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a study of india's longest campaign

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  • Primarily “Polka Girl“ for “Butter“
  • Imc amul final

    1. 1. An Advertising Campaign Analysis Presented by : Group 9 A Jayashankar ( 11Ex-001) Abhishek Rai ( 11Ex-002) Aditya Ghosh ( 11Ex-003) Akhil Sharma ( 11Ex-004) Aman Ajit ( 11Ex-005)
    2. 2. Amul : Introduction and History It all started in 1946, as a dairy cooperative movement in India with 250 liters of milk per day with name KAIRA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS’ UNION. Dr. Verghese Kurien, former chairman of the GCMMF is the man behind the success of Amul. The brand name Amul means “AMULYA” is derived from the Sanskrit word “AMULYA” which means “PRICELESS”. Amul has spurred the white revolution of India, which has made India the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world and the White Revolution has finally created a billion-dollor brand. Today Amul dairy is No.1 dairy in Asia and No.2 in the world, which is matter of proud for Gujarat and whole India.
    3. 3. Amul a brand that is truly Indian, like a very friendly next door neighbor of every Indian, has been an integral part of day to day life of every Indian since almost 5 decades. Amul : As a GCMMF Brand • The brand name AMUL is now managed by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF). • Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) is India's largest food product marketing organization with annual turnover (2010- 11) US$ 2.2 billion. Its daily milk procurement is approx 12 million lit (peak period) per day from 15,712 village milk cooperative societies, 17 member unions covering 24 districts, and 3 million milk producer members.
    4. 4. The Origin ( In year 1966) Amul Moppet : A history in making Advertising Agency : Advertising & Sales Promotion (ASP) Core Team : 1. Mr. Sylvester daCunha – Managing Director 2. Mr. Eustace Fernandes – Art Director 3. Mr. K Kurien – Creative Head In-charge of Amul "The idea came to me in a flash when we were given the Amul account. At that time I had only five thick coloured markers that I had brought back from Spain, blue, orange, green red & black. From these limited colours the girl was born. She got an orange face, a red polka dotted dress, blue hair, green lettering the 'utterly butterly' delightful slogans the whole country looked out for, and the black border of every Amul hoarding.“ ….Eustace Fernandes
    5. 5. Falling apart & the Dispute • Fernandes worked on the Amul account for three years till 1969 and then along with few ASP team started “Radeus Advertising” in 1974. • The amul account remained with Sylvester da Cunha under the ad agency named “daCunha Associates” where he held a post of chairman. Amul Moppet : A history in making The credit for creating the “Amul moppet” ran into a battle between Mr. DaChunha & Fernandes after the separation of team. Mr. Eustace Fernandes passed away at age of 75 in March 2010
    6. 6. Journey from 1960s to 2010s • Amul’s advertising has become a little edgier, a little more satirical in the last few years. • Ads focus more on popular events related to social, cultural, political, sports, Bollywood & even Hollywood for creating stories. • She is the Friday to Friday star i.e. was seen in a new avatar every Friday. • Taking on the role of a social observer, Amul hoardings have played a significant part in paving the way for a novel, no holes barred and tongue- in-the-cheek Indian, who mocks, celebrates and comprehends contemporary issues and history in a brand new way. Amul Moppet : A history in making
    7. 7. Amul: Campaign Analysis First Show “Amul Moppet” Campaign  Date - Launched in the summer of 1967  Place - A Charni Road billboard in Mumbai  Event – Premiere for one of Indian advertising’s most deliciously funny creations that introduced the concept of consumer humour or serious things spoken in jest. The utterly butterly Amul girl was born, and she has not grown an inch since. Amul Moppet: A thumb-sized six year old girl in red polka dotted dress, blue hair, round eyed, chubby cheeked, and winking at onlookers has been loved by everyone
    8. 8. Amul: Campaign Analysis Where does Amul’s magic actually lie?
    9. 9. The key elements of campaign success are :- Simplicity : On Simple Ideas & events Consistent: ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’ baseline unchanged for the last 40 years or so. Humor : Topicals on humor as core theme. Evergreen: Incorporation of current socio-economic events, landmarks in sport, films and almost every realm of life in India Truly the Taste of India A Culture by Itself: A tongue-in-cheek take on every moment of significance in India. Quality and Variety : Amul: Campaign Analysis
    10. 10. • Simple and Indian in Nature • Personality of a common Indian Individual • Largest food brand in India with annual Turnover of USD 1.068 Billion • Largest Producer of Milk and Milk Products in the World AMUL BRAND PERSONALITY • Amul Butter Advertisement: Since 1967, same 6 year old girl • Representation of the Economic Freedom of Farmers • Sub-Brands like Amul Gold, Taaza, Amul Butter and Amul Ice Creams AMUL BRAND IDENTITY • Amul Parlours: A frachisee concept, strong retail foothold • No Capex required: Sales at little Extra cost • Amul Parlour: Enjoys additional margin of 2.5% & Exclusive Promotional Offers AMUL BRAND RELATIONSHIPS • Interlocking Control: Professional Managers and Farmers work together as a team to strengthen the Co-operative • Coordination Agency: GCMMF as a coordinator, decides product mix at each location AMUL BRAND COMMUNITIES Amul: Brand Analysis
    11. 11. AMUL BRAND STRATEGIES  Brand Semiotic: Message in terms of symbols, signs and image Amul communicates through “Amul Girl” The Punchline, jingle, the Slogan “Taste of India” Patriotic Feeling, use of humour, typical Hinglish Brand Semiotic: Message in terms of symbols, signs and image Amul communicates through “Amul Girl” The Punchline, jingle, the Slogan “Taste of India” Patriotic Feeling, use of humour, typical Hinglish Amul Employer Branding: Amul entered overseas market- Mauritius, UAE, USA, Bangladesh, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few South African countries Total Amul parlours in India: 6000 Brand Umbrella: Amul's bread spreads : AmulLite, Amul Butter, and Delicious Table Margarine. Amul's milk drinks : AmulKool, AmulKool Cafe, Kool Koko, AmulKool Chocolate Milk, and AmulMasti Spiced Buttermilk Amul: Brand Strategies
    12. 12. Amul's powder milk : Amulya Dairy Whitener, Sugar Tea Coffee Whitener, Sugar Skimmed Milk Powder, and Amul Instant Full Cream Milk Powder. Amul cheese: Gouda Cheese, Amul Cheese Spreads, and AmulEmmental Cheese. Amul Brand's desserts: AmulBasundi, AmulLassee, GulabJamun Mix, AmulShrikhand, and Amul Ice Creams. Amul Corporate Branding: Mascot: A chubby butter girl commenting jovially on latest news or current events Amul Advertisements: Longest running advts based on theme, now viewing for Guinness Records First outdoor advt in 1976: Amul baby Amul Brand Architecture Amul and GCMMF acknowledged that development and growth Sustained growth for the long term would depend on matching supply and demand Effective management of the network and commercial viability would require professional managers and technocrats Amul: Brand Strategies
    13. 13. Consumer Advertising:  Targeting Middle class sector of India.  Emphasizing more on Brand rather than single product.  Huge Expenditure on Advertising unnecessary.  Advertising should be creative and in genuine. Media Platforms  Outdoor media : hoardings/billboards. Broadcast Media : television. Non-broadcast Media : cinema. Print media : newspapers ,general interest magazines. Internet : independent websites ,portals. Amul: Advertising Strategies
    14. 14. Amul - Competitors Products / Brands Competitors Butter Britannia, Nestle Cheese Britannia Baby Food Nestle, Heinz Dairy Whitener Segment Britannia, Nestle Ice-Creams HUL Chocolates & Confectionaries Cadbury, Nestle Pizza Pizza Hut, Dominos, Nirulas Frozen Curd Nestle, Mother Dairy Ultra High Treated Milk Britannia, Nestle Sweet Condensed Milk Nestle Paneer Britannia Milk Additives Cadbury, Smithkline Beecham Flavoured Milk Britannia, Nestle
    15. 15. Agency Pitch Situational and Competition Analysis Not just surviving but slaughtering competition Threats Biggest threat from Mother Diary. Threats from multinational and regional players Failures Pizza and chocolate not successful. Chubby amul girl replaced by health foods
    16. 16. Problems • No continuity in previous TV campaigns other than topicals. • Total ad spend is even less than 1 % of net revenue when it is around 14% for Unilever, 8% for Nestle & Britannia and for Cadbury it is about 10% Agency Pitch Then what could be done ? Persuasion Matrix This helps to see how each controllable element of their ad Interact with the consumer's response process Promotional Planning Comprehension/Receiver - Television Audience Attention/Source - Bittu Presentation/Channel - TV Commercial Yielding/Message - The Different Ads Dominates Social Networking Sites Twitter Viral Video Low Cost/ Concept Important
    17. 17. Future Promotional Strategy Choice of Media Traditionally used OOH media no longer justified. TV most powerful media for advertising Case Study: ZooZoos Used by vodafone. No celebrity required, low cost costumes. Zoozoos- slim women covered in white fabric. Only cost Rs.3 Crores for thirty advertisements What’s in for Amul ? Introduce a character something like Bittu to augment umbrella advertisement Amul undertakes. Cost effective and high visibility due to TV, social media.
    18. 18. Thank you…