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  • 1. Title:Benefits of LavenderBody:Majority of us know lavender as the source of most versatile essential oil and herbs. Itsmells overwhelmingly. Lavender is capable of doing more than smelling lovely! It can helpcure sleeplessness or insomnia, heal burns and bring on sleep. It is simply one of thenatural wonders of the Nature.Lavender is available both as a fresh and dried herb and as an essential oil. For its uniqueability to treat variety of problems including sleep disorder, lavender has historically beenpopular across Europe since the Victorian era. Although this plant could be useful forvarious problems, it is difficult to prepare their list. However, here are some problemsthat lavender can cure successfully.  Can give relief to pain  Can help induce sleep  Can lower anxiety  Can fill air of a room with fresh and antiseptic scentPain Relief: Lavender is useful for pain relief, especially for all types of headaches. Mostimportant aspect of lavender as a pain reliever is that one can apply lavender oil directly onthe skin, even if it is undiluted. There are few essential oils that are safe to use ‘neat’.Among them lavender is most useful.If one suffers from headaches, one can apply one or two drop of lavender oil to eachtemple. It will prove quite effective. Again when this is mixed proportionately withpeppermint essential oil and the mixture is applied to each temple, this will be very helpfulfor migraines. A proportionate mixture of grape seed or jojoba oil with lavender essentialoil could be good for almost any kind of soreness, such as strains, bruises, skin irritation,bruises, sprains and many more. If one undergoes sleeping troubles, one can use lavendereye pillows that can soothe their users’ ‘mind and soul’.Anxiety Relief: Lavender is one of those essential oils that promotes internal well-beingtoo and is safe to use. A mix of sugar cube or a tablespoon of milk with some lavender oilcan be good for lowering anxiety, faintness, low appetite, dreary spirits and flatulencealso. Sore throat can decrease if one takes this mixture.
  • 2. Room Freshener: Lavender has impressive smell that when spreads around works aswonder. They can make a breathtaking room freshener because of their lovely scent,antiseptic and antiviral properties. A few drops of lavender water can add smelling wonderand also cut down on the transmission of many sicknesses like flu and cold.Sleep Inducer: Lavender perfumed clothes and lavender eye pillows are well-knownnames. They care for those who suffer from sleeplessness. Perhaps, the most wonderfuleffect of lavender is it can induce pleasant and gentle sleep. Lying on a lavender-flowerstuffed pillow means having tranquil sleep, miles away from stress and anxiety.Resource Box:Jane Inc. manufactures and supplies original lavender eye pillows, spa caps, sleep mask andsuchlike products. Quality comes to be the first consideration for this manufacturer.Their prices are cheaper too and they are available in various packages.