Fedora Core 6 Vs Ubuntu 6.10


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Fedora Core 6 Vs Ubuntu 6.10

  1. 1. Reviews i. in; i>. : <‘li; ‘:riliiilions Fedora Core 6 vs Ubuntu 6.10 Ubuntu's giant community and Shuttleworth's millions versus Fedora's giant community and Red Hat's. .. well. whatever it has. Andy Hudson is your referee. .. F mnv 'flEl" 0' we“ (I xi-it-'1': In brief. .. W * l: -)"»: ~j aim: »r t-.11 -ris “mm <5»; we '4»? uamr , ‘: l'1IIt'1.1m ""9 E111, _ . _ , . , ra_ .11 lC4_? ,'ll'E 'ry: «11 1»; rigid in ma Itdnuogjbo ' " Son: ~r1.: r_m:1». ny-jir1r1_xj{. tn-u5dev0a-snfillsi . ~: n;1w: I I 11 —r, m1.1va. » Gr 11 TH , .,n ' llv»? _w3:fri‘i 11:»; r 31:-: lrw: s n 1r. '1-arpircurg 3 9|. -El .7 ‘tar ll»? -’-I yiul wart “HI I l-. ‘s. ~_« l’_BITI? E psi utlr-. ma amlcn n . S ri: l’1l~it »l.1;:1‘1‘l'10J :1 , mater‘. .1,1j1'1,‘ n: i_1rtt< J rm '3 in I-: <:l:1-ilu: -1 ‘ it‘? 5“ V71. I E-I'll»? ! r: r.s: - to .1r»t(dl 'd'.1tharlI1,1r-r . ’cr11:: di grij C-: Il'lI’1‘ll1II‘, was in? “Vita: -1 . »‘_»r,11i1rk 13l'i, ‘ll'T 1311 Eng, En ‘hr 71 L: J.lP1j: [il’i_, -nérrz ll i, r.1i‘. sanl. : s-11111"-V l’la'. ~7 ". ?[1[nj»1F-1 Fr} r'>fi~f'l' 'l»j1jhr >_« iwhijh mi? arm ' _. :1, re ri; 1ur. j:. t4r»: il"»:1 lrai-1,.1vn'»: my __h 931; I ijmjvllv, Eu’ 1:141»: -j tr, l_Ij4nr, . ll’ ,1 , mil lji»: Jtie ‘mug in . ‘r 1! 1) 9 J19: l_| j4,i1i, . J. -jilab . i_l: i,r‘m 1 1- -.1i]1h; - I_ln'. »:13e ): lL. IIlll3' hm»: rd SL. _l4 ii , ‘nr1 " -, - F. _.l’1,i‘ilI1 1'» [Ii *1 ‘fl 1111: 1 ti 1’ ‘_'. j;_: jv 51»; rep‘ irciry tut -7.1911 than I, .r, inr, i '11ja.1.s: -,-; _ar nu, ’n 1" gecarnre warm; 11-} l'. ~¢, .1l«ir(. j l'lTl"| §I rr ‘llv.1Cn2l, '.s= LII) 2’ yin l Vin ; ,l5l [Vp if II I ‘an - rlq ]r11lhJlif4l«irn, j1"l En:1j. ir'1ji11th; « thé l‘. ~'* am mm w"~: ‘r»: «' it Nll and runnllg man r'7(“ICl3l'Iih "crs tr‘; wriisvi the .5: thy liI’, ‘D‘ ir. l.m. ': .‘1(llVFlmfil’1I’I ‘l'| ]I‘$E< I13 'l>, « . ,lt-, irr1i M: _n m; ijhr>: < I11! -:11 Ty: .1: >311 Ill’1IIv}I u‘[m1_-1‘ill’-§~All-? rra'€l‘€lJ| n in-, ghnfih [1 on ‘Il' .11‘-J»:1 l *1: F1 i: IEI" -l L-_, i:l1. A 11-r. rullgn 111 TAT? ’ -, i:n_1 Q _ in :05 ll», 3:1 lhan 1-11: -1 1-.3imI1,1 : h: x1:u m13.; ..i.1|i1-; E«iirirlri| ':gll;1l i1'i. ‘c_. Apt-get Pinl LII: -Jntu enable: 'n: ulc1:cr! by ; :<: cuLunv ~ if : m})' In cnnlra. -1. F¢du: v:. x‘: Hm! I! . hllitil an an all ; 'xurI. u9~_- iii-Iilaipsirrrril WHO‘ lI‘| :~ —-I1‘; vlllwrwisw D‘IJ’. ‘!I'. ‘1llljltilllillflrllll 'unj.1lg l_ filly il 3 . xwu~ ‘ifilll. 21': Q. ’: S'li2i)6 11 =
  2. 2. The weigh-in Lhttin IS t't“t‘ui€S “¥-fin" I 353*. ‘ I5? 053. LI 910 K I g': (lI(5 1.1-1 . ".0G‘? '; -Ilmtmt tJatte' the szutttru out or was oupcnent. Jbantu IS div-aed‘nom Ddatar. and henents hugely tmrn harm: act at uncteron ‘.5 oeckme rnareeevnem Fe-dcra on the other rznct reles hearty open ttxn to hanate us army or R-9M9. ‘Mm all due resoect to the turn deuetooers. :10: get ts a vastty suoertcv and mucr faster tocl tor retnevng ana nstatlru packages W"E<h8' at the co-nmand Ine wth we-pt upddo It went fldweuudo. or vs-"2 Update Marwel or S; -nenm. 40! getresoonds auctdy and prmtdestm uw' -am a novaerf.1I. &1sy to use 'necha"t5'n to Install new oackaes A tar anomt at wort: has gone nto handing the (our guratnr ot “Fedora is a must-have for anyone wanting to examine Xen. ” sottwele reposrtore-s w LDtl1U. ‘nll? ' an at new Software Sourvescul tool T"tS tool eoabtes yet: to easly ccnttzwe '. he aouusltn ‘Ie. nut also ha'1dest'-e rroortrg at (PC was Fall mates to Jbantu tor pnzmdng thus out otthe box In start» and rather caret contrast. :EdCt3t5|u'V1DErEd'Mlh Prrur. the reolacerwnt tor the tore hateo r! dd/ Remme Packages Prruttlrst sawthe Imt at day n -'C5. ard a ms we tr-rcugh some t"'It'Cl nzwscon tor F06 although at nesn’: more-wed my the lwoamenta crool: -'n sh I15 rolance Vpcn Vt/ mtocoal the grmt vucttc under-wzeth with the axed sst. -es t"a'. meet that tony deans own aw epotucattm that eels on 1 so P»/ ans nomby stow Mother mnor p01r". tSlV'(‘ dutficulty t''. *( he mo uscr has an actt: -ssarg aw of'. no=1PMson the CDso' (ND Jm: -ss )-Du sp-ac-ty that you war". ye-ckaaes attm man nstsllat-on wtliit‘ let‘. to dov-noaa any patients st'ae"t tram the ntemet, ‘t-is Dretly rmc" curcmrwerzs any cent-tlts tt'-we an: to ha-are the "we sottwave TQDC5It0')‘ or a Iccat oobcat asc. a"d s extrcnvzy rrustrattrg Uscru the Jbuntu suooitd tool 5 smut‘-city ntsetl compare-o wan ham: to work wlh Fedora tnc real vumcr tor Fedora vs the ntcgrat on of XM. Sooderty toe dvsaaraeng commmts rnaot by Red t-at LIEU rwjamnu 2? , / Linux distributions Reviews . @x . toast . nn 3:. - ——pu-—p-. ::- ‘ -Ova-n . -5 onuu-——o-o-u-—-—- $03150 it t I I I nnmmm c t )ThIduOotlIfiIIwhIuIdIoIoO0rIornIZJllIl¢IlnL2.hhrICarI6AItl Uhurntrl@«£1t(AovuIlnvc)hunbvIynctordrum-fiuardcmpdeulhos ehcut Nmetls oossaby wemature 'e-ease at Xenwewsoes-x. LX786] become orty tco (.921 ‘adore has «acted to' the tectvtclozy to morcve. D'Duldl1] henea neat too to manage me hypervnsar named WtuaIM. rIw'. e Marwer and a n. ,n‘ber of other emame-'nen'. s "ws mites Fedora 3 must haue tor arryme wantiru to e-Hrune item we can ow droo In zntcspatscn or’ Red Hat E'Il9t’| :r1S€ Lnrux 5 aod the Xsnzooctes oontzmea trereun Minor touches Fcr Ubuntu were rs no such goodness on otter‘ Vtzsyoucamrstal Ken and yes there are some utlmes to manage I: . out nototru as smc-an and oolsheo as n Fectva Harness -mat has rem bacon Lkzmtu rsthe ‘act that Edzy has orty rad tour months at dew: -opmzvlt. as opposed to Fedora's si- rmrtncycte Ms 5 la’; -my aw: zotm -: m:rm* or Daooer (-mm ftrsultcfi n a goat ostrc) and cerhaos Man: LINUX Verdict FOGM-‘-T FaIhnCore6 DIvIlnpu': ’l‘h: &fl: nPa¢| a W&: |ltndIhbIunjm. oIu ‘ fiesndafll. Putuu 9'10 Pciomnce 9'10 Bantu: 7/10 Duundflm U10 Domeqahaaondttno. mmaddd XaayaatInenGftaePedo: uaohartneto imprueatdnu uonhqantlt. Rating 8/10 Smtt er-mh has been a ntte eeeer to tees to tre October/ Aanl retease scredues Nthoter Shuttteworth named Ubuntu 6 10 the Edgy Ett uneapectator‘ t"a'. n mght not oethe most stable ctst'o. we "ad Imte or no s'. abnt~, - prohems tn ract It feels etrr-as‘. we a slentty enhanced Japoer. alt-en wrthout tre three years of suooort. Hopetuly Edgy -1 MI see agreate' shit un tecrnctogy ard ttnctuordtty. out nzht now there IS utttetotemm 3 move tmm Dancer to Edgy. Us. .etty we are ertuswe :1 cu prarse ot Ubt. ntu. hm has time rt rs more restrained So is '. hs a poor nrococt? Just the cuooosrte‘ Dapper Drake was an excepttcnal release am: so IS thst It mzht not teed as sea as Fedora. bu: tea: rs because the ‘adore Protect has nae so mucr further to come In tact. =edcra users st'o. .|d uowade to P06 as soon as they ca“. tee Fedora Protect was pnxtuo: -c 3 dstro to ac reckoned ‘M11. | .III| IlluG. .I.0 Duvlhoutfilnuil Wehwwu Putalu 7/10 Pcinlunne lotto undue lotto Deenldflhn U10 Dmenmvefiummnyzrbflnntnmare adwtetttmatamvnamdeontyllyou Inueoburnlnnnead. Rating 9/10 Ch 9'-r. -..7 Zrialhnhluut J. ‘ 25'tOfl6 IOSIB