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The wadia group

  1. 1. Evolving Entrepreneur • Name Roll No. • Charmi Dharod 6 • George D’souza 8 • Shraddha Gaur 10 • Yash Gupta 11 • Pratik Manjrekar 21 • Dilkhush Parmar 30 • Abhishek Tanna 39
  2. 2. Introduction • The Wadia Group is one of the oldest conglomerates of corporate India. • It was founded by Sir Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia in 1736. • Lovji Wadia secured contracts with the British East India Company to build ships and docks in Bombay in 1736.
  3. 3. Continue… • The subsequent efforts, had resulted in Bombay becoming a strategic port for the British colonial undertakings in Asia. • The Bombay dry-dock, the first dry- dock in Asia, was built by Lovji and his brother Sorabji in 1750.
  4. 4. Profile • The journey started in 1736, Today The Wadia Group is an Indian Investment Company headquarted in Mumbai. • As a long term investor there Theme is to have a Majority in the Daily Needs. • As a result their investment portfolio covers a broad spectrum of Industries.
  5. 5. Vision & Mission • Vision : The Company will inspire its employees to be the best they can be. They will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers. They will maximize return to the stockholders while still maintaining quality in the products. • Mission: To create, maximize and sustain long-term shareholder value.
  6. 6. History • The Wadia Group was founded by Lovji Nusserwanjee Wadia in 1736, when he opened a Marine Construction company that built ships for the British. • He was one of India’s first master shipbuilders and a pioneer of the global ship building industry. • Quality has always been the Wadia Group’s hallmark,, the world’s second oldest existing ship in the world, still afloat at Hartlepool, UK.
  7. 7. Continue… • Another Wadia Group built ship named the ‘Minden‘ was where the American National Anthem was composed, and on another, the 'HMS Cornwallis', that the Treaty of Nanking, ceding Honkong to England, was signed. • Over the next 150 years, the group manufactured vessels that ploughed international waters. • The new companies under the Wadia banner have become market leaders in their respective fields under the vision and leadership of the Wadia Group Chairman Mr Nusli Wadia.
  8. 8. Continue… • The year 1879 saw yet another Wadia visionary live his dreams . Matching opportunity with core skill-set and an entrepreneurial vision, Nowrojee Nusserwanjee Wadia, moved his stakes into the burgeoning textile industry in India. • Over the last 140 years, the Wadias have diversified into various fields of industry and commerce in collaboration with world leaders.
  9. 9. 1736 MARINE CONSTRUCTION • The Group’s first venture, over 250 years ago, was in the marine construction industry. • The Wadia’s were marine designers and master builders par excellence where they built 355 vessels that ploughed international waters, over their 160 years of existence, including the first ships constructed for the British Navy outside England.
  10. 10. Continue… • It was on one such ship, the ‘Minden’, that the American National Anthem was composed. On another Wadia-built deck, the ‘HMS Cornwallis’, the Treaty of Nanking, ceding Hong Kong to England, was signed. The second oldest ship in the world, ‘HMS Trincomalee’ which even today is afloat and intact in Hartlepool, is yet another marvel of the Wadias’ shipbuilding powers.
  11. 11. 1863 Bombay Burmah • Bombay Burmah is India’s second oldest publicly quoted company. • Today it operates in seven segments: • Plantation Products segment is engaged in produces/trades in tea, coffee, timber, cardamom and pepper. • Building Products segment manufactures/trades in phenolic laminates (industrial laminates including copper clad laminates and surfacing laminates). • Dental Products segment manufactures/trades in health care/dental products.
  12. 12. Continue… • Auto Ancillary Products segment manufactures precision springs for automobile and other industries. • Weighing Products segment manufactures/trades in analytical and precision balances, and weighing scales. • An investment segment invests in various securities listed as well as unlisted mainly on a long term basis and the real estate segment represents property development. • Today it is the second largest manufacturer of precision springs. Dealing in 1400 types of springs. Supply and export springs to major automobile players and industrial giants.
  13. 13. 1879 Bombay Dyeing • Bombay Dyeing has declared uninterrupted dividends for over a hundred and twenty five years. • In the Domestic Market, the company sells Bed, Bath and Home furnishing Products, as well as Clothing for Men, Women and Children through its network of over 300 Exclusive Retail shops all over India. • In the international market, the company sells to the top Bed and Bath companies around the world.
  14. 14. Products
  15. 15. 1918 Britannia • Britannia, India’s No.1 food brand for 10 consecutive years, is one of India’s best known and most admired brands. Approximately 2 million people buy Britannia food products every day. • Rated among the Top 10 ‘Most Trusted Brands’ across all product categories, it is also the No.2 Food Brand in a survey conducted by AC Nielsen. • It has a market share of approx 31% and sells through a network of over three and half million retail shops
  16. 16. Products
  17. 17. 1954 National Peroxide • NPL is a pioneer in India in peroxygen chemicals. Its product range also includes stabilizers for PVC. • It provides fully-integrated facility for hydrogen peroxide, in collaboration with world leaders. • Hydrogen Peroxide is a highly versatile chemical used in various industries for bleaching, chemical synthesis, environmental control/effluent treatment, sterilisation etc.
  18. 18. 2005 Go Air • Go Airlines (India) Ltd. is the aviation foray of The Wadia Group. • Go Air was launched with the objective of making air travel accessible to people. • The airline currently has a market share of 6%. • It operates a fleet of brand new airbus 320 aircraft. • The total aircraft on order from airbus as of date is 92 A320s.
  19. 19. 2011 Bombay Realty • Bombay Realty is transforming and redefining the Mumbai skyline with two mixed use developments in the centre of Mumbai. • These prime locations are being developed into world-class residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, branded residences, hospitals, schools and retail. • Bombay Realty seeks to create mixed-use developments that synchronize the ability to LIVE.WORK.PLAY.all at one place.
  20. 20. PHILANTHROPY • Wadia’s success is rooted in their communities. As individuals and as an institution, they benefited from the contributions of those before us. • We are here today because they have opened doors of learning and carved out new paths of possibilities. • In turn, they seek to enrich the community by widening portals of knowledge and extending pathways of opportunities, be it.
  21. 21. EDUCATION • The Wadia colleges in Pune provide higher education to 11,000 students. Another significant achievement in the academic field is the Neville N Wadia College of Business Management and Research. • 1932 Nowrosjee Wadia College of Arts & Science, Pune • 1938 Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology , Pune • 1969 Ness Wadia College of Commerce , Pune • 1991 Neville Wadia Institute of Management & Research, Pune • 1999 M.E. Society’s College of Engineering, Pune