P.O.K.- a lost Heaven


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  • P.O.K.- a lost Heaven

    1. 1. P.O.K. - A Lost Heaven Presented By Mayuresh Gawhankar Mayur Shahu Onkar Asai
    2. 2. What is POK? •POK stand for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. •It is western part of Jammu and Kashmir state, occupied by Pakistan in October 1947.
    3. 3. Map Of POK
    4. 4. History Of P.O.K. •In August 1947, when British abandoned their suzerainty for Jammu and Kashmir which was a princely state was ruling by maharaja Hari Singh. •He was not yet decide to merge his state to India or Pakistan. So he signed ‘Stand Still’ Agreement. Pakistan accepted it but India refused. •In September 1947, western part of state was attacked by Pakistan intentionally to occupy Kashmir. Hari Singh tried at his own, but failed •So he called Indian Army and merge his state to India. But some part was occupied by Pakistan. It is called as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).
    5. 5. History- War After P.O.K. • Only within 3 months from independence, that is 27, October, India and Pakistan had their first war. • In August 1965, 30,000 to 40,000 Pakistan soldiers attacked India. • In December 3rd 1971, Bangladesh liberation war. • In 3rd May 1999, Pakistan troops attacked kargil part of Jammu and Kashmir.
    6. 6. Parts Of P.O.K. POK is divided in two parts1. Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) – the narrow, southern part, 250 miles (400 km) long, with a width varying from 10 to 40 miles (16 to 64 km). 2. Gilgit–Baltistan formerly called the Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANA) – the much larger area to the north of AJK, 72,496 square kilometers (27,991 sq mi).
    7. 7. Geography Of P.O.K. • The northern part of Azad Jammu and Kashmir encompasses the lower part of the Himalayas, including Jamgarh Peak (15,531 feet [4,734 meters]). • Muzaffarabad is capital of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. • There pleasant weather, green mountains with white peak, makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth. • To west it has Pakistan, to east and north Gilgit and baltistan, to south, Punjab region.
    8. 8. Government of P.O.K. • Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) is a self-governing state under Pakistani control. • Gilgit and Baltistan region is controlled by Pakistan government. • Raja Farooq Haider Khan is prime minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. • Azad Kashmir has its own elected president, prime minister, legislature, high court, and official flag.It has a supreme body consisting of 11 members, six from the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and five from the government of Pakistan.
    9. 9. Culture of P.O.K. •The culture of Azad Kashmir has many similarities to that of northern Punjabi (Potohar) culture in Punjab province. •The natives of Azad Kashmir speak Urdu, Potwari, and the Pahari languages. •The traditional dress of Kashmiri women is the shalwar kameez in Pahari style. The shalwar kameez is commonly worn by both men and women. •Urdu is the official language of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
    10. 10. P.O.K. A Last Heaven, WHY? • Beautiful valleys, Mountains, Neelum & Sindhu (Indus) rivers, Scenic lakes and fertile natural beauty makes P.O.K.- ‘A LOST HEAVEN’. • There are mineral and marble resources in Azad Kashmir close to Mirpur and Muzaffarabad. • There are also graphite deposits at Mohriwali and reservoirs of low-grade coal.
    11. 11. Dudipatsar lake , kaghan valley
    12. 12. Hidden Lake karumbar
    13. 13. The Dudipatsar Lake
    14. 14. Shangrila
    15. 15. Recent News & Condition • Pakistani troops in P.O.K. were provoked by Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, resulting in beheading of one Indian soldier and killing of one another. • Very critical situation at Line Of Control. • Brad Adams, the Asia director at Human Rights Watch said, "Human rights are hold no meaning in AJK.”
    16. 16. Conclusion P.O.K-A Lost heaven Lost for Indians! Lost for world! And lost for people of P.O.K!
    17. 17. References • www.Google.com • Wikipedia • Times of india
    18. 18. We need to fight for this crown of INDIA!!!! THANK YOU