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Namaste India milk

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  • The different Brand and Packaging Offered by the Company.
  • As Amul provides huge employment to the masses nearly
  • Namaste India

    1. 1. Namaste India Abhishek singh GHS-IMR
    2. 2. Intoduction About Formation of Namaste India Key People in Namaste India
    3. 3.  NAMASTE INDIA FOODS PVT. LTD. is an Indian Dairy Company that is committed to supply pure milk & milk products. It is situated at Shivrajpur,31 km far away from Kanpur Nagar. Company has established a developed Agriculture & Cattle Farm where Agriculture & Cattle Farming is done by the scientific method.
    4. 4.  The unit is fully automated with international standards. And is planning to collect, process and pasteurize 4 Lakh litre milk per day. It has collection centres in hundred villages and will be extending to 1000 villages by upcoming three years
    5. 5. Members Mr. Murli Dhar - Chairman & MD Mr. Bimal Kumar - Managing Director Mr. Manoj Kumar - Director Mr. Rahul Gyanchandani - Director Mr. Rohit Gyanchandani - Director
    6. 6. Products The product portfolio includes Pasteurized Milk, Pure Ghee, Cheese, Curd, Flavoured Milk and other dairy products.’’
    7. 7. Segmentation of Milk Young Children Urban Family
    8. 8. Functions of Namaste India Procurement Processing Marketing
    9. 9. Procurement Procurement phase includes the act of obtaining milk from the villages. Namaste India dairies have certain societies for this purpose. Namaste India act as a balancing tool for milk between villages and cities.
    10. 10. Processing It includes Pasteurization of milk. Grading and checking of milk. Two types of grading – State milk grading (SMG) National milk grading (NMG)
    11. 11. Marketing It comprises of – Distribution Packaging Warehousing Handling customer complaints through quality control department.
    12. 12. Quality control Quality control is an essential and most important department for any manufacturer. Quality control is depend upon only practical (Survey Analysis and Right Procedure). In NAMASTE INDIA at reception point of milk from different societies (Producers Villagers) Milk is collected and basic test are carried out quickly after cleaning it is send for further processing. Finally after pasteurization three type of milk obtain that is Full cream milk , Toned Milk , Active Milk. Milk
    13. 13. Testing ProessMilk procedure out through some stages---------------- 1. ORGANO LEPTIC TEST : - Seeing - Smell - Testing2. CLOT ON BOILING TEST:- After testing checking is done between good and pour milk. - Formalin test - Soda test - Urea test - Sugar test - Caustic test
    14. 14. 3. S.P.C. (Standard plate count) TEST - In this type of testing not more than 25000 Bacteria’s should be present in one ml of milk.4. CLR (Correct Lacto Meter Reading) Test - In this type of testing is done to find out quantity of water in milk.5. M.B.R.T. (Methyl Blue Reduction Test) - M.B.R.T. test is done for milk pasteurization. heating temperature should be 72-80 degree centigrade. Chilled temperature should be 5 degree below.
    16. 16.  PRODUCTION UNIT
    17. 17. Manufacturing units Alwar Aurangabad Chitradurg Dhar Ghaziabad Greater Noida Haridwar Jamnagar Jamshedpur Jhansi Kanpur New Delhi Roorkee Sagar
    18. 18. SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTH Offers VEG Products Price Sensitive Consumer meet for feedback Performance appraisal programmes Awareness programmes
    19. 19. Weakness No separate CRM department Home delivery services are not available Retail outlet are limited Limited horizon
    20. 20. Threats  Local milkmen  Parag Dairy
    21. 21. Opportunites Namaste India ATM’s to establish in urban area Allocation of distributors to expand distribution channels Should focus on rural areas Extend their reach in other states
    22. 22. AMUL MILK Founded in 1946 Indias largest food product marketing organisation with annual Sales Turnover - (2011-12)Rs. 11668 Crores (US $2.5 Billion) BRITANNIA Britannia Industries Ltd (Britannia) was established in 1892 in Kolkata With annual Sales Turnover -(2011-12)Rs. 11254 Crores (US $2.5 Billion LOCAL MILKMAN
    23. 23. Promotion Promotional tools, like Banners, hoardings, pamphlets. Advertising through radio, television etc.
    24. 24. Thank You