4 India Quiz - Elims and Finals IIT Bombay Special Quizt
  5. 5. Sci-Tech Quiz IIT Bombay & Mood IndigoGadget freaks, tech savvy geeks, and money whosesmartphone reeks! Ho, listen listen! This one’s foryou! This is an engineer’s ball game, can everyone Arnav Sinha Quizmasterelse live up to it? Or will this be a race only amongthe T’s and not the M’s?! Wait and watch, gadg-ets, science, technology and every single advance-ment in scientific history will be out there makingthe battlefield a scary place. MnA (a firm that conducts quizzes) was founded by quizmasters Vijay Anand MenonWill you, Matrix-Bots conquer it or will you fall and Arnav Sinha, who were batch mates atprey to the Agents out in the field? Time to reach IIM Calcutta. Arnav holds an MTech anda conclusion! a BTech degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He is also an International Grade Adjudicator for Parliamentary De- bating, having chaired debates in India and Pakistan.
  6. 6. Lone Wolf IIT Bombay & Mood Indigo Cowards die many times before their death, the valiant never taste of Suraj Menon Quizmaster death but once.Get beaten, battered, go limp. But sur-vive the onslaught. Are you the valiant Suraj Menon is a Pune-based quizzer whohero who will not taste death on this has won several quizzes, including the Na-day? tional Life Sciences quiz “BioQuizitive 2010”. He has conducted several college quizzes atIf yes, glory awaits you. Here. events such as Mood Indigo (2011) and Ni- hilanth (2012) and open & corporate quizzes in various cities. Suraj worked as a research scientist and is now pursuing his MBA in XLRI Jamshedpur.
  7. 7. India Quiz IIT Bombay & Mood IndigoLargest Thorium-based power genera-tion program in the world. Thejaswi Udupa QuizmasterLargest oil-refinery in the world.Houses the largest slum in Asia. An alumnus of IIM-Bangalore, Thejaswi Udupa works as a Product Manager at Yahoo!. He has been a semi-finalist on BBC’s Mastermind, and has won mainstream quizzes likeIf you’ve guessed it by now, this one’s BT Acumen, Tata Crucible. As a quizmaster, he has done quizzes for the Ministry of Science (Karnataka Govt), col-for you. Match your knowledge of the leges like IIT-KGP, IIT-M, BITS, NLS, IIM-K, IIM-L, IIM- B apart from numerous open, college and corporate quiz-tricolour and it’s nation with the best zes on behalf of the KQA. He has also been part of the question setting committee for Mahaquizzer, the nationalin the nation. solo quiz competition.
  8. 8. Sports Quiz IIT Bombay & Mood Indigo“I may not be the best in England, butI’m definitely in the top one” - Mourinho Aditya Gadre QuizmasterDo what managers do, match wits,choose the right strategy, and prove Aditya Gadre is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur and cur-that you’re the Special One. rently works at Ernst and Young. He has won several quiz- zes during his college days (which was not too long ago) including IIT-B’s Mood Indigo’s Sports and General Quiz- zes (back to back for 2 years), IIT-KGP’s Mary Bucknell Trophy and IIM-C’s Carpe Diem. He co-sets one of the big- gest sports quizzes in India - The BC Cup, the fourth edi- tion of which will be held on June 2012. As a quizmaster, he has conducted several quizzes for the BCQC Pune, the Bombay Quiz Club, Ensemble at XLRI, and IIT-B’s Mood Indigo Sports quiz in 2011.
  9. 9. Entertainment Quiz IIT Bombay & Mood IndigoEntertainment guaranteed. Quite lit-erally. Has everything you’d need for Suraj Menon Quizmastera total kick-ass two hours. Music, Art,Literature, Cinema. Everything. Suraj Menon is a Pune-based quizzer who“One does not simply miss the Ent Quiz.” has won several quizzes, including the Na--Boromir, son of Gondor. tional Life Sciences quiz “BioQuizitive 2010”. He has conducted several college quizzes at events such as Mood Indigo (2011) and Ni- hilanth (2012) and open & corporate quizzes in various cities. Suraj worked as a research scientist and is now pursuing his MBA in XLRI Jamshedpur.
  10. 10. Biz Quiz IIT Bombay & Mood IndigoThis is not your goddamn business.Go mind your own business. Vijay Anand QuizmasterTwo lines no one at Nilanth 2012 is go-ing to say to you. Whomsoever’s busi-ness it is, it’s time to pull your socks up MnA (a firm that conducts quizzes) was foundedand monitor it. Lots is at stake, but most by quizmasters Vijay Anand Menon and Arnav Sinha, who were batch mates at IIM Calcutta. Vi-important of it all: Your Dignity. jay also holds an MCA degree from University of Hyderabad and a BSc in Computer Science from Osmania University. He was among the 25 people chosen from all over Eastern India for the Lead India initiative in 2007. He was recently selected among the 22 young leaders in India by The Eco- nomic Times and has won the Brand Equity Quiz in Hyderabad.
  11. 11. MELAS IIT Bombay & Mood IndigoDoes Sebastian Vettel winning theF1 Championship and Iron Maiden Aniket Khasgiwale Quizmasterperforming at Bangalore give you thesame excitement?Then this is the quiz for you! Aniket has been quizzing since his school days and was a National Semi-finalist on the ESPN School Quiz. He has conducted quizzes for various colleges and companies inMELAS an eclectic mix of Music, Pune and Ahmedabad, including the Sports Quiz at Chaos - IIM Ahmedabad’s cult fest and the General Quiz “Chakra-Entertainment, literature, Arts and vyuh” at College of Engineering, Pune. He also jointly con- ducts the annual BC Cup - one of India’s biggest OpenSports is the quiz everyone will truly Sports Quizzes. Aniket has represented IIM Ahmedabad at Nihilanth in 2011 and 2012, winning a total of three quiz-enjoy. zes, and was a part of the team that won the overall cham- pionship at Nihilanth 2012.
  12. 12. The IIT Bombay Special Quiz IIT Bombay & Mood IndigoThe IIT Bombay Special Quiz will bepresented to you by the IIT BombayQuizzing Club, and it will cover a veryinteresting genre and format! Look out for the genre and format release!
  13. 13. Contacts IIT Bombay & Mood Indigo Omkar Nene: 09730475983 Aviral Bhatnagar: 09881495275 Harshveer Jain: 09619829069
  14. 14. How to reach Mumbai IIT Bombay & Mood IndigoAirwaysMumbai has its own domestic and international airport, known as Chatrapati Shivaji international airport. Al-most all airlines provide services to Mumbai. Mumbai is well connected to all major cities in India and also con-nected to many cities abroad including Singapore, New York, Bangok, Hong Kong and to many gulf cities.RailwaysMumbai is the headquarters of Indian railway system. Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station is the major one whichconnects all most parts of Indian cities to Mumbai. Other railway stations in Mumbai are Dadar and Kurla, andChurchgate.RoadwaysMumbai has an excellent road transportation system. State owned buses connect Mumbai to all neighboringpoints. Many Deluxe and Super Deluxe buses are available to travel in and out of the city. Bus fare is about Rs 3 to4 per kilometer.