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Circa 2004 AD, the learning started, something of a behemoth developed in our minds and then on a fine sunny day in 2008 we thought of this name and what we will accomplish with this name. From it's initiation in 2008 to this day in 2012 almost four and half year passed; and an all new, all encompassing company surfaces out of oblivion.. With a dream to initiate and ignite a fashion revolution. More of it has to do with what we can give back to the society in these times when most of the big brands are trying to make a mockery of our common sense. Lets start the journey together.

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leanTEX Introduction

  1. 1. Innovate.Ideate.Implement.IntegrateManagement consultants for apparel operations, providing services in manufacturing facility set-up, production enhancement techniques, industrial engineering, standard quality systems, performance optimization and lean manufacturing implementations
  2. 2. Founded on the principle of “Innovation to Implementation to Success” We are core manufacturing advisors, dedicated to providing solutions in Apparel business. SustainableCredentials of our team are in Refined system Industrial re-building professional relations with engineeringour clients through: Manufacturing concepts Improved Productivity, Better Quality Systems, Waste Reduction, Higher ROI
  3. 3. A team of established garment technologists at LEANtex ,builds and enhances capabilities of clients through in-houseinnovation in Kaizen/ lean Application systems engineering Capacity building Performance enhancement Business start-up
  4. 4. Our Services In Apparel Operations Manufacturing facility start-up Industrial engineering System streamlining Lean manufacturing implementation
  5. 5. Manufacturing Facility Start Up Ideation & Planning & Formation & Design Training Sustainability • Analyze Product • Project team • Installation cost & manufacturing formation effective & capacity • Gantt charting & enhanced • Develop layout & tool selection manufacturing blueprints • Define SOP & JD systems • Plan for best • “Root-trainings” • Design strong process & quality practices on floor • Capacity build- system • Rigorous training up & SAM • Design on productivity & churning organization systems • “Turnkey tool- structure • Introduction of kit” for trouble “Quality Drills” shooting
  6. 6. Industrial Engineering • Need assessment • Activity charting & Capacity build-up • Micro-motion economy & measures Efficiency • Work measurement • Advance analytical method training • CAD & GSD Performance installation • Method improvement • OB optimization for modular lines • Evaluation & incentive planning
  7. 7. System Streamlining : Our services provides innovativetechniques for profit maximization, reduction in lead time, betterinventory control and quality management, while improvising menmaterial and methods utilization Statistical tools for process & quality Customizing DFD, IDEFO Internationally approved SOP & ERP “5 Why’s & ISIWAKA kit” for better AQL Strong SCM & inventory control methods Root-level cross training for best practices
  8. 8. Lean Manufacturing Implementations Kaizen 6σ, TPM, TQM SMED, Value Stream Mapping, DMAIC Modular Manufacturing, FIFO, Takt Time, Kanban, Poka Yoke 5S, SOP, Visual Controls, Skill Monitoring