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Non comp quiz

  1. 1. quiz
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  3. 3. • Answer
  4. 4. • Doomsday clock
  5. 5. • The X serials of 1930s followed space explorer X as he battled against the forces of evil led by Ming the Merciless.• These serials were massive inspirations to George Lucas to the extent that he directly copied the opening credit crawls for the iconic credits sequence of Star Wars.• Hint : The character of X was referenced heavily in the movie Ted too.
  6. 6. • answer
  7. 7. • Flash Gordon
  8. 8. Give the blank• ________is a series of books, usually featuring a collection of short and dense inspirational stories and motivational essays compiled by motivational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.• There have been numerous volumes of _________ issued. As of January 2006, there were over 105 titles. Many of the books are directed at specific groups of people.• The name of the series was chosen because X is a home remedy and was thus good for the body.
  9. 9. • answer
  10. 10. • Chicken Soup for the Soul
  11. 11. @!!#?@!• X is an arcade video game developed and published by Gottlieb in 1982.• It was well received in arcades and by critics. The success resulted in sequels and use of the characters likeness in merchandising, such as appearances on lunch boxes, toys, and an animated television show.• The game has been referenced in episodes of the television series South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, and The Simpsons and most recently in the movie Wreck it Ralph.
  12. 12. • answer
  13. 13. • Q*bert
  14. 14. Connect (exhaustive)
  15. 15. • answer
  16. 16. • They all have portrayed (or will portray) Jack Ryan from the Jack Ryan series of novels from Tom Clancy.
  17. 17. Connect to a 2009 movie
  18. 18. • answers
  19. 19. Ans.• They are inspirations for monsters in Monsters vs. Aliens
  20. 20. Some say, if you knew what X knows, you’d wake up screaming.• X attempted to race to 100 mph and then come to a halt on the 200 metres long flight deck of HMS Invincible, a Royal Navy aircraft carrier, on which British Aerospace Sea Harrier jump jets reach 100 mph before take- off.• However he ‘died’. Who?
  21. 21. • answer
  22. 22. • The Stig
  23. 23. Connect the 3 pictures (specific)
  24. 24. • Answer
  25. 25. • The Bastille
  26. 26. Give X• X (born 5 March 1925) is a French-Vietnamese lawyer who has earned fame continually since the 1950s, first as an anticolonialist communist figure and then for defending a long string of well known clients which include both leftwing and rightwing terrorists, war criminals, and militants, including Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy, Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie and international terrorist Carlos the Jackal.• The media have sensationalized him with the sobriquet, "the Devils advocate", and he himself has contributed to his "notorious" public persona by such acts as titling his autobiography The Brilliant Bastard and giving provocative replies in interviews. He claims that when asked if he would have defended Hitler, he replied, "...Id even defend Bush! But only if he agrees to plead guilty."
  27. 27. • answer
  28. 28. • Jacques Verges
  29. 29. Give the blank• The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibits the use in international warfare of bullets which easily expand or flatten in the body, giving as example a bullet with a jacket with incisions or one that does not fully cover the core. This is often incorrectly believed to be prohibited in the Geneva Conventions, but it significantly predates those conventions.• These bullets were given the name ______, after an early British example produced in the ______ arsenal, near Calcutta, India.• Hint : The arsenal is popular for another reason too.
  30. 30. • Answer
  31. 31. • Dum-Dum bullets• Dum-Dum Arsenal was a British military facility located near the town of Dum Dum (near Calcutta) in modern West Bengal, India.• The arsenal was at the centre of the India Rebellion of 1857 regarding suspicion that cartridges distributed at the arsenal were greased with pig and cow fat.
  32. 32. Give X• The X medal was instituted in 1943 in the United Kingdom by Maria _____ to honour the work of animals in war.• The first recipients of the award, in December 1943, were three pigeons, serving with the Royal Air Force, all of whom contributed to the recovery of air crew from ditched aircraft during the Second World War. The most recent animal to be honoured is Theo, a search dog serving in Afghanistan. As of October 2012, it has been awarded 64 times.
  33. 33. • Answer
  34. 34. • Dickin medal
  35. 35. Give X and Y• John Walter Montagu of Beaulieu, was a British Conservative politician and promoter of motoring.• During his first marriage Beaulieu had a daughter by his mistress and secretary Eleanor Thornton. Wanting an appropriate mascot for his _______, and using Eleanor Thornton as a model to symbolise the secrets of their love, the sculptor was commissioned to design the precursor (called “X") of the Y; the famous mascot that has adorned nearly every _______ car since 1911.
  36. 36. • answer
  37. 37. • X – The Whisper • Y – Spirit of Ecstasy
  38. 38. Give X• The X is a traditional Christian visual symbol which expresses many aspects of the doctrine of the _______, summarizing the first part of the Athanasian Creed in a compact diagram.• This diagram consists of four nodes (generally circular in shape) interconnected by six links.• The X is not generally intended to be any kind of schematic diagram of the structure of God, but instead is merely a compact visual device from which the twelve propositions can be read off.
  39. 39. • Answer
  40. 40. Shield of Trinity• Propositions:- "The Father is God" "The Son is God" "The Holy Spirit is God" "God is the Father“ "God is the Son" "God is the Holy Spirit" "The Father is not the Son" "The Son is not the Father" "The Father is not the Holy Spirit" "The Holy Spirit is not the Father" "The Son is not the Holy Spirit" "The Holy Spirit is not the Son"
  41. 41. Give X• X is located approximately 10 km off the eastern coast of India on the Bay of Bengal and about 70 km south of Chandipur in Orissa. The island is about 2 km in length and 390 acres.• Became widely popular in India on 19th April, 2012.
  42. 42. • Answer
  43. 43. • Wheeler Island
  44. 44. Give X• X is a puzzle game and part of a very popular video game series.• On March 8, 2012, National Geographic updated their Web site to offer the official companion book to the game in their e-store namely X: A Furious Flight into the Final Frontier.• X paid homage to several popular games like Tetris, Pac man, Super Mario etc. in its bonus levels.
  45. 45. • answer
  46. 46. • Angry Birds Space
  47. 47. Give the movie• Act of Providence is a supernatural detective novella by Joseph Payne Brennan and Donald M. Grant.• The novella features Brennans supernatural detective Lucius Leffing and is set during the first World Fantasy Convention in Providence, Rhode Island in 1975.• A recent Bollywood movie is said to be inspired from it, though the director and lead actor vehemently oppose this.
  48. 48. • Answer
  49. 49. • Talaash