wireless transmission of electricity

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Abstract:In the present paper the various technologies available so far for wireless transmission of electricity and theneed for a Wireless System of Energy Transmission is being discussed to find its …

Abstract:In the present paper the various technologies available so far for wireless transmission of electricity and theneed for a Wireless System of Energy Transmission is being discussed to find its possibility in actual practices, theiradvantages, disadvantages and economical consideration. Thispaper is mainly concentrated on :(i) The most popular conceptknown as Tesla Theory,(ii) The microwave power transmission(MPT) called Solar power satellite, and(iii) The highly efficientfibre lasers for wireless power transmission.Many concepts, research papers, patents are available on wireless transmission of electricity but the commercial technologies are yet to be materialized. The paper also discussesthe possible ways to get useful and practical results out of all research carried out so far elsewhere.Microwave ovenmagnetron with electronics to control the output power. The output microwave power ranges from 50 W to 200 W at 2.45 GHz. A coaxial cable connects the output of the microwave source to a coax-to-waveguide adapter. This adapter is connected to a waveguide ferrite circulator which protects the microwave source from reflected power. The circulator is connected to a tuning waveguide section to match the waveguide impedance to the antenna input impedance. The slotted waveguide antenna consists of 8 waveguide sections with 8 slots on each section. These 64 slots radiate the power uniformly through free space to the rectenna. The slotted waveguide antenna is ideal for power transmission because of its high aperture efficiency Key words – Wireless transmission, Tesla theory, Microwave power transmission, Fiber lasers, Collaborative research.

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  • 2.  Wireless electrical transmission as the name shows is the transmission of electrical energy without wires to any place on the earth .
  • 3.  NICOLA TESLA invented radio and shown us he is indeed “ THE FATHER OF WIRELESS “. In 1964 WILLIAM C. BROWN demonstrated a rectenna which could convert microwave power to electricity .
  • 4. INDUCTIVE COUPLING• Very short distance transmission.RESONANT INDUCTIVECOUPLING• Moderate distance transmission.MICROWAVE ELECTRICITYTRANSMISSION• Long distance transmission.
  • 5.  Here transfer of energy takes place by electromagnetic coupling through a process called mutual induction . Thismethod works only when receiver is in close proximity to the transmitter . APPLICATIONS :-Wi-power technology . Electric toothbrush. Electromagnetic card reader.
  • 6.  RIC function on the concept that if you make two resonant objects of same resonant frequency tends to exchange energy efficiently , while interacting with extraneous off resonant objects . Transmission range for this method is nearly 5-10 meters .
  • 7.  Microwavetransmission refers to the technology of transmitting information or power by the use of microwaves waves .
  • 9.  MERITS : High efficiency Low cost high transmission integrity less power loss areas where needs of electric and no method of delivering
  • 10.  DEMERITS :- Economic impact the concept looks costly initially . BIOLOGICAL IMPACT :- Calculating the circulating relative power , it was found that the frequency is small and such a frequency is very biological compatible .
  • 11.  Generating power by placing satellites with giant solar array in geo synchronous earth orbit and transmitting the power as microwaves to the earth known as solar power satellites (SPS) . Moving targets such as fuel free airplanes, fuel free electric vehicles , moving robots and fuel free rockets .
  • 12. A SPS (solar power station/satellite ) is a gigantic satellite design as an electric power plant and transmits the electricity via microwave to a receiving site on the earth by using phased array antennas .FEATURES OF SPS Pollution free power plant . Power at any time of the day and night. Power regardless of the weather .
  • 13.  The transmission of power without wires is not a theory or a mere possibility , it is now reality. The electrical energy can be economically transmitted without wires to any terrestrial distance . Wireless transmission of electricity have tremendous merits like high transmission integrity and low loss .