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3D Internet

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY:- GUIDED BY:- ABHINAV PAL REG NO:- 1101288323 BRANCH:- CSE ROLL NO:- 35 SEC :- E 3D Internet
  2. 2. • Combination of two powerful forces Internet 3D Graphics • The result : Interactive ,real time 3D graphics delivered over the web What is 3D Internet ?
  3. 3. • Introduction • History • Why 3D Internet? • Architecture • Advantages • Disadvantages • Applications • Examples of 3D technology • Conclusion • References CONTAINTS
  4. 4. • The internet is evolving to become to de- facto cyberspace. • The 3D internet is one of the most important technologies world is looking forward. • 3D internet is also known as virtual worlds. • It is powerful new way for reach consumers ,business customers ,students etc. • 3D internet is actually a much better alternative way of organizing data which every one knows and uses.
  5. 5. Web 1.0 • In this a small number of writers created web page for large no. of readers. • People could get informations by going directly to source link like Adobe.com for design issue Microsoft.com for window issue CNN.com for news issue Web 2.0 • In this people publish content that other people can consume , company built platform that people publish content for other people (flicker, you tube, Wikipedia, blogger).
  6. 6. • Web 2.0 is reach in feature, it has user friendly interface based on Ajax or similar rich in media . • Web 2.0 become popular mainly because of its rich look and user of best GUI. Web 3.0 • Web 3.0 applications we will see the data being integrated and applying it into innovative ways that were never possible before. • Imagine taking things from Amazon, integrating it with data from Google and then building a site that would define your shopping experience based on a combination of Google Trends and New Products. • Another major leap in the Web 3.0 is the introduction of the 3D Internet into the web, hence these would replace the existing Web Pages with the Web Places contd…..
  7. 7. Contd.
  8. 8. • Interesting 3D Shopping. • Easy social interactions. • To represent interior design effectively. • Gaming made more interesting. • Distance learning is a joyous experience. Why 3D Internet?
  9. 9. World servers Provide user- or server-side created, static and dynamic content making up the specific web place (3D environment) including visuals, physics engine, avatar data, media, and more to client programs. Avatar/ID servers Virtual identity management systems containing identity, avatar information and inventory of registered users and providing these to individual world servers and relevant client programs (owner, owners friends) while ensuring privacy and security of stored information.  Universal location servers Virtual location management systems similar and including current DNS providing virtual geographical information as well as connection to the Internet via methods similar to SL URL. They can also act as a distributed directory of the world, avatar servers and users. Architecture
  10. 10.  Clients Browser-like viewer programs running on users computers with extensive networking, caching, and 3D rendering capabilities. Additional components of the 3D Internet include web places (replacing websites) and 3D object creation/editing software, i.e. easy-to-use 3D modeling and design programs such as Sketch-Up and communication protocols. contd…
  11. 11. • Participants have control throughout the virtual space. • Content readily available. • Participants have a choice in whether to interact with an offering. ADVANTAGES
  12. 12. • The limited effectiveness of traditional media techniques. • Lack of an effective way for enabling people in virtual world. • An inconsistent enabling in world participants to easily interact with a access video , rich multimedia and wed content. DISADVANTAGES
  13. 13. E-commerce • Product visualization • 3D virtual shop • Interact in virtual workspace Education • Web based training using interactive 3D • Virtual experimental of physical science(tech learn and practice in a way that’s feel ”real”) Entertainment • Multi-player ,fully 3D game • Streaming 3D animation
  14. 14. Collaborative design and engineering • Architecture • Product design • 3D visualization of data for various field. Contd…..
  15. 15.  Google goggles : Any one putting “the goggles” Will be immersed in a 3D “stereo- Vision” virtual reality called 3D life
  16. 16.  3D Shopping 3D internet dedicated years of research and development worlds first fully functional interactive shopping mall where user can navigate and find themselves into virtual shopping environment. contd…
  17. 17. • Provided an overview concept of 3D internet. • At this point of time we are facing an unique opportunity of evolution of internet towards much more versatile, interactive and usable version i.e. 3D INTERNET. • There are still many challenges on the way. • Immediacy of TV + Versatile content of web + Relationship building strengths of social networking site = INTERACTIVE 3D INTERNET Conclusion
  18. 18. • www.slideshare.com • www.seminaronly.com • www.google.com • www.computer.howstuffworks.com • www.activeworlds.com References
  19. 19. Thank you