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  • 1. Is Bamboo Flooring Ready for Flooring Competition?In all true senses, bamboo flooring industry is now quite matured and fit to rise to thechallenge. They are no more no less competitive than other popular flooring varieties whencompared in the light of their durability, beauty and adaptability. Especially matchless toadd grand appeal to any floor settings, bamboo flooring can fight all competition. And, thatcomparison with other flooring types would come with volleys of debates is quite naturaltoo.Detractors used to oppose until a few years ago any step of giving bamboo flooring abetter mark by saying that claiming its competitiveness against hardwood flooring was toosilly. In support of their opposition, they often said unlike bamboo floors hardwood floorsdid not have the fragility to collapse a floor easily. That hardwood floors are by far moredurable is never being denied. But, what about is its eco-friendliness? Honestly speaking,all other floorings that include hardwood, cork have their origin from their respectiveforests, which are seldom supplemented with. Contrary to this, bamboo flooring comesfrom a renewable resource, which multiplies its growth on its own within a short time!Those who are champion of sustainable development but skeptical of the striking featuresof bamboo flooring and their excellence over other varieties, need to review their stand.With using with-it technologies and processing crude bamboo, it becomes as hard as Mapleand 50% more stable and harder than Red Oak. Unlike other hardwood products, they arefactory prefinished with a state-of-the-art ultra violet resistant varnish. Again, they donot require sanding, staining or filing, keeping the looks of the floors richly natural and atthe same time giving their looks an engineered finish.Unless a floor appears glossy and appealing, it finds little takers. So, to achieveconsiderable response, they are to be apparently attractive in the first place whatseemingly bamboo flooring can boastfully show off. In this instance, bamboo flooring canrise well above all competition. From the aspect of longevity, looks, and quality property,bamboo flooring is aptly ready for all sorts of competition waving across the divide offlooring varieties.
  • 2. http://floormyplace.com/c-3-bamboo.aspx