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11 Pdd


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  • 1. Project Design Document
  • 2. Project Design Document
    • The project design document (PDD) is the main document involved in the process of developing a CDM project activity. It is one of the three documents required for a CDM project to be registered
    • - Letter of approval from the DNA.
    • - Validation report from the DOE.
    • The PDD is reviewed by the DOE during the validation process to ensure that a project meets the requirements for validation. The PDD is also used as the basis of consultation with stakeholders, which is conducted by making the PDD and related documentation.
    • The PDD is submitted by the DOE to the Executive Board for registration.
  • 3. Requirement to develop a CDM-PDD
    • The requirement to develop a PDD is set out in 3/CMP.1, Annex, Appendix B:
    • A project activity shall be described in detail taking into account the provisions of the annex on modalities and procedures for a CDM, in particular, section G on validation and registration and section H on monitoring, in a project design document (3/CMP.1, Annex, Appendix B, paragraph 2).
  • 4. Types of PDDs
    • Specific PDDs exist for different project types:
    • - Large-scale project activities (CDM-PDD)
    • - Small-scale project activities (CDM-SSC-PDD)
    • - Afforestation and reforestation project activities
    • (CDM-AR- PDD)
    • - Small-scale afforestation and reforestation project
    • activities (CDM-SSC-AR-PDD)
    • Programmes of Activities (CDM-POA-DD) and
    • CDM Programme Activities (CDM-CPA-DD)
  • 5. Content of the CDM-PDD
    • Describe the project and establish a project boundary
    • Describe the baseline methodology
    • Establish the duration and crediting period
    • Describe how the project is additional
    • Describe the environmental impacts of the project
    • Sources of public funding
    • Stakeholder comments
    • Monitoring plan
    • Calculations
  • 6. Content of the PDD
    • A description of the project comprising the project purpose, a technical description of the project, including how technology will be transferred, if any, and a description and justification of the project boundary
    • A proposed baseline methodology in accordance with the annex on modalities and procedures for a CDM including, in the case of the:
    • --- Application of an approved methodology:
      • Statement of which approved methodology has been selected;
      • Description of how the approved methodology will be applied in the
      • context of the project
    • --- Application of a new methodology:
      • Description of the baseline methodology and justification of choice,
      • including an assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the
      • methodology
    • --- National and/or sectoral policies , transparency and conservative view
    • of emissions
  • 7. Content of the PDD
    • Statement of the estimated operational lifetime of the project and which crediting period was selected;
    • Description of how the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases by sources are reduced below those that would have occurred in the absence of the registered CDM project activity;
    • Environmental impacts
    • Information on sources of public funding for the project activity from Parties included in Annex I which shall provide an affirmation that such funding does not result in a diversion of official development assistance and is separate from and is not counted towards the financial obligations of those Parties
    • Stakeholder consultation process and comments, and how this was taken into account
  • 8. Global Stakeholder Process
    • The Global Stakeholder Process is conducted by displaying the PDD on the UNFCCC or designated operational entity's website for a period of 30 days, during which time Parties, stakeholders and UNFCCC accredited observers may make comments.  These comments are also made publicly available.
  • 9. Content of the PDD
    • Monitoring plan
    • --- Data needs and data quality with regard to accuracy, comparability, completeness
    • --- Methodologies to be used for data collection,quality assurance and quality control provisions
    • --- In the case of a new monitoring methodology, provide a description of the methodology, including an assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the methodology and whether or not it has been applied successfully elsewhere;
  • 10. Content of the PDD
    • Calculations
    • a) Description of formulae used to calculate and estimate anthropogenic emissions by sources of greenhouse gases of the CDM project activity within the project boundary;
    • b) Description of formulae used to calculate and to project leakage,
    • The sum of (a) and (b) above representing the CDM project activity emissions;
    • c ) Description of formulae used to calculate and to project the anthropogenic emissions by sources of greenhouse gases of the baseline
    • Difference between (c) and (a + b) above representing the emission reductions of the CDM project activity
    • References to support the above, if any.